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Episode#297: Cliffhangers




Episode#297: Cliffhangers

-Nicole and Jan are down in the Secret Room, and they both see Greta walk in….through the area where she gives them their food, she slides the pregnancy test in, and tells Jan there…now she can find out if she’s pregnant or not! Jan says this is useless but she’ll do it, and Nicole mutters finally. Greta tells them she better go now, and Nicole asks why she’s in such a rush, and Greta simply says that’s none of their business and leaves!

-After a hard day at work, Bo walks into his house, he’s very tired…he says he hopes when Abe gets back he can take a much less time consuming shift, but that’s the job, and he walks into his kitchen and pours himself a quick drink…he walks off to do something, and Megan slowly slips in!!!

-Valentine arrives at the airport…she says this is it, this is the end for her life in salem!

-Billie continues to walk through Salem, contemplating whats going on with Forrest….

-Down at the pier, Peter and Tony continue to ask why each other are here, and Peter tells Tony Kristen wanted to meet him here, and Tony tells him it was Anna who wanted to meet him here! Peter accuses Tony of lying and asks if he did to her, and this sparks an argument! Crystal watches both, and says she knows who Tony is, but wonders why this other guy is here….

*Life in Salem Opening*

-Alexis walks throughout Salem, and she remembers her one night stand with Eric…she tells herself she needs to just forget that, she just doesn’t want Jeremy to find out, because that’d kill any chance she has to get him back…she sighs, and says she has to stop hooking up with random men like this…first Mike, then Eric…little does she know Greta is watching her! Greta begins to follow Alexis!

-Jan takes a deep breath as she looks down at the pregnancy test, and she says she better get to this…just to prove she’s not pregnant! Nicole asks Jan why she’s so resistant to believe she’s pregnant, and Jan says that its because she’s trapped down here and the only thing that’s taking care of her is a loon, and she doesn’t want to put a baby in the middle of this!

-Megan stands in the kitchen while Bo takes care of something in another room, and she looks at his drink…as she slowly approaches it, she says this is absolutely perfect! She says that tonight her dreams will come true! Megan takes out some pills…she slips them into Bo’s drink, and they slowly dissolve!

-Valentine gulps as she waits for her flight….she says she’s sure had some memories in Salem…but in the end, Vivian bested her…but she may have won this battle, but she’s not winning the war!

-Peter and Tony continue to argue, and Tony tells Peter that he knows the rape was Vince, he’s tired of trying to convince people of that! He says it was all Vince, but it seems no one will believe him! He tells Peter no more, all of them can think what they want, he doesn’t really care about what the DiMera’s do anymore anyway! Crystal keeps on spying them, looking back and forth between the two brothers….

-Greta stalks Alexis as she walks along….Alexis feels like someone is following her, but ignores it…Greta thinks that soon Alexis will pay for sleeping with Eric, and she slowly takes out a knife!

-Nicole tells Jan she understands, but Jan sure has changed…she says just a couple years ago when Shawn died, she was still obsessed with him and just had impregnated herself with Bentley….Jan tells Nicole that she’ll always love Shawn, he’s still her soul mate, but…she loves Lucas so much too, and he’s the man she wants to spend her life with. Jan then goes off to take the pregnancy test!

-Megan hides when Bo comes back in, and he drinks his drink! Megan grins from where she’s hiding, and Bo sits for a little while until he eventually says to himself he’s feeling a little tired…and he goes upstairs, and Megan comes out and says all is going according to plan…

-Valentine hears the announcement that her flight is taking off, so she slowly gets up and begins to go toward where she can board the plane….but she hears a voice ask if she’d really just go off running like this, and Valentine turns around and yells “YOU!”

-Peter tells Tony HE is sick of Tony flaunting around Salem like a free man, he tells him that he constantly blames everything on that Vince, and he’s tired of it! He says it ends here…he’s going to stop Tony DiMera once and for all! Tony asks if that’s a death threat, and Crystal gasps, and curses, saying he’s going to ruin everything for her if HE kills Tony! She grabs her gun, and says she better shoot him now!

-Jan comes out of the bathroom in the Secret Room, and tells Nicole she took the test…now they just have to wait…

-Greta continues to follow Alexis throughout Salem, eventually they come to a corner where there aren’t many people around…Greta smirks, and Alexis can’t shake the feeling that she’s being followed, and she looks behind her to see Greta! She tells her its just her, the girl she met at the pharmacy…Greta nods, and Alexis tells her that she thought she’d have gone a different direction by now, and Greta tells her oh no, she wants to be right here where she is…Greta reveals her knife, and Alexis’s eyes grow wide!

-Bo lies down in his bed, and everything gets blurry as the drug Megan slipped in his drink takes effect…however, before he can fully fall unconscious, Megan herself walks in! Megan has a wig and some make up on…a wig that looks JUST like Hope’s hair!!!! Bo looks at her and asks who it is, and Megan simply says as she climbs onto the bed:

Megan:Its me, Brady, the love of your life….your soul mate….

-Alexis asks Greta what the hell she wants to do with a knife, and Greta says she wants to remove someone who did something she shouldn’t have done…Alexis, frightened, tells Greta she hasn’t done a thing to her! Greta laughs and says she’s such an idiot, and tells Alexis she hopes she enjoyed her time living! Greta crazily attacks Alexis, and they get into an intense catfight…but quickly, Greta is able to overpower Alexis and she STABS her!!!!

-Crystal prepares to shoot Tony as Peter and Tony argue…Peter tells Tony it may be a death threat, and Tony says that wouldn’t be wise, and he tells Peter he’s letting his emotions get the better of him…he knows him, he’s not like this...he wouldn’t kill anyone! Peter tells him he may be right, but warns him to just stay away from them, and Tony tells him he has been until tonight when Peter decided to assault him! Crystal finally says here we go, and this better work, and she then FIRES her gun!

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What a great episode. LIS is really getting Violent lately. From Steven and Helena and them to Greta and now Crsytal. WOW. Maybe Val isn’t leaving after all. I HOPE NOT!!!!! I love her.

I really feel bad for BO. He I really being takenn advantage of lately.

I LOVE GRETA. I can’t belive she stabbed Alexis. She reminds me of Ashley from STEAM. She has realy lost it and I cant wait to see how thi plays out

And I already know who crystal shot since some one opened up their yappers to me. So no surprise there!!

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