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Episode#314: Getting to the DiMera Mansion




Episode#314: Getting to the DiMera Mansion

-In the Secret Room, Lea packs all her supplies up after checking up on Jan and the baby. Greta asks her how everything seems with Jan’s little bundle of joy, and Lea says she’s unsure, but the baby is alive and doing alright…however, she tells Greta that she may need to improve how and what she feeds Jan…and also, the baby may be in danger due to a lot of stress and perhaps a lack of care. Jan exclaims that she WOULD care for her baby, but she’s stuck down here! Nicole sighs as she watches all of this, and Greta simply thanks Lea and says she’ll escort her out…

-Down at the Salem police station, Julie and Hope are seen inside a room…and are seen getting into regular clothes, and Ji’Min and Judge Fitzpatrick are there….they seem to be discussing something, and suddenly Hope thanks Ji’Min…for getting her and Julie out of jail at long last!

-Bo and Kristen are still in Bo’s bed at his house…they continue to make very passionate love….Bo says to Kristen he has a wife, and this is wrong….but then Kristen tells him it feels so right…

-At the Spears Mansion, Lucas and Eugenia continue to talk, and Eugenia assures him she’ll keep his mind off of Jan for at least tonight. Will and Destiny come downstairs, both of them dressed very nicely…Lucas congratulates them as Eugenia smiles, and Will assures his father its only something to just relieve some stress, nothing serious. Destiny slowly nods, and after some talking, they set off!

-Steve is stunned to see Shane Donovan standing before him…along with Kayla’s sister, Kim Brady(Patsy Pease)! Shane tells Chris that he is from the ISA, and he can authorize them to go to this place where Kayla may be…they inform Steve that they were on their way back to Salem when they heard about the switch between him and Stefan, they wanted to get here immediately…and they happened to be walking in here when they heard all about the situation with Kayla! Kim then says that there’s no time to waste, they can all catch up later after they find her sister!

-Stefano strangles Vivian…she tries to break free but can’t, and she soon falls to the ground…lifeless!

-Sami is horrified to see Carrie before her…and Brandon with her! She asks her what the hell she’s doing here, and Carrie says she heard about this on the news…she got Brandon and rushed down here! Larry asks who this is, and Carrie tells him she’s Sami’s sister…she tells Sami…she can’t do this, she’s sacrificing everything! Sami tells her everything in her life is already gone because of Stan, no one believes her, so why shouldn’t she escape this place? Carrie then yells:

Carrie:NO, I believe you! I believe you didn’t kill Marlena!

*Life in Salem Opening*

-Lea puts her umbrella up as she and Greta come out of the secret exit on the side of the Spears Mansion….Greta hands Lea a huge chunk of cash, and thinks her for keeping silent…if she keeps on doing her job and keeping quiet about all this, there will be more where that came from. Lea nods but asks if this is really right, to do this to two women…especially when one of them. Greta smirks and says oh yes…its poetic justice at its very best!

-Jan says this is so pathetic and ridiculous! She’s pregnant, locked up in a room with a woman like Nicole, and some nurse that’s probably on drugs is the one taking care of her! Nicole tells her she resents the comment about her, but she does agree…but then she tells Jan that she watched that Lea closely while she examined Jan…she seems like a weaker person…someone sorta like her mother…and if they play their cards right, Lea could be their ticket to freedom!

-Ji’Min tells her it was no problem, he knows how to pull some strings…and she and Julie are all cleared! Hope and Julie are both overjoyed as they are finally released from custody, and the two embrace as they leave the police station…Hope tells Julie that now…she can put Gina and the entire mess with her behind her, and she can go home, reunite with her children, and maybe her husband!

-Bo and Kristen continue to make love….

-Will and Destiny are in a car, driving through Salem…they are silent for a moment, before Destiny thanks him for asking her out tonight. He says it was no problem, and Destiny tells him it should be fun, and they should try to do things like this more often, and Will agrees.

-Back at the Spears Mansion, Lucas and Eugenia decide to try watching some TV tonight, just to relax…they both sit down in the living room, and Eugenia feels her stomach, looking down at where her unborn baby is…she slowly smiles, and she and Lucas begin chatting again…she says her baby’s father may not be in her life right now, but it is a joy…to think of having a child, she’s so excited for its birth…Lucas agrees, and says she’ll love it, saying how its such a joy to have Will…he just wishes he and Jan could have had a baby someday.

-Chris sighs and says he supposes if the ISA gives permission…they can go. Shane nods, and Steve quickly rushes off, with Kim not far behind him…Chris then gets some officers and leaves with Shane, and they all run off, desperately trying to find Kayla!

-Vivian lies on the floor as Stefano walks past her, still saying how he was utterly foolish to ever have brought her into the DiMera life, and to MARRY that woman all over again! He says he may have done it to finally take over Salem, but he won’t tolerate anyone harming his family. Vivian slowly breathes and tries to stand up as Stefano rants, and she grabs a knife off of a desk!

-Sami is silent for a brief moment…before telling Carrie she’s lying, she just wants her to go back into the prison and sit until the riot is over! Brandon interrupts and tells Sami Carrie’s telling the truth, him and Carrie were going to try to prove her innocent! Sami tells Brandon this is the first time she’s talked to him in YEARS, how is she supposed to believe him?! Sami tells them both she just can’t do this anymore, she’s not going to get executed for a crime she didn’t commit! Carrie begs Sami to stop this madness, please…but Larry then says:

Larry:Oh all of you shut up! I don’t want to hear about who didn’t or did kill who, I don’t give a damn! Now get out of my way!

Brandon:No, sorry, buddy, but I’m not letting that happen!

Larry:Well, then…I’m sorry I have to do this…

Larry suddenly takes out a GUN, and mutters that he got this off of one of the guards while they were escaping, and he hits Brandon in the face with it! Brandon crumbles to the ground as thunder is heard, and Carrie screams “BRANDON!”, but then Larry hits her over the head with the gun, too! Carrie slumps over unconscious, and Sami says that he just hit her SISTER and her ex-boyfriend, but Larry just growls to come on, and he yanks Sami away from Carrie and Brandon and the crazy prison!

-Jan asks what Nicole has in mind, and Nicole says that all they have to do is lay on the guilt THICK to Lea…and she’ll crack. Jan laughs and yells no she won’t, she’s just looking to make some money! Nicole says maybe, but her type…they aren’t people like the henchman Stefano DiMera or Victor hire, people like her are weak…she tells Jan just to keep calm…but if, as Lea takes care of her, she makes her feel really guilty…she’ll be back to Lucas faster than she can say Secret Room!

-After Lea leaves, Greta sneaks around the grounds of the Spears Mansion for a bit…she slowly peaks in a window into the living room, and is SHOCKED when she sees Lucas and a pregnant Eugenia sitting together, talking and laughing!

-Eugenia, continuing to try to get Lucas’s mind off Jan, changes the subject and asks Lucas if he remembers when they were dating…Lucas laughs and says yes, and no offense, but that was a crazy time in his life. Eugenia nods and says it was in hers too, and they continue to laugh and talk about random things as they watch TV…but it doesn’t take long for them to…fall asleep together! Greta gasps and smiles devilishly as she takes a picture of this via her phone!

-Bo and Kristen continue to make love, both almost trying to break away from it but keep getting pulled back in….however, downstairs, unknown to Bo…HOPE slowly sneaks into their house!!!!

-Steve, Shane, Kim, Chris, and several other officers arrive at 1412 Salem Boulevard Drive…Shane and Chris both advise Steve to be calm, and they’ll handle this…but Steve says no, HE has to find HIS wife, and he runs up to the front door and bangs on it, and yells for someone to let him in…he knows his wife is in there!

-Sami and Larry are running around Salem in the pouring rain, trying to avoid any police…Sami says this is so crazy, she should have never told Vivian she’d do this…Larry tells her to shut up, and not long after he announces the DiMera Mansion is nearby! They’ll be there within mere minutes!

-Hope looks around her house, and she sheds a few tears as she thinks to herself how she hasn’t been here for months and months….she wonders if her girls are here, but can’t find them, so thinks they must be with someone else tonight…she says she saw Bo’s car outside, so he must be here…she walks up the stairs to her room…

-Bo and Kristen keep on making love…Bo again pulls back, saying this isn’t right…he still has a wife and does still love Hope! Kristen nods and says she’s so sorry, its just…Bo’s the first man she’s actually…made love to since Vince raped her…and it just feels so special…slowly they lean in and kiss once again, and begin making love again…but suddenly the door opens, and HOPE is seen standing there in shock!

-Vivian slowly approaches Stefano with a knife, thinking to herself Sami was supposed to do it, but she can’t let him kill her! She continues to approach Stefano, but suddenly he turns around, knocking the knife out of her hands, and grabs her again! He tells her she’s such a fool, NO ONE can kill Stefano DiMera…NO ONE! Vivian says that she has to defend herself, he’s acting like a damn mad man! Stefano tells her that she won’t have to for much longer, because he is going to kill her right here, right now! Vivian agains tries to scream, but suddenly…there is a large explosive sound, and Stefano crumbles to the ground…Vivian’s eyes widen when she sees SAMI in the doorway…gun in hand!


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