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Episode#315: Dead or Alive?




Episode#315: Dead or Alive?

-Greta walks back into the Secret Room…and Nicole and Jan ask what she’s doing back so soon, and she tells Jan that she’s here to tell her something…she saw something VERY very interesting up in the mansion above them…Jan anxiously asks what, and if Lucas is alright…Greta laughs and says he’s VERY VERY alright…especially in the arms of his new woman houseguest!

-Steve continues to bang on the door of the house at that address he found at the pier…Shane tells him to just calm down, but Steve ignores him, despite his and Chris’s warnings against it. Steve continues to yell for someone to OPEN UP, and a woman does(Kristina Wagner)…she asks Steve who he is, and he says she doesn’t need to know his name, he’s looking for his wife, Kayla Brady Johnson!

-At the hospital, Megan is seen lying on a hospital bed, unconscious…she slowly wakes up, and Dr. Stansville walks in…she tells Megan she has some news.

-Bo and Kristen, lying in the bed, both look in shock at Hope as she stares at them both….completely horrified! Bo asks what she’s doing here, and she slowly says nothing…she’s sorry, she…she didn’t realize she was interrupting anything! Bo yells “FANCY FACE” but Hope shuts the door, and breaks down outside her and Bo’s bedroom!

-Vivian looks at Sami in shock, who is holding a gun as Stefano falls over…Vivian says she wasn’t expecting her for a little while, but she arrived at the perfect time…Stefano was about to kill her! Sami is silent, as she looks down at Stefano’s body…she says that she killed Stefano…she actually killed Stefano DiMera! Larry runs in, and sees Sami holding the gun he stole at the prison as the riot happened, and Vivian tells them that they both did their jobs…Larry then says:

Larry:Well…I did…don’t know about Miss Brady here, though, because that gun was full of blanks…Stefano’s still alive!

*Life in Salem Opening*

-Jan stops dead in her tracks, and asks Greta what the hell she’s talking about…Greta tells her that Lucas has obviously forgotten about her…he’s snuggling up to his new hoochie! Nicole snaps that she’s lying, but Greta only grins, and pulls out her phone and presses it up against the window of the Secret Room…and Jan gasps when she sees the picture of Eugenia and Lucas lying together!

-The woman in the doorway asks who…and Steve angrily tells her not to play dumb, he KNOWS she’s here! Shane sighs and he steps in front of Steve, and says he’s from the ISA…a woman is missing and they believe she may be here, and Chris says he’s from the Salem PD and can back up Shane’s statement…the woman is silent for a moment and introduces herself as Rhonda Miller…

-Megan asks what the news is, and if the operation was a success…Dr.Stansville sighs and nods, saying that the operation on both her and Jill was a COMPLETE success…and its too late to go back now!

-Bo jumps up, and he says this shouldn’t have happened, and he has to go after Hope…outside, Hope runs off in tears, and back inside the bedroom Kristen says she understands…as Bo puts his clothes on and leaves, Kristen sighs and sheds a few tears herself…

-Vivian scowls, but simply shrugs it off, and Sami breathes a sigh of relief…Vivian asks why she seems so relieved, she’s only going to have to kill him anyway…she says they have to be quick…before he wakes up and kills HER! Larry says the closeness of the blank must have knocked him out, and Vivian tells Sami this is her chance…to kill Stefano DiMera, once and for all! However, suddenly…STEFANO STANDS UP!

-Jan tells Greta no…Lucas loves her, he wouldn’t go to another woman…Greta says Lucas thinks she’s been gone for months, he’s moving on with his life! Jan screams no, no, no….this is IMPOSSIBLE!

-Steve tells this Rhonda that he wants IN her house, he knows his wife is in there, and he’s gonna find her! Chris tells Rhonda that they will need to search her house, but Rhonda yells they don’t even have a warrant or evidence, this is ridiculous! Steve’s anger is high, and he SHOVES his way past Rhonda and into the large house!

-Megan grins and says excellent…the plan is in motion…Dr.Stansville says that she is going to have to monitor both her and Jill, because this was difficult as it was and they have to make sure Jill is alright more than anything…Megan nods, and says whatever it takes…Dr.Stansville sighs and says this is crazy, but Megan tells her to just do her job. Megan asks how “it” is doing, and Dr.Stansville says:

Dr.Stansville:Well…we checked up on Jill….and you’re baby is just fine…again, the operation went well…we moved the baby from your stomach into Jill’s and that was that!

-Hope runs out into the pouring rain, in tears. She thinks to herself she was so stupid to ever come back here…she should’ve known Bo moved on by now! Hope continues to run as Bo runs out of their house, yelling for Hope…back in the house, Kristen slowly gets her clothes on….thinking how it felt so right…but she never should have done it, Bo’s a married man, and he and Hope have true love, she’s not like Megan is….

-Sami, Vivian, and Larry are all shocked to see Stefano just stand up! Stefano calls them all fools…the blank never even phased him, he just fell to see what Vivian was up to…and now he gets it! Vivian set up his son’s death, and now she hired Sami Brady to kill him and somehow involved Larry Welch! He tells Vivian she’s wise and cunning, but not as much as he is! He says that now he can kill his traitorous wife AND the woman that killed his Queen of the Night, not to mention take out another ass in the process! All three back away from Stefano and Vivian tries to plea with him, but to no avail…Sami is very nervous, as she knows this may be the end for her and Vivian and Larry…so out of instinct, she suddenly runs…grabs the knife Vivian had, and runs at Stefano with it!

-Steve runs through Rhonda’s house as she screams for security and for him to stop, and Chris and Shane run after Steve, trying to stop him, but Steve just keeps running, searching many rooms for his wife…soon enough, he walks into one room…and sees a PIT there, and sees KAYLA lying down there! Steve then yells “SWEETNESS!!!!!”

-Sami tries to stab Stefano, but he turns around, and SHOVES her backwards, saying she’s so amateur…he doesn’t see how she killed Marlena! Sami, VERY angry, screams that she DIDN’T, and she runs at Stefano again, but he dodges her! Stefano darts out of the room, thinking to himself that he’ll take care of them all, but first he’ll lead them on a little goose chase…Vivian orders Sami to go AFTER him and actually KILL him, and Sami follows Stefano…


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