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Episode#316: Crash!




Episode#316: Crash!

-Greta says to Jan that its very possible, Lucas and his new women seem so very close…Nicole says that she must be twisting the details, but Greta just laughs, and Jan looks down to her stomach and holds it as she walks around…she says she’s carrying Lucas’s baby, she’s his fiancee, he helped her give birth to her first child…he wouldn’t do this…

-Megan again grins and says this is all going excellent…her seducing Bo that one night after drugging him and dressing up as Hope worked…she got pregnant with his baby, but so his suspicions wouldn’t be raised, she just used Jill Stevens as her surrogant…its all perfect. Dr.Stansville then says yes, and Megan should be released shortly…but Megan says first, she wants to see Jill, and Dr.Stansville slowly nods…

-Hope runs all throughout Salem in the pouring rain after seeing her husband in bed with Kristen DiMera, and she thinks to herself once again she is running from Bo…Bo runs after her, while Kristen also runs out of Bo and Hope’s house to find them both…

-Shane, Chris, Kim, Rhonda, Rhonda’s security, AND the PD officers all run into the room Steve is in…Steve looks down at Kayla, unconscious and in a pit, and he turns to Rhonda and calls her a lying, kidnapping bitch! Kim yells that Steve was RIGHT, as Rhonda nervously looks on, and she asks Rhonda why the hell she’d do this…Chris then tells the officers to keep an eye on Rhonda, while she yells for her security to get them ALL out of here, as Shane says they need to get Kayla out of that pit!

-Vivian and Larry continue to stand inside the DiMera Mansion, and Vivian comments outloud that Sami had better kill Stefano…and Larry says yeah, he sures hopes she does before Stefano can fry him…but he says now…its time for Vivian to cough up the dough!

-Stefano runs down into the garage of the DiMera Mansion, hops into one of the many cars there, and drives off…he says to himself this is ridiculous, and he IS the Phoenix, and will beat them all…and Vivian had better not harm any of his other children! Sami runs into the garage and sees Stefano speed off, and in a rush, she grabs another car(which has its keys inside of it), and then drives after him!

*Life in Salem Opening*

-Greta tells Jan to shut up and stop ranting about that, its no use because…well, he has! She says that now…Jan really has no reason to escape her little home! Jan snaps that’s why she did this…she probably concocted that photo on a computer and did this so Jan and Nicole wouldn’t try to escape! Greta says Jan can think that, but she knows she’s wrong…Jan continues to think about it and then she breaks down crying!

-Dr.Stansville and Megan slowly walk into Jill’s hospital room, Dr.Stansville guiding Megan so she won’t fall or anything…Jill slowly stirs around, and wakes up, and Megan looks down on her…Jill asks if everything worked, and Megan tells her yes…Jill now has her and Bo’s baby in her stomach!

-Hope, Bo, and Kristen all continue to run throughout the town…

-Steve tells Shane they need a rope, as the security tries to get them out but to no avail…Rhonda tells them to come with her, and as they walk out of the room Chris follows…while Kim grabs a rope and gives it to Steve, and he throws it down and as Shane holds it he begins to climb down it, into the pit…

-Vivian tells Larry she’s not paying him yet…Stefano’s not dead! Larry scowls and tells her that HIS job wasn’t as major as Sami’s: He just had to break the bitch out of jail and bring her here, which he did! And he says that he needs it now before Stefano gets back and doesn’t let Vivian have a penny…he says that Stefano’s not the only one who can kill Vivian! Vivian growls and tells him to NEVER ever threaten her life again, but fine, she’ll pay him…under one condition! Vivian then says:

Vivian:Get out of Salem.

-Sami is chasing Stefano all over Salem, each of them in cars, and also in the pouring rain…Sami tells herself this is so insane and ridiculous, she should’ve NEVER done this…her mother’s probably looking down on her in sadness…but its too late to go back now! Stefano meanwhile in his own car sees Sami behind him and says he won’t let her and Vivian win….

-Greta takes joy watching Jan in so much pain…and Nicole grabs Jan and tells her to get her whiny ASS off the floor, and says that if she really cares about Lucas or her new kid, she’ll stop whining and try to break out of this place! Greta tells Jan to not listen to that bitch, cry all she wants! Nicole looks at Greta and tells her sh is SO pathetic and sad…this is what her life has turned into! A sick enjoyment of torturing her and Jan!

-Jill says good, then everything work…she tells Megan that she better be making some big bucks off of this, though! Megan tells her she will…she’ll give her half now, half after the baby’s born…and she had better take care of herself…no more partying or sleeping around…or she’ll kill her! And she means literally! Jill then flashes back to sleeping with Bo over two months ago!

-Steve gets down into the pit, and finds Kayla, as she slowly moves but is still unconscious…he tells her its alright…Patch is here…but then he sees a man is next to her…a young man(Joshua Morrow)…and wonders who he is! He tells the officers, Kim, and Shane this, and the officers come down to get the man as Steve takes Kayla back up…

-Rhonda goes into a room inside her large house…with her security guards…and grabs a GUN, as she exclaims that she can’t let them get Kayla and her other “guest”…she and her security guards turn to leave, but Chris walks in, telling her to stop right there! However, the security guards both attack Chris, overpowering him, and they tell Rhonda they’ll take care of him…and Rhonda walks off, gun in hand!

-Larry tells her fine, he was planning on doing that anyway…Vivian nods, and says she doesn’t want him here since he’s connected to all of this…Larry asks what about Sami, and Vivian says she and Sami have their own deal…Vivian then gives Larry a chunk of cash, and he smiles and says it was a pleasure doing business with her before leaving the DiMera Mansion, and Vivian says that Sami had better kill Stefano…

-Sami continues chasing Stefano, as he drives his car, and continues to think how FOOLISH he was to involve Vivian in his family’s plan…but he’ll take care of her, Samantha Brady, and anyone else in his way and his reign shall continue, he’s already completed so much! Howeer…as he drives, he can’t see due to all the pouring rain…and CRASHES INTO ANOTHER CAR! While the other car hit’s a tree, Stefano’s car spins out of control as Sami catches up to it…and Stefano’s car…goes FLYING OFF A CLIFF!


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