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Episode#319: Did Stefano Survive?



Episode#319: Did Stefano Survive?

-Julie is at Maggie’s house, and has reunited with Maggie, Laura, and Abe…and has gotten caught up to date on all the happenings…she tells Maggie she is so happy that she’s happy with Abe, and both Maggie and Abe smile and Maggie tells her she’s just glad she’s out of jail, and Julie nods and says she is mostly happy for Hope…she just wonders what will happen between her and Bo now!

-Bo tells Hope that it was nothing, but Hope says that she won’t buy that…she knows that Bo’s probably moved on over these past 9 months…and she knows that after she came back from Pasadena, whatever they had between them had died…Bo tells her he still loves her, and Hope tells him about how she got Ji’Min to release her from jail just so she could come see him…with another woman…Hope asks him if he can really say there’s nothing between him and Kristen!

-Jan screams as she falls down the small staircase that leads to the door back inside her actual mansion, and Nicole screams to Greta that she probably infected her by biting her! Jan moans on the ground, muttering that Greta might have killed her baby!

-Lucas hangs up his phone and tells Will to just hang on, and tells Eugenia to see if she can get Destiny out of the car…Eugenia nods and goes over to the other side of the car, as Lucas looks at his ex, and asks why the HELL she isn’t in prison, and how did this happen! Sami explains that a car was driving and hit Will’s car before going off a cliff…and Lucas asks how she knows about all of this…Sami responds that…she escaped from prison during a riot!

*Life in Salem Opening*

-Maggie says that they just will have to see…and be there for both of them, and Pamela and Addie…she says that at least now, maybe the Horton family can move past everything that happened with Gina. Laura agrees, and Julie then asks Laura whats this she’s been hearing about a feud between her and Robin, and Mike and Jeremy!

-Bo is silent for a moment, as he remembers how he and Kristen made love all day…Hope looks at him and says yeah, she thought so. He tells her no no, he still loves HER…Hope tells him that she’s known it was over for awhile…it was just never official until now. Hope then walks off, still in tears, as Bo looks out at the river…

-Jan lies on the ground, again holding her stomach, and Nicole is about to have another go at Greta, but Greta comes down the staircase slowly…and she pulls out a syringe! She tells her that this syringe is loaded full of poisonous toxin, not any of your typical knocking out drug, so they both better not try to pull anything…she then orders Nicole back into the Secret Room as she prepares to help Jan in there!

-Lucas looks at Sami…and asks if she’s insane! He tells her she’s just the same old Sami, and Sami screams that’s NOT true! Lucas and Sami argue as Lucas tries to stop Will’s bleeding and Eugenia gets Destiny out of the car…but when the ambulances arrive, Sami takes off!

-Laura slowly sighs and says it’s a long story…she and Robin have just been having conflict, and Mike and Jeremy is an even longer story. Julie nods slowly and says she knew Jeremy was having problems with Mike right after he came back to town…Julie says she just hopes that now, they can put the Hortons back together.

-At the DiMera Mansion, Kristen slowly walks in from the pouring rain…and thinks about how it felt so right making love to Bo…but then Hope walked in, and she caught them hugging down at the docks…she breaksdown crying as she walks along the mansion…

-Nicole tells Greta that won’t stop her, but Greta tells her it had better..or else Nicole, her good friend Jan, AND an unborn, innocent baby will die! Greta points the syringe from Nicole to Jan’s stomach, and Nicole tries to continue her position, but the guilt overcomes her…and she finally says fine, and walks back into the Secret Room, and Greta also throws Jan back in there…locking the two inside there yet again!

-Lucas looks around for Sami, and inwardly curses at his ex…wondering to himself how she can just run off like that to save her own ass…he and Eugenia approach the paramedics as they lift both Destiny and Will on stretchers to check them out, and one paramedic steps aside and asks them both what happened…Eugenia glances to Lucas, and he slowly says that the person who originally told him about it had to go…but this is his son and their friend, and from what he knows another car hit them before going off a cliff…and both are alive, but his son is bleeding heavily…the paramedic nods and says they’ll do their best to stabilize them both, but they are lucky they have lived this long…Eugenia asks what about the person who went flying off the cliff!

-Sami runs off…and hides in some woods nearby…she breaks out in tears as she leans against the tree and the raindrops fall on her head…thinking about how she’s so sorry, Will…she is so so so sorry…but she has to prove herself innocent somehow, and this is the only way…so she can eventually be a mother to him again…she hears Eugenia, Lucas, and the paramedic talking about the possible fate of the person who went off the cliff, and intently listens…

-The paramedic turns towards the cliff, and sighs…he says he’s been ALL over Salem, so he’s been near here before…and he’s sorry to say, but…it is HIGHLY unlikely that the person, whoever it was, that ended up going off the cliff survived!


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