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Episode#322: Vivian Tells the DiMera's




Episode#322: Vivian Tells the DiMera’s

-It is a brand new morning in Salem! All the rain and clouds are gone, and the sun shines brightly throughout the town!

-At the Spears Mansion, Lucas and Eugenia slowly wake up in the living room…lying together…again! Eugenia looks at him and says they must have fallen asleep together again…KISSING! Eugenia says she’s sorry about last night, but Lucas slowly tells her to stop…and maybe…it was good that they did!

-Forrest and Billie are at the DiMera Mansion…Forrest paces and says that its been awhile since the Alamain takeover, they are fast running out of money and with tax time just passing…they are in deep trouble! Billie coldly says how nice, and Forrest yells that the mansion could be taken from them within the WEEK! His company has been taken over, Valentine has vanished, and now she’s giving him the cold shoulder like Nicholas!

-Sami is revealed to be hiding out at a room at the Salem Inn…she has her disguise on, and comments how good it is to be out of that jumpsuit…she knows that today she must get out of Salem…but as she opens the door to leave…she runs into Carrie!

-The DiMera children are all in the living room of the DiMera Mansion…Kristen thinks about Bo and Hope catching them in bed together, but she asks where Stefano is, and Elvis says he hasn’t seen him. Lexie comments on how strange that is, and Renee agrees. Vivian walks in…and tells them she has some…devastating news!

*Life in Salem Opening*

-Rhonda Miller, the woman who had Kayla and that mysterious man in the pit is in a cell at the police station….she thinks about how she wasn’t able to stop Steve from saving Kayla, and how this wasn’t supposed to happen…and wonders how they found her! She sees officers approaching the cell, and they says she has a temporary cellmate until they can book her at the local prison/jail…which may be delayed due to the riot last night…Rhonda looks up at this new cellmate…and Chris, also down there with the officers, says:

Chris:Well…meet this class act criminal…Suga!

It is revealed the woman Chris has is SUGA(Missy Elliot)!

-Eugenia is confused and asks Lucas what the hell he’s talking about…he’s engaged to Jan! Lucas says yes and she does have a point…but Jan left Salem FOUR months ago. Its been four months without his fiancee, and he’s spent so much time calling her, being sad over her, trying to find her…but its no use…he tells Eugenia:

Lucas:Maybe it is time…to move on.

-Billie tells Forrest its just a stressful time, they all are unemployed, his family is in chaos…Forrest says that he’s been trying to keep this family together, but everyone else tries to tear it apart! He yells that for over two years, all he’s done is try to rebuild the Alamain’s, but he is surrounded by fools! All fools! Billie gets up and tries to ignore him but Forrest continues to rant, and then Billie exclaims:

Billie:YOU’RE the one hurting Alamain! Because you’re such an ass and so full of yourself!

-Sami gasps when she sees Carrie, and also sees she has a bandage on her head…she asks what she’s doing here. Carrie says she lives at the Salem Inn…and last night after getting home from that huge prison riot in the pouring rain, she saw her sneak in! Sami is silent, and she tells her that she didn’t want Larry to have to knock her and Brandon unconscious last night…Carrie says she doesn’t approve of what Sami did…escaping prison with LARRY WELCH of all people, but Sami claims that she and Larry went their separate ways after that…and she also tells her she HAD to escape, no one is going to believe her…she can’t prove that it was Stan who killed Marlena! Carrie nods, and says she understands, and asks what she’s going to do now.

-Lexie asks Vivian if this devastating news is her and Stefano divorcing…but Vivian says no, but it is about their father…all of them look at Vivian, and Vivian sighs as Kristen asks what wrong…Vivian says last night, he didn’t return because…something happened to him. Elvis stands and immediately asks what…and Vivian then says:

Vivian:I’m afraid…my husband…your father…has been presumed dead after, in the pouring rain, his car fell off a cliff…

-Suga is put in Rhonda’s cell, and Rhonda looks at her and asks her what she’s here for…Suga shakes her head and says actually…she has no clue! Rhonda wonders outloud if that means she’s innocent of whatever she’s accused of, but Suga says no…she actually barely remembers anything about her life…supposedly her name is Suga and she was involved in some activities with some Natalia in Pasadena, but she doesn’t know ANYTHING about herself!

-Eugenia stares at Lucas in shock…and asks if he means…with her?! Lucas doesn’t say a word, and Eugenia says she knows him well but they haven’t been living together for THAT long…not to mention after her last man, her unborn baby’s father…she doesn’t know if she’d want another relationship. Lucas says he understands and shouldn’t have brought it up, but before he walks off…Eugenia tells him to wait….she slowly says maybe he does have a point, and she has been growing close to him lately…so just maybe…they could try! Lucas and Eugenia continue to talk and soon agree to try out a relationship!

-Forrest yells “EXCUSE ME?!” and tells Billie that he is the ONLY one trying to be a team player, she was but she stopped once Vivian and the DiMera’s took over Alamain! Billie argues that she was with Alamain for almost a year…and that she knows he loves the company, his family, and tried to keep it together…and everyone is at fault, but she feels it was his mismanagement that got the company into such deep trouble, and the fighting! She says he was too focused on eliminating people from the family, like Vivian, or controlling others, like Nicholas, that Alamain collapsed, especially when the economy went into a recession! Forrest tells her to stop putting the blame on him, and he thought SHE was smarter, and he loves her but she will *NOT* talk to him like this! Billie and Forrest continue their very intense argument, and Forrest tells her that she’s probably just disillusioned because of the crazy ass family and crazy ass LIFE that she has had! He tells her to get it through her skull: It wasn’t HIS fault they lost Alamain, he’s the only wise one!! Billie is hurt by all of this and as she walks towards the door Forrest says:

Forrest:I thought you loved me and would stand by me, too.

Billie:Well GET this through YOUR skull: I do love you….I love you SO MUCH, its TRUE…but you and I are through! Any man who acts and insults like you do is not worthy of being with any woman!

Billie storms out, leaving Forrest in shock!

-Sami asks Carrie why she’d tell her, hell why hasn’t she sent the police down here yet! Carrie tells her its because Sami is her sister, and she still knows she didn’t kill Marlena…she tells Sami to TRUST her! Sami looks at her and reveals that…she’s leaving Salem…to find Stan or someone else who has any evidence that could prove it was Stan who killed Marlena so she can come back. Carrie stares at her and then says:

Carrie:Well…then I’m coming with you!

-All of the DiMera children quickly get up and scream and asks what she’s talking about, and Elvis accuses her of lying, but Vivian says sadly its very true…she heard it from the mouths of the paramedics! She says that it hasn’t been made public yet, but it will soon! They try to ask for the details but Vivian says no one knows much…and the cliff he fell off of goes too far…they won’t be able to find a body…everyone is astonished, and Kristen wails out in pain, another family member of hers lost…


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