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Episode#294: Vivian's Takeover!




Episode#294: Vivian’s Takeover!

-Sami asks Carrie if she’s serious, and Carrie tells Sami yes, she’s going to stand by her and help her through her trial. Sami says she can’t believe this, the one sister she’s feuded with for years is the only one supporting her in a time like this. Carrie tells her she’s thought about it a lot, and its what she needs to do…and they’re going to fight these charges!

-Jan snaps to Nicole to just leave her alone, she’s NOT pregnant, and Nicole jokingly taunts her about how she’s pregnant. Greta walks in and with a raised eyebrow asks who’s pregnant, and Nicole congratulates Greta, saying she imprisoned a pregnant woman! Nicole motions to Jan, and Greta yells:

Greta:No…DAMNIT…..NO! I didn’t expect to have to take care of a baby too!

-Stefano, Kate, and Crystal continue to talk…and Kate suggests they lure him into a trap of some sort, and there Crystal can kill him. Stefano tells her it’s a good idea, but asks her what kind of trap. Kate just says anything that can make it easier for Crystal to kill the man. Crystal says that she’d prefer it not to be a direct, face to face murder…she wants to do it from afar, and Stefano nods in acknowledgement as he thinks…

-The Alamains are all shocked at Vivian’s announcement that she is the knew CEO of Alamain, and Vivian tells them its true! The chairman nods, and says that with Vivian and the DiMera’s money and resources can save the company, the Titan takeover won’t happen, and Alamain will be fine. Ji’Min nods, and says they already have a plan in place to get it back on track…Forrest yells that they can’t just kick him out of his rightful company, a company he inherited, a company he has put well over two years into, ever since he came back to Salem! Vivian tells him that’s the point, he had enough time to fix Alamain, yet he only tore it down! Vivian then says:

Vivian:Goodbye, Forrest…your time in this building is over…and mine has only just begun.

*Life in Salem Opening*

-Sami sighs and says unless she has a good lawyer, she doesn’t think they’ll be able to…she says her story’s too bizarre and Stan’s probably gotten rid of what little evidence there was…Carrie asks IF, and she says if is a keyword, her story’s true…what evidence would there be. Sami explains that there’d be a huge costume and the murder weapon, but he probably got rid of that…and there’s also Nicole, she might know something, but she’s missing…she says she can’t think of anything else, and Carrie tells her she will get a good lawyer, she promises her that, before Carrie leaves….

-Jan tells Greta she’s not pregnant, its just Nicole making a big deal out of nothing! Nicole says no, she is, especially after having morning sickness for so long….she tells Greta that if she doesn’t want to take care of a baby, she can just let her and Jan go free and she won’t have to worry about any baby, and Greta tells her not so fast….she angrily looks at Jan, and tells them both she’ll be back…with a pregnancy test!

-Stefano tells Kate and Crystal that this can be done, and it can even get Tony killed soon…he tells them that he has an idea, however, and begins to tell them….

-Forrest protests Vivian’s takeover of Alamain, and tells the board of directors to stop her, but they say its too late…Vivian does own Alamain! Billie says she can’t believe this, and Vivian calls for security to remove these four! As security guards come in and take Forrest, Billie, Nicholas, and Valentine away as they all scream in disagreement, Vivian laughs and says she thinks this meeting is over, and also mutters to herself that she’s gotten her revenge on four people, only a few more to go…

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I so love that Vivian has taken over Alamin. It's great seeing the rest of them tossed out. I wonder what will ahppen next

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