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Episode#298: A Stabbing and A Shooting




Episode#298: A Stabbing and A Shooting!

-Valentine asks a mysterious person in front of her what he’s doing in Salem!

-Megan lies on Bo’s bed with her, and he mutters “Fancy Face” as he looks up at her, and she smirks as she begins to kiss him…she thinks to herself this is all doing perfectly…she takes his clothes off and kisses him all over!

-Kate is at the Kiriakis Mansion, and thinks to herself that by now…Tony may be dead….she begins to wonder if she did the right thing in teaming up with Stefano and hiring Crystal Galore! She tries to tell her Tony deserves it for all that he’s done, but something inside her tells her this is wrong!

-Greta and Alexis fight, and Alexis asks her what the hell she’s doing, but Greta doesn’t say a thing and after a moment…she overpowers Alexis, and she uses her knife to STAB her! She stabs Alexis in her shoulder, and Alexis screams out as she crumbles to the ground, and blood begins to pour, and Greta laughs as she shakes, holding her knife…Alexis lies there, crying for help, but suddenly a gunshot is heard!

-Billie is still walking as she thinks about Forrest…but she hears a gunshot, and asks outloud what the hell was that!

-Peter and Tony fight, but Crystal finally….FIRES her gun! Both of them turn at the sound of a gunshot, but within mere seconds, as Crystal gasps, one of them is hit! Tony turns in shock as he sees Peter fall to the ground from the gunshot, and he wonders whats going on, and he quickly rushes to Peter’s side as Peter gasps for air!

*Life in Salem Opening*

-Kate tries to say to herself that this is just her getting her revenge….this is for her, Stefano, Kristen, and numerous others….but her conscious continues to get to her!

-Bo, thinking Megan is Hope, locks lips with her….Megan thinks to herself at last, after all this work, Bo’s is hers! She thinks to herself as they continue to kiss that soon, Bo will consciously love her!

-The mysterious person tells Valentine that he came back for her….only to see her leaving Salem, he says he’s heard about what happened with her sister and Alamain, and he tells her that she’s not really going to run….she’s going to stay and fight! Valentine tells him he shouldn’t be here, but he says ah, he should be!

-Greta and the stabbed Alexis both hear a gunshot, and Greta mutters that crime must be happening all over Salem….as Alexis begs for someone to help her, but is in and out of consciousness, Greta thinks that’s what she gets for sleeping with Eric…she doesn’t know why she cares so much, but she does…Greta then takes off before anyone finds her, leaving Alexis to die!

-Tony is at Peter’s side, and he looks around, wondering where that came from….he sees Peter is bleeding, and takes out his phone, and prepares to call 911! Crystal curses as she says she shot the wrong person, and she lifts her gun again, and prepares to shoot Tony!

-Kate walks into the living room of the mansion to try to get her mind off of Tony’s impending death, and she rolls her eyes when she sees Celeste’s cards on the table, and mutters that she must have left them here one day….she gasps when she sees the words on them: “STOP CRYSTAL”!

-Valentine just says to the mysterious person that this gives her all the more reason to leave Salem, and he grabs her arm and tells her she’s not going anywhere, and she tells him to get his hands OFF of her, but he says:

Mysterious Man:Oh…but I am your husband, now.

-Alexis lies on the corner of a deserted street, bleeding to death, and barely conscious…she looks around, everything is very blurry, and tears constantly stroll down on her cheeks as she whines for help….suddenly, however, she sees someone standing above her!

-Crystal is about to shoot Tony, but suddenly….Billie arrives as Tony dials 911! Tony tells her thank goodness she’s here, and Billie asks what the hell happened to Peter, and Tony explains that a gunshot just came out of nowhere and hits him! Crystal again curses and says that if she wants to get Arianna back she needs to kill Tony, and Stefano won’t react well to her killing one of his other sons! As Tony talks to the 911 operatives, Billie checks Peter and exclaims that he’s losing too much blood and fast!

-Kate tells herself this HAS to be just a coincidence, Tony NEEDS to die, he has to die….she is silent for a moment, and closes her eyes and says she’s going to regret this, and then she darts out of the Kiriakis Mansion!

-Billie tells Tony that if they don’t help him fast….Peter WILL die! There is a freezeframe of the shot Peter...

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Yea Greta it sure is a crime wave going on here in Salem.

I can’t belive Billie didn’t know what that sound was. SHE was a cop.

And yes Kate, when did u become a killer. Of course this is not right what u r doingYou are destroying your grandson’s chances at getting his grand duaghter back YOU big dummy. I can’t wait to see how Stefano will react to Galore shooting PETER and not Tony.

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