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    Only weeks after the axing of longtime vet John Aniston(Victor Kiriakis), some happier news comes to LIS for once! Michelle "Sister" Patterson will guest star on Life in Salem for two episodes this week...Patterson is best known for her role on reality show "I Love New York", where she she pops in as the crazy mother to New York. However, Patterson also plays one of the main heroines on former Co-HW/Co-EP ML Cooks' SONOP soap S.T.E.A.M. Sister Pat is a very crazy nut on that show as well, constantly having crazy antics as she pressures people to praise the Lord and attacks nearly everyone she sees in the town, though she's also been at the center of some very serious storylines as well. Pat comes to Salem this week to help Celeste Perrault(Tanya Boyd) after the death of Victor...and a very surprising connection to Celeste will be revealed! And the scenes shall be written by Cooks himself.

    "I am very happy to have Sister Pat appearing on LIS...she's such a big character on S.T.E.A.M that I love, I've always wanted her to appear on Salem...and I love it even more that ML wrote these great scenes...Celeste needs help right now, and besides some friends and her daughter Lexie, she doesn't have much!" Tara Smith commented

    Pat isn't the first "STEAM" character to come from Pasadena to Salem, though. Suga, played by Missy Elliot, had a stint on the show in 2008, and she returned on recurring status in March 2009...she's been here ever since, and was the one to actually kill Victor! Pasadena's central transexual, Rufus(played by Alexis Arquette), also guest starred in April 2008, when she showed up to bring Suga back to Pasadena, and ended up bringing Hope along as well. Lisa Ray has also had a stint as lawyer Lisa Raye back in June, another star character from STEAM

    AND, in other breaking news, soon-to-be GL alumni Gina Tognoni is joining LIS...also expected to appear this week! Tognoni is going to be playing a recasted April Ramirez, a role formerly played by Lisa Howard from 1988 to 1991. April was a bgi character at the time, but isn't the most famous character in Days....however, she will play a significant role in the Robin/Laura/Mike/Alexis/Jeremy/Cassie story. "I have always seen some potential in April...mainly now because of her and Mike's mess of a relationship...if fans remember right, Robin was the indirect reason they broke up a couple times...that will definitely come in to play here!"

    Tognoni joins with a short-term contract...but that could be changed!
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    Episode#426: Jan Panics

    -Nicole and Travis are seen getting off a plane...in...LAS VEGAS!! Nicole says she can't believe this...she says she can't believe they just decided to rush off and get married tonight! Travis smiles and tells her the sooner the better...and he knows this would be her kind of wedding night. Nicole tells him he knows her too well and kisses her soon-to-be-husband...

    -Jill screams out as she lands on the ground on her stomach...the top of her head begins bleeding as she screams, before falling unconscious. Megan and Hope both gasp and rush over to her, and Megan turns her over...Megan yells NO...this can't happen! Hope asks if she's alright...Megan says she's pregnant and just landed on her stomach and was knocked out...of course she's not alright damnit! Hope says she'll call 911, as Megan thinks to herself Jill and the baby can't die...not after coming so far!

    -Jan looks at an unconscious Lucas...she says she refuses to let Eugenia have him...she's NOT losing another man! She says she and Lucas are meant to be...and she's going to make sure they are together! She grabs some duct tape from a cabinet and ties Lucas's hands and feet....she walks over to baby Josh, who is sitting in his carrier, and tells him that its time daddy, her, him, and Bentley all become a big happy family at long last!!!

    -Dr.Stansville tells her this definitely is a strange thing that needs to be figured out...but there's nothing they can do if they have no idea who stole the tape! Eugenia says it COULD be that nurse who delievered Blake, from how the security guard was talking...she says they've got to find her! Dr.Stansville says that they don't know that for sure, and if she got away with the tape, there's NOTHING they can do...she's sorry, but Eugenia may not be able to find that tape!

    -Lea Zaslow(Janet Zarish) walks through Salem, the security tape of Josh's birth in hand...she sighs nervously as she flashes back to Jan paying her to get out of Salem a few months ago...she whispers that she's sorry Jan, but she has orders...its time for her to be exposed!

    *Life in Salem Opening*

    -Jan walks into the kitchen as she yells to Josh that she knows exactly what they're going to do....she grabs some DRUGS from a cabinet in the kiitchen, and says that Nicole has given her yet another great idea....she walks back into the living room and over to Lucas...and she also has a glass of water...and begins pouring the drugs into him!!!!! She tells Lucas and "her" son that they're going to Las Vegas!

    -Nicole and Travis enter their hotel room in Las Vegas...Nicole says WOW....Las Vegas! She says that everything happened so fast...one minute they are engaged and making plans and the next they're in Las Vegas to be married in a few hours! Travis says yeah, but thats just how they roll...he says they're sorry they couldn't have any of her loved ones around when they wed, though. Nicole shakes her head and tells her she doesn't have many loved ones...even though she helped Sami, she and her aren't exactly best friends...her mother and her definitely aren't...the only one she would've wanted here is her brother, and he's busy with Carrie...so she's just fine!

    -Jan continues to pour drugs down Lucas's throat...she whispers that this will keep him knocked out until they get to Vegas! She says she's going to make him hers once and for all....and Nicole and her lover won't be the only ones getting married! She then takes out her cell phone and calls someone...and tells them she needs a Spears private jet ready IMMEDIATELY!

    -The paramedics arrive at the park...Megan directs them to Jill, and BEGS them to make sure the baby is okay...Hope raises an eyebrow at Megan's heavy concern for Jill, and the paramedics say they'll do the best they can...Megan declares she'll ride on the ambulance with them, and Hope says she will too, and they all head for the hospital...

    -Jan tells the person on the phone to prepare it to head for Las Vegas...and don't ask any questions! She then hangs up, and looks at Lucas...she says she knows this is so sudden, but its really the last thing she can do...she says they can get married, and in Las Vegas of all places..topping his and Eugenia's dumb wedding! She gets baby Josh, but before she can do anything else, she hears a knock on the door!

    -Lea continues to walk around...but suddenly her phone rings! She answers it and says yes....everything's going as planned!

    -Eugenia tells Dr.Stansville they HAVE to find it...she says she just can't give up...she explains that she is SO close to figuring out what happened to Blake! Dr.Stansville asks her what they can do at this point...Eugenia tells her she doesn't know, but they need to do something! Eugenia says that tonight is going to be the night that she finally solves this mess!!!!
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    Episode#425: The Stolen Tape

    -Jan inwardly rejoices and asks Lucas if this means that he's finally kicking that whore to the streets...where she rightfully belongs! Lucas sighs and is silent as he tries to think of a way to gently break it to Jan that he's chosen Eugenia! Jan looks at him and asks whats wrong...Lucas looks at Jan, and very slowly and calmly tells her that he's sorry, but...he wants to be with Eugenia.

    -Dr.Stansville looks at Eugenia, confused, and tells her thats impossible! Eugenia says that the week of Blake's birth isn't in here...Dr.Stansville examines the pile herself, and her eyes widen as she says its true...the tape isn't here! She says this can't be...she says this room is kept under tight security incase of things like this, and she KNOWS there's a tape of that week, in that room...Eugenia tells her apparently not...she says obviously, its missing, and they need to find out what the hell happened to it...because this is her last hope!

    -Megan and Jill are walking through the park in Salem...Megan looks at Jill's stomach and says that very very soon her and Bo's baby will be born...it will be the thing that unites her and Bo forever! Jill nods with a slight smile, though she thinks of her own scheme....however...soon, they run into Hope! Megan growls and tells Hope this is an unpleasant surprise...she says she almost forgot she was out of prison! Hope nods and says yes, she is...and she and Bo are back together!

    -Kristen says that Norman is on Padre Island...Bo nods, and tells her yes, and they need to go before he gets somewhere else....Kristen tells him to wait....she says she can go by herself, and tells him he needs to stay here with Hope and his FAMILY....he says the hell he's letting her go by herself...they are BOTH going to Padre Island to hunt Norman Sundberg down!

    *Life in Salem Opening*

    -Jan stares at Lucas...she swallows hard as she says she must have not heard him right...she says she must have meant her...Lucas tells her no....he's so sorry but no....he said he chooses Eugenia! Jan tells him he's lying, or she's brainwashed him...Lucas shakes his head and tells Jan he's sorry, and he really does love her, but....in the end, after how close they got, he can't live without Eugenia...Jan yells NO! She says she won't let this happen....she won't lose him!

    -Megan stands, silent and stunned...Jill slowly backs away, as Megan says that she thought they were divorcing...she growls that she thought she was divorcing him after he slept with her sister! Hope says they were, but they worked things out and realized their love is still there! Megan yells NO...she says this can't be happening....she says Bo can't fall for Hope's tricks again! Hope says excuse me, and Megan tells her its time to take care of her once and for all!

    -Dr.Stansville tells Eugenia they'll figure this out...she rushes out of the room, Eugenia following, and Dr.Stansville rushes outside to the security guard...she asks him if anyone went in the surveillance tapes recently, and took a tape out....the security guard says yes, in fact someone was just in there today!

    -Kristen tells him he really needs to stay here with Hope and his daughters, Bo says they'll be fine....he has to do this for Victor, and he owes it to HER! Kristen dryly laughs and says he doesn't owe her anything...he says he does, for everything he put her through during that chaos with Hope...Kristen says no, it wasn't ALL his fault! Bo tells her to stop...he's going to find this guy so they can put Vivian behind bars, like it or not! Kristen finally sighs and says fine....

    -Eugenia asks WHO...who was in there! The security guard says it was some woman...seemed to be a worse...he explains that she said Dr.Stansville sent her for some security tape, and she took one...Dr.Stansville confusedly says she never sent for any tape! The security guard explains that she seemed to have proper ID...Eugenia asks what the hell is going on!

    -Hope tells Megan to stop, just stop...she says she told her a year ago when she returned, she's NOT doing this anymore! Hope turns to walk away, but Megan grabs her hair, and says the hell she isn't! Hope turns and tries to slap Megan away, but it just erupts in a fight! Jill yells for them to stop, but the intense struggle continues as the two fight! Megan tries to tackle Hope, clawing at her face, and Hope yells out! She finally THROWS Megan back, and Megan falls right into Jill....who goes flying herself! Jill goes flying back, and finally lands on the ground...on her stomach!

    -Lucas says to Jan that this is for the best...he won't string her along anymore...and he'll be with the woman he truly loves. He says they'll still see each other...because of Josh. She mutters that Josh was supposed to make him stay...she turns to Lucas and exclaims that she was the mother of his newborn son....yet he's still leaving her...just like that! He's just taking off, running into Eugenia's arms...after all they've shared, he's just leaving her and Josh out in the cold...going on and on about how Eugenia is the one he loves! Lucas says he REALLY is sorry, and he loves her too, but...he and Eugenia have something deep! Jan finally SLAPS Lucas and says thats enough...she's had enough of this...she says she can't BELIEVE he has the nerve to go on and on about Eugenia like that! She says she's not letting Eugenia win....she tells Lucas she and him are soulmates. Lucas heavily sighs and begs Jan not to do this...but Jan grabs a large bottle of alcohol sitting nearby...and smashes him over the head with it! As Lucas falls to the ground, knocked out, Jan says she knows what she needs to do...its time to make Lucas hers forever!

    -Eugenia tells Dr.Stansville they have to find that tape and whoever took it...she says she doesn't know whats going on, but she is sure as hell going to find out...she tells her she's sick of this game...its time to finally find out what happened to her son!

    -Outside of the hospital, two gloved hands are seen holding the tape...the person nervously says they have what they were ordered to get....they have exactly what they need to expose Jan Spears! The person is then revealed to be: LEA ZASLOW(Janet Zarish)!
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    Episode#424: The Location

    -Lucas walks into the Spears Mansion...he sees Jan in the Spears Mansion. She smiles and walks over and wraps her arm around him...she says its so great to see him...she asks where he's been! Lucas says he's been busy...he gently gets Jan off of him, and she asks him whats wrong...he stares at her...thinking now its time!

    -Dr.Stansville leads Eugenia into a random room in the hospital....however...when they step inside, Eugenia sees piles and piles of tapes! Dr.Stansville explains that this is where they keep all the old survelliance tapes, incase they are ever needed in a situation like this...she tells Eugenia that this is where the tape of the night she gave birth probably would be!

    -Alexis raises an eyebrow...she asks Mimi how she knew Jan! Mimi looks at Jan in shock and asks Alexis how SHE knows Jan....Alexis says she doesn't but she was engaged to her friend Lucas and this psycho that held her captive was the one who stabbed her...she stops saying its a long story! Mimi explains that Jan was the ex-lover, or more like stalker, of her dead ex-husband Shawn Brady and a psycho she HATED with a passion....she convinced her to do some horrible stuff back when they were in highschool together, blackmailed her over her abortion, and pretended to be her surrogant when she really used that scheme to create her own baby with Shawn!

    -Bo is at the police station, and Kristen is with him as they continue to discuss Vivian setting Peter up...however, suddenly the phone rings! Bo answers it and asks what he has for him...Shane Donovan(Charles Shaughnessy) is on the other end and tells him he's tracked Norman Sundberg down...he has his exact location!

    *Life in Salem Opening*

    -Lucas thinks to himself that nows the time to tell Jan about his choice....he tells Jan he has to talk to her about something very important...she asks what about, and he says about the whole fiasco with him, her, and Eugenia...he says he's made his choice!

    -Eugenia walks around the room....she examines everything closely, and approaches where the tape would be of what happened the night of Blake's birth....her fingers go across the tapes...but her eyes widen as she turns to Dr.Stansville and says the tape's not here!!!

    -Alexis gapes at Mimi....she says Jan is crazier than she thought. Mimi says no kidding...Alexis asks if she hated her that much! Mimi nods and says yes....Jan was probably one of the people she hated most in the world, aside from her friend, or now ex-friend, Belle Black...Alexis bites her nails, thinking...she tells Mimi she has to go, and promises she'll be back soon, before leaving!

    -Bo says EXCELLENT and tells Shane he has a pen and paper ready to write it down...Shane grins on the other end of the phone and says he strongly believes that this Norman is somewhere on Padre Island, just off Texas and the Gulf of Mexico...he says he's sending Bo all the information he has on the man, and advises him to not look for him in any fancy areas, because it seems that the man doesn't have much too his name, and may just be a wanderor out there...so he should be careful. Bo says will do, and thanks Shane...Shane says anytime. As he hangs up, Kristen looks at Bo and asks if that was about Norman Sundberg...Bo eagerly says yes, and Kristen rejoices...Bo tells her it looks like they're going to Padre Island!!!
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    Welcome, everyone, to my new fanfic/blog: One Life At A Time, a fic based on the ABC soap opera "One Life to Live"....people also mainly know me as the Creator/Head Writer/Executive Producer of "Life in Salem", a fic based on the NBC soap "Days of Our Lives"....however, I am not particularly enjoying OLTL right now, and have been wanting to take a stab at writing it for ages...and now that it seems you can have more than one blog on SON, I decided now would be the perfect time!

    "This is, in itself, an experiment...I want to see if I can correctly write OLTL, and if I can handle more than one fic at once...this fic shall pick up RIGHT after yesterday's episode, NOT today's episode, and right now, I'm not sure how regularly it will air....it will be a slow process, trying to get it off the ground, but I think I can do it, or at least try....again, this may not be successful, but I am very very willing to try and see how much I can handle." Tara Smith explained

    Expect more information about the show to be released soon....and the first episode to premiere VERY soon...maybe even today!
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    Episode#423: Jeremy Questions Robin

    -Jill walks into St.Luke's...she slowly looks around as she stumbles in...she walks towards the front of the Church, and gets down on her knees...she looks up to the ceiling...and begins praying! She tells God that she knows they've never had the closest relationship, and she's done alot of bad things in her life...but she's here today to pray for the safety of her daughter!

    -Eugenia is walking through the hospital...as she walks through the waiting room, she bumps into Dr.Stansville! She tells her she's glad she found her...she says she needs her help...she may know how to find out what happened the night she gave birth!

    -Alexis enters a room at that prison outside of Salem...she sits down...and Mimi is seen on the other side of a glass window! Alexis picks up a phone and greets her...she says she's sorry she hasn't been back lately, there was a crisis back in Salem...Mimi says she knows...Victor died. Alexis solemnly nods...but she tells Mimi that she's bound and determined, even moreso now, to get her out of here!

    -Robin is sitting in the kitchen of Maggie's house...Jeremy walks in, and she happily greets him as he kisses her on the cheek....she tells her son he really doesn't have to watch over her like this...she's getting better! Jeremy smiles and says she's his mom...he wants to help her...but he needs to ask her something...and he wants an honest answer! Robin says okay...and Jeremy asks if she's being honest about everything with his grandma!

    *Life in Salem Opening*

    -Jill prays to God...she says that she really didn't want to get attached to this baby, and she's still not...but she just wants her baby girl, her daughter, her flesh and blood to be safe wherever she goes...she thanks Him for not letting Megan find out about her and Bo's daughter...and she just needs to hold it up a little longer...but she just wants her daughter to be safe, whatever she does...she thanks the Lord, before getting up and leaving St.Luke's...a tear running down her cheek as she does.

    -Dr.Stansville turns to Eugenia and sighs...she says as concerning as this situation is, this had better be good...she has alot of work to do. Eugenia says to her that there are surveillance cameras set up in some of the hospital rooms...thats how her friend, Lexie Brooks, went to jail for murdering Tek Kramer! Dr.Stansville tilts her head and says its worth a shot...she tells Eugenia to follow her!

    -Robin is silent for a moment, and Jeremy tells her he's not doubting her or trying to hurt her or anything...but he just wants to make sure that she remembers clearly...like is she sure her memory isn't fuzzy when it comes to the night she hit her head...and maybe the other incidents were just misunderstandings! Robin promises her son that she remembers everything very clearly...she says she's so sorry, she hates saying this and accusing poor Laura of all these things, but its true!

    -Mimi looks at Alexis, shocked and confused...she asks why she wants to get her out of here so much...she tells Alexis she barely knows her...she says she knows she wants that guy back, but still...Alexis says she's not the best person in the world, but she does want justice...and some bitches have been messing with her and the people she loves...and she won't stand for that! Mimi nods, saying she understands...she tells Alexis that before she left Salem...Cassie wasn't the only one she had to put up with...there was also Jan Spears!

    -Jeremy tells her its just...everyone's saying different things. Laura and Alexis are both flying off the handle saying she's innocent...he constantly has to deal with Mike because of all this when he's still uncomfortable around him...and she says Laura keeps trying to kill her! He says he feels like the only one there for him now is Cassie...Robin frowns, and comforts him, saying that Laura just...Laura may not be completely over what problems she had....thats why she wants her to get help, not go to prison! She warns her son to just ignore Alexis and his father...Jeremy nods...he tells her he's sorry for doubting her...he's not sure what he believes, but he's sorry. Jeremy gets up and walks out of the kitchen...after he leaves, Robin sighs...she says she almost feels bad for doing this...but that bitch keeps trying to interfere! She vows to make sure Laura ends up in an insane asylum for LIFE...she says Laura won't win!
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    Episode#422: Vivian Signs It Over

    -Nicole is shopping inside a store at Salem Place...suddenly...she runs right into Jan! Nicole sarcastically says this is sure the bright spot of her day...she asks Jan if she's still pretending Eugenia's baby is hers! Jan says for the record, Josh is HER son now...not Eugenia's...Eugenia doesn't have a son! Nicole says okaaay, whatever she says...Jan asks if she's still living in happy land with whats-his-face...Nicole says yes, in fact...they are getting married soon....in Las Vegas!

    -Celeste is at the DiMera Mansion with Theo and Lexie...Celeste tells her daughter as much as she hates Vivian taking over Victor's mansion...she feels alot better being here now that Vivian has moved out...Lexie agrees...and asks Celeste how she's been doing. Celeste says to Alexandra that she's...okay, seeing her grandson makes her feel better...she just wishes Vivian hadn't married Victor just to have him and get back at her...and that she knew who killed Victor!

    -Dr.Stansville tells yes...she's sure the boy is Megan and Bo's baby...Jill breathes in relief and says good...she asks about her baby! Dr.Stansville asks if she's sure she wants her to tell her that...she doesn't want Jill getting attached to it if she plans on giving it up! Jill shakes her head and tells Dr.Stansville not to worry...Dr.Stansville tells Jill her and Bo's baby is a girl!

    -Vivian tells Valentine she'll give her what she wants...Valentine smiles and tells Vivian she wants the DiMera Mansion...and half of Titan, Alamain, and DiMera Enterprises...therefore, they both have an equal amount! Vivian reluctantly says fine, she can have it, as she prepares to call Ji'Min....

    *Life in Salem Opening*

    -Jan looks at Nicole in surprise and says really...Nicole nods and says Travis proposed to her shortly after Victor died...and later on they decided to marry in Las Vegas...she says she's happier than she's ever been...and she's not like scheming like a certain someone she knows! Jan smirks at Nicole as Nicole walks past Jan...Jan says to herself that is very interesting...

    -Lexie hugs her mother and promises her that the person who did this to Victor will be found soon...Celeste nods...she says Justin is determined to find whoever did this...and the PD is investigating it as well, and Bo's in charge of the PD...Lexie then goes on to talk about Vivian...she says to Celeste she can't let Vivian get to her...she's just playing right into Vivian's hands! Celeste says she knows, but she can't help it...she just hates that bitch so much...she constantly tries to hurt everyone who's ever wronged her! Lexie again encourages Celeste to just ignore her...Celeste thanks Lexie, but can't get her mind off of everything going on...

    -Jill slowly smiles and says good...she says both of them are due soon...she just hopes they can keep up this scheme...but they have for months, so they only have to do it a little longer...she and Dr.Stansville say goodbye, and Jill leaves the hospital...

    -Ji'Min is at the Kiriakis Mansion...he has drawn up the paperwork in order for Valentine to recieve half of everything Vivian owns...he looks at Vivian, and asks if she's SURE she wants to do this...Valentine says oh she is...Vivian slowly nods...she then signs the majority of the papers, as does Valentine...and once its all over....Ji'Min says to the two that its done...Valentine now owns half of what Vivian did/does own! He leaves....Valentine just looks at her sister and says she made the right decision...Valentine turns and leaves herself...she walks out of the Kiriakis Mansion, laughing in triumph all the way...once she's gone, Vivian SCREAMS as she tosses things around the living room of the Kiriakis Mansion!
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    Episode#421: The Ultimatium

    -Dr.Stansville is at the hospital...she comes out of a room...Jill and Megan sit in the waiting room, and Megan growls that she doesn't understand why they could've been WITH her when they found out the gender of her baby...Jill nervously looks at Dr.Stansville, flashing back to how they arranged it so they didn't have to be with her when she discovered the genders of BOTH the babies...Dr.Stansville tells Megan that her baby with Bo is a BOY!

    -Lucas tells her he really does love Jan...he truly loves her...but when it gets right down to it...the one he feels the most love for is...Eugenia. He explains to Sami that when he met her again back in Janurary, and she moved into the Spears Mansion...sparks immediately flew...thats why he proposed to her so early on. He says there's just somethign there...he couldn't bare to lose her. Sami says that as much as she doesn't understand this, since Eugenia is the dumb bitched that sabatoged their own engagement...he needs to go to her...tell her this before its too late!

    -Hope stares at Suga for a moment...she asks if she's sure she doesn't remember anything...Suga shakes her head and says no...she doesn't remember that Natalia chick...doesn't remember Dahlia...doesn't remember a baby...and she sure as hell don't remember her! Hope says to Suga she must have amnesia!

    -Vivian looks at Valentine in astonishment and tells her she can't just give her half of everything she owns...she owns so many things and she sure as hell wouldn't let Valentine touch them! Valentine says oh she will...or else she'll be going to jail for the murder of Peter Blake!

    *Life in Salem Opening*

    -Megan grins and says this is just great...she says soon, he'll be born...and she'll take him to Bo and they'll just be one big happy family...Jill slowly but nervously nods, as Dr.Stansville nods...Jill asks if she's sure...Dr.Stansville says yes, she is! Megan says her plan is going exactly as she hoped...as she turns to leave, she tells Jill to come on, but Jill says she'll be a minute...she asks Dr.Stansville what the gender of HER baby is...and is she sure the boy is Megan's!

    -Sami says to Lucas that he needs to hurry and tell both Eugenia and Jan before the chance escapes him...Lucas says she's right. He thanks Sami...he says he knows Eugenia's hurt them both, especially her...but really...he's grateful. Sami smiles as Lucas runs off....she however wonders when she'll get someone of her own to love!

    -Suga asks Hope so what if she does...she likes how she is now just fine! Hope says to Suga that she can't just go along amnesiac...she asks what she's doing back in Salem anyway! Suga exclaims that this is NONE of Hope's business, and runs off!

    -Vivian says she can't prove anything...she has NOTHING on her! Valentine laughs and says she ADMITTED it to her...not to mention...thats not the only thing she did...she also hired Sami Brady to kill Stefano! Vivian's jaw drops...she asks how the hell Valentine knows all this! Valentine says she's a smart cookie...she tells Vivian she can blow her out of the water at any time...and she could be on death row right with her best friend Kate if she doesn't give her what she wants! She tells Vivian she doesn't have much time to decide...Vivian slowly says...FINE, she'll give her what she wants!!!!
  9. daysfan
    Episode#420: Blackmail

    -Lucas walks into the Brady Pub...he runs into Sami, who greets him, and tells him Will and Arianna just left...she says she loves that little girl so much, and Lucas grins and says he does too...Sami notices he's a bit solemn, and asks him whats wrong...Lucas tells her its just Eugenia and Jan. Sami groans and asks him why he hasn't dumped both those bitches yet...Lucas rolls his eyes at Sami and says he's trying to choose between them...he explains he loves them both deeply...and Jan of all things has his baby son...he can't just leave her! Sami looks at Lucas, dumbfounded, and snaps that didn't stop him from leaving her!

    -Hope asks Suga what she's talking about...of course she knows her! She says they went on the run together...they went to Pasadena...she slowly says Suga gave her crack! Suga looks at Hope and tells her she has no clue what she's talking about! She tells Hope to get away from her, and tries to shove past her, but Hope looks at her and says she has to remember...she wouldn't just forget how close they were! Suga slowly has a very vague flashback to meeting Hope during that storm!

    -Vivian's eyes widen...she stumbles back, and asks Valentine what she's on about...she tells her to not try to spew more lies! Valentine laughs evilly and tells Vivian surely she remembers...deep down...she reminds Vivian of what she said...and Vivian gasps as she remembers the night she confessed what she did to Valentine at the DiMera Mansion!

    -Bo comes back into the kitchen, and tells Kristen he contacted Shane and he's going to get right on finding this Sundberg guy! Kristen hugs Bo and says this is fantastic...she can't thank him enough...he tells her to not worry about it! As they pull back, Kristen says she was just looking at pictures of his family...she tells him she hopes he knows that she really is glad he and Hope are back together!

    *Life in Salem Opening*

    -Lucas glares at Sami and tells her that was alot different...they weren't even together at the time and she told everyone Austin was Will's father! Sami says still...by the time he found out he was Will's father he definitely didn't try to make things work between them...Lucas exclaims that it was too late, and she was still hung up on Austin just like he was on Carrie...this whole thing with Jan and Eugenia is ENTIRELY different! Sami sighs and says she's getting sick of being everyone's Dr.Phil but he needs to look inside his heart...who REALLY makes him feel deep, compassionate love!

    -Bo thanks her...Kristen looks at another picture...its a picture of Bo, Hope, Shawn, and JT...she tells him he really has beautiful sons...Bo smiles and thanks her...Kristen looks and sees another picture with Zack in it...she looks at him, confused and asks who this is...Bo then explains to Kristen the whole switch with JT and Zack...Kristen says thats right, Lexie's mentioned that a few times...she says she's so sorry...Bo tells her its alright...he says he just misses all three of his sons so much...Kristen comforts him...

    -Suga has a very vague and fast flashback of meeting Hope...but continues to tell her she doesn't remember her! Hope tells her she knew her for awhile...she was there when Natalia got shot, of all things! Suga asks why EVERYONE always brings up that Natalia woman to her...Hope looks at Suga in complete shock and says she can't believe she doesn't remember Natalie either! She asks Suga what she does remember...Suga finally snaps that she doesn't remember ANYTHING!

    -Lucas says he loves them both very deeply...Sami mutters she doesn't see how but whatever...she tells Lucas he has to feel something more for one of them...he has to feel something VERY deep with one of them...even deeper love than he feels for the other! She tells Lucas there has to be someone who he has very TRUE love with...more true than he has with the other woman! Lucas thinks about this, and Sami asks who that person is...Lucas slowly says its...Eugenia!

    -Kristen tells him she never met Zack or JT...but she remembers Shawn Douglas from way back and he was such a nice boy...she's really sorry for what happened to him. Bo again thanks her...Kristen sees another picture, of Chelsea...she asks who that is! Bo explains thats his daughter with Billie...Chelsea Brady...she nods and says she did hear that he and Billie had a daughter...she asks what happened to her! Bo explains that she left town a couple years ago, and him nor Billie have heard from her since! Kristen frowns and says thats terrible...Bo tells her that he loved all four of his children so much...even though Chelsea and Shawn made some big mistakes...but he ended up losing all four of them. He vows that he'll never lose Pamela and Addie...he won't become estranged from them or let them die like his other children did...Kristen tells him thats excellent, he had better uphold that vow! Bo says he will...

    -Vivian thinks to herself this can't be happening...not now...not when she's gotten revenge on EVERYONE and has ALL the power! She looks at Valentine and lies, saying she has no clue what she's talking about...Valentine tells her no, she KNOWS what Valentine's talking about...Valentine says she's lucky she hasn't told Bo and Kristen EVERYTHING! Vivian clenches her fists...Valentine tells her not to worry, she won't...if she gives her what she wants! Vivian slowly asks whats that...Valentine tells her that, in exchange for her silence, she wants half of EVERYTHING Vivian owns!
  10. daysfan
    Episode#419: Norman Sundberg

    -Hope is walking with Pamela and Addie down at the pier...as they walk, Hope points out all the ducks out in Salem River...but she also can't help but think of Bo and Kristen...however, she tells herself that NOTHING is going on....as she walks...she bumps into SUGA!!!!

    -Vivian is at the Kiriakis Mansion....she constantly orders Henderson around, who rolls his eyes and wonders to himself why Mr.Kiriakis had to marry her at the last minute...suddenly, there's a knock on the door...Henderson opens it, and Valentine invites herself in...she walks into the living room and happily greets her sister!

    -Jan continues to tell baby Josh that she can't lose Lucas...she refuses to let Eugenia win! She says she's come too far now! Lucas continues to think about how he loves Jan and she has his SON...but then again...he feels love so strongly for Eugenia! Lucas watches Jan as she says that Lucas will be hers forever and they WILL be together!!!!

    -Bo tells Kristen they'll find this Norman guy...she asks how if they don't have any leads at all...Bo tells her not to worry...he has a friend in the ISA, named Shane Donovan...he'll call him and he's sure Shane will be able to find him! Kristen's eyes light up and says this could be it...this could be what proves that Vivian set Peter up!!!

    *Life in Salem Opening*

    -Hope's eyes widen in shock as she sees her old friend Suga standing before her...Suga stands, silent and shocked...Hope flashes back to meeting Suga during that huge storm in Winter of 08, and then going to Pasadena with her...she remembers the last time they saw each other were at that train station in the spring of 08...she asks Suga what she's doing here! Suga looks at Hope oddly...once again it nearly triggers a memory...but she tells Hope she doesn't know her!

    -Vivian looks at Valentine and tells her to get out of her house...she says she may have gotten herself into the DiMera Mansion but she won't get herself into THIS mansion! Valentine laughs and says she can get herself into wherever she wants....Vivian tells her she doesn't have anything to hold over her, like some stupid marriage, this time...Valentine grins and tells Vivian she's wrong!

    -Jan continues to promise baby Josh that she and "daddy" will be together forever...she never managed to get Shawn back but she will secure Lucas for good! She says they'll just be one happy family...Lucas sighs as he walks away...he thinks to himself that he can't just leave the mother of his infant child...he loves her too much....but there's still Eugenia...Lucas leaves the Spears Mansion to continue to think about this!

    -Vivian asks Valentine what she's trying to pull....Valentine tells her she has something else over her that, if she talked about it openly, could ruin Vivian's life for good! Vivian snorts and tells Valentine to stop lying and just leave...she's all out of ammo! Valentine yells WRONG...she tells Vivian she really doesn't remember, does she...though she was in a drunken stupor at the time so she probably wouldn't! Vivian asks what the hell she's talking about...and Valentine says the confession she made to her...about setting Peter up to die!

    -Kristen hugs Bo, and he tells her not to worry...he's also going to see if the PD has anything on this guy...he walks off to place the call to Shane...Kristen rejoices, and she slowly walks around the Brady kitchen...she sees picture of Bo's family...she also sees some wedding pictures of Bo and Hope...she looks at them and smiles...she comments that its great that family is back together...she flashes back to her and Bo having sex that night...but snaps out of it, telling herself no...Bo and Hope are back together now, and thats all that matters...
  11. daysfan
    Episode#418: Note

    -Its a brand new day in the town of Salem!

    -Will, Sami, and little Arianna are all at the Brady Pub...Sami says its so great to see her wonderful little granddaughter...to get to know her! Will smiles, and tells her that its even better to be reunited with her after being apart for so long...he's just been having a blast raising her...Sami says she's one of the few bright spots in the midst of all this sadness...Will tells her its funny, he resented her for so many years...and still kinda has problems with her and Lucas...but he understands what it must have been like for her...when Lucas and Nicole took him from her all those years ago.

    -Nicole and Travis are at the Salem Inn...Travis is getting out of the shower, and Nicole dissappointedly asks why he didn't want her to join him this morning...he kisses her and says he just...wants to talk to her about something first...Nicole says whatever, whether its shower, sex, or talking...she needs to get her mind off this whole Victor thing...she says she hated the guy...but his death...its just weird...someone ACTUALLY killed him this time! Travis nods and tells her he understands...Nicole says that she's never been the...ideal wife...and Victor and her's marriage was a sham, but still its so weird...Travis tells her thats what he loves about her...she wouldn't be the ideal wife! He says thats why...with all thats happened...he wants her to marry him!!!

    -Jan is in the nursery at the Spears Mansion...she holds baby Josh...she tells him she's done so much...she's done so much for daddy! She says all she's wanted is to be happy with him...the man she loves...the man she's spent almost two years on! She says that she really hoped he'd...be the thing that would bring them closer than ever...and she's still trying...but she loves him regardless! She tells Josh that bitch Eugenia is sticking her nose where it doesn't belong...she tried to get down Lucas's pants and now she's investigating that damn so called death! Just as she says this...Lucas approaches...and watches Jan!

    -Bo and Hope are at their house...they play with their daughters, as Hope says its great she's all moved back in...everything's slowly getting back on track...he leans in and kisses her...and says this just feels...so so good! She grins and says she knows it does...suddenly, there's a knock on the door...Bo answers it to see Kristen! She tells him she needs his help...she found some...letter that claims that someone has proof that Vivian set Peter up!

    *Life in Salem Opening*

    -Sami nervously chuckles ever so slightly and says to her son that was...different...she tells him that his dad is a good guy...and Nicole...she's...she says well she is a murderor like Crystal in a way and she worked with her once but still she proved her innocence so she shouldn't make any comments...Will nods, agreeing, but he says its just...devastating to lose a child...but maybe if this hadn't happened...he and Destiny wouldn't be together! Sami's eyes widen and asks WHAT...he grins and says he must've forgot but...he and Destiny are a couple now!

    -Nicole looks at Travis in shock...she says wow....WOW! She says this is so shocking...she hasn't walked down the aisle since Victor over 6 years ago...and her and Travis...they've only known each other for a few months and only been together for two! Travis says yeah...he knows they haven't been living together or in a relationship that long...but its just...watching this whole thing with her ex-husband, and then the story Sami told them about Marlena...despite Nicole's past...he LOVES her...in these few short months she's been the best thing to ever happen to him...and life is too short to pass up this oppurtunity! Nicole looks at him, still stunned, but a gleaming look grows on her face as she says YES...she'll marry him! He then scoops her up and kisses her!

    -Lucas watches Jan as she speaks to Josh...she wonders outloud why she can't ever get someone to love her and only her...she says her highschool boyfriend, Jason, was a total jerk...her soulmate, Shawn, is dead...and now Lucas can't decide between her and Eugenia...she says she's done so much for him...she can't take it anymore...eventually she may have to take drastic measures! She also goes on to say that she has Lucas's son...she doesn't understand why he can't just dump Eugenia!! Lucas watches and frowns, and thinks to himself that he loves Jan, and his son...he can't just give them up!

    -Sami looks at Will in shock and says whoa...she knew he and Destiny were close but...this is great! Will smiles and says yeah, everything's really going great for him...Sami tells him she'll have to get to know Destiny a little better though to make sure she's worthy of her son...Will chuckles but tells Sami to just not go too far or anything...Sami simply smiles as they continue to bond with Arianna...

    -Bo asks her what...what is she talking about! Kristen says she found this in the mailbox at the DiMera Mansion this morning...Bo looks at Hope, and she slowly nods and tells him to go...go talk to her...Bo thanks her, and she just says she and the girls will take a walk...Bo notices her seeming a little solemn, and pulls her into a kiss...Kristen sighs as she watches...after the kiss ends, Hope and the girls leave...Kristen and Bo then go into the kitchen...

    -Travis and Nicole passionately kiss...Nicole tells him she is so happy...she loves him so much! He agrees, and they then begin to make love as the two kiss...

    -Bo and Kristen sit down at the table in Bo and Hope's kitchen...Bo tells Kristen to explain everything...she says she was checking the mail today, since Vivian's been staying at the Kiriakis Mansion lately...and she found a note...claiming that they had the proof she needed to prove that Vivian set Peter up...and there was a random name on it: Norman Sundberg. Bo says he's never heard of anyone with that name before...but they'll have to investigate it...he says this could be the piece they need to find something on Vivian! Kristen says yes...she wonders how this Norman guy knows about them investigating it themselves though! Bo nods and says they'll just have to see what he's up to...Kristen says they HAVE to find this man...for Peter! Bo promises her that they will!
  12. daysfan
    Episode#417: A Decision

    -Kate sits at the bar at Chez Rouge...she takes the last sip of her drink...she flashes back to when Tony cut her off from his life at the courthouse...and Kristen telling her he and Anna left town...a tear runs down her cheek as she says she misses him....Maggie is walking by and sees her...and asks if she's alright!

    -Celeste asks what she means...Valentine informs Celeste that she's going to take Vivian down...she has a plan...so she shouldn't fear about all this power Vivian has! Celeste looks at Valentine in disgust and says that if it wasn't for what they pulled at that fashion show over a year ago, they wouldn't be in this mess! She says that Vivian wouldn't have married Stefano and taken over the DiMera's, the Alamain's would still have their company, and she wouldn't have married Victor on his deathbed...hell...for all they know, if it wasn't for them, Victor may not be dead!

    -Jeremy looks at Laura, stunned...Laura admits that she posed that question to Robin...and thats how their huge argument started! Jeremy tells Laura no....Robin's over his dad...she'd have to be...especially after what he did to him! Laura apologizes, she just says she thinks thats why Robin is so angry...she still has feelings for Jeremy's father! Jeremy tells her no...no...thats not true, Robin can't feel anything for that bastard, and Laura again sighs....

    -Lucas stares at Eugenia....he tells her for once, Jan and her are probably in agreement about something...he says she's right...he says that he's going to have to think long and hard about this...and he promises her that he WILL make a decision soon!

    *Life in Salem Opening*

    -Kate looks at Maggie, and smiles at her...she tells her she's fine...just thinking. Maggie asks what she's thinking about...Kate says its just...everything thats happened...everything she's done. Victor is dead, she's responsible for Peter's death, Tony's gone...Maggie says she really did love Tony, didn't she. Kate tells Maggie that the more and more time goes on...she realizes that they were falling in love...but it was stopped before it could even begin! Maggie tells Kate she knows what she did is wrong...she watched everything in court...but she really is sorry. Kate thanks Maggie...and finally breaks out in tears, saying she just wishes she could find a man to love her for the rest of her life! Maggie pulls Kate into a hug....she tells Kate that everything will be alright...and she'll find someone, someday!

    -Valentine exclaims to not pin Victor's death on them...she doesn't even think VIVIAN had anything to do with that! Celeste apologizes...explaining that she's just going through alot right now. However, before getting up, Valentine promises Celeste that Vivian will be taken down a knotch soon! She then walks off!

    -Laura tells Jeremy she's really sorry, and she knows him and his father aren't on the best terms right now...she just...thinks everything with Robin seems fishy, thats all....Jeremy shakes his head, saying this is useless, and storms away from Laura as she cries for him to come back!

    -Eugenia tells him she hopes so...she says that really...its just gone too far...everything. She says they should've never been together...Lucas orders her NOT to say that, but she says its TRUE! She says their love, what they shared...sometimes she thinks it was just a lie! Lucas says thats not true at all...thats ridiculous...he was genuinely hurt, and so was she...Eugenia exclaims over things that might not even have happened...she says Jan never REALLY left him...she was literally right underneath his nose...and she says that for all they know, Blake may never have been stillborn! Lucas tells her to not say stuff like that...they shared something so deep...so deep that can't be denied! Eugenia asks him if he knows how SICK this sounds...she says she's been here before...the woman on the sidelines...Lucas asks what she means, but she refuses to elaborate anymore! Lucas also points out that they don't even know if Blake is alive...he says she's going by some stupid vision and some flaws in a hospital system! Eugenia SLAPS him!

    -Kate thanks her...she says her entire family...her son, her grandson hate her...and she tells Maggie that she's just loved all her children so much! She says that she hired the woman who hurt her grandson so much...she hired her to kill a man she'd come to love! Maggie says that she didn't KNOW Crystal was the one suing for custody...it was Stefano who privately agreed to help her in the custody battle! Kate says thats true, and swears to Maggie that she never would have worked with that woman if she knew what she and Benard were doing...Maggie nods, and tells her that Lucas has come around before...maybe both he and Will shall come around eventually! Kate says she hopes so...and Maggie tells her that someday...maybe Tony and her can even be friends again...Kate slowly nods...

    -Lucas rubs his cheek and apologizes...saying that came off wrong...Eugenia tells him that it was during that same round of visions that Celeste figured out that Jan and Nicole were in the Secret Room...and at the time, that would've sounded like a totally bogus statement...but even if Celeste had been able to tell them, and they didn't believe her, Jan still would've come waltzing in crashing their wedding a month and a half later! Lucas says his point is...is that the pain they felt was real, whether the EVENTS in question were or not...and their love went much further than just simple comfort! Eugenia nods, and says she really did...she DOES...love him. Lucas says he loves her...but he also loves Jan...and a decision...will be made soon. Eugenia nods before leaving...Lucas watches her walk off...he says no...he has to stop this...he has to choose between Jan and Eugenia!
  13. daysfan
    Episode#416: Eugenia and Lucas Talk

    -Kate and Celeste sit at a table at Chez Rouge...Celeste thanks Kate for being here for her during all this...she says they never knew each other really well or were great friends...but she appreciates it...Kate says of course, Victor was her ex-husband! Celeste tells her its just so hard....Victor is randomly murdered and she doesn't know who killed him...and Vivian's taking over everything! Kate sighs and tells her she understands...just as Valentine approaches!

    -Mike dryly laughs and asks Alexis what CASSIE has to do with anything...Alexis exclaims that Cassie took Jeremy from her! Mike says "Oh Lord..." and tells Alexis thats really none of her business...Alexis says the hell it isn't, she knows Jeremy still wants her deep down! Mike asks Alexis if she knows how long its been since she and Jeremy broke up...he tells Alexis to let his son move on with his life...Alexis yells HELL NO, she WILL get Jeremy back!

    -Jeremy is silent after Laura's question....Laura looks at Jeremy in shock...she says he really believes Robin, doesn't he! Jeremy tells her look...he doesn't know what he believes. Laura tells him to not lie to her...he thinks she tried to kill his mother! Jeremy says its just...too much is added up against Laura! Laura tells him she knows...in a way she understands, and she hates what happened to Robin...but he has to know that she did NOTHING!

    -Eugenia walks through town....through Salem Place...she then goes and walks over to the park...she sees many children playing...she thinks of all this craziness regarding Blake's death...or possibly his "death"...she wonders what the hell happened! Eugenia continues to walk around...she sees Lucas on a bench, as Bentley and Arianna play...Lucas greets Eugenia, and sees the emotional pain on her face...he asks her whats wrong, and Eugenia finally breaks down and falls into his arms!

    *Life in Salem Opening*

    -Valentine happily says hello to Celeste...she says its been too long, and says she's so sorry about Victor...Celeste looks up at her ex-accomplice, and slowly thanks her...Valentine looks at Kate, and asks if she'd go away for a few minutes...Kate says "Excuse me?!", but Celeste tells her its alright..she should go...Kate sighs and stands up, going over to the bar, as Valentine sits down and tells Celeste not to worry...she's handling her evil sister!

    -Alexis says that Cassie is just a rebound...Mike says if she was, he thinks Jeremy and her would be over by now...but they aren't! Alexis says thats because Cassie's manipulative and Jeremy still hates her for cheating on him...Mike asks what Cassie's ever done to her...Alexis says she just KNOWS she's a bitch! She asks Mike if he remembers when Jeremy saved her after Greta stabbed her...THAT showed he still had feelings for her! Mike says Jeremy just has a good enough heart to not let anyone die...he sighs and tells Alexis this is useless...he says he's trying to stay out of ALL of this...and he'll continue to try to do just that...and he leaves!

    -Jeremy tells Laura he loves her...he loves her deeply...but SHE has to know that it all just looks fishy! Laura sighs and tries to withold a comment about Robin, knowing that she is Jeremy's mother...she tells Jeremy she just...she never tried, nor did she ever want, to hurt Robin! She says that night when she hit her head...Laura wasn't even near where Robin fell, it was just a fight between Robin and Alexis...the strangling thing...Laura and Robin's argument just got a bit too heated! Laura tells Jeremy that this last time...maybe she shouldn't have even talked to Robin again, but she had to get her to admit the truth...in the middle of that...Robin pulled some lever on her wheelchair and went flying backwards down the stairs...she really didn't do anything! Jeremy heavily sighs, not knowing what to believe!

    -Lucas holds Eugenia, and asks her whats wrong...she slowly sits up and tells him she's sorry...its just...she went to Dr. Phyliss Stansville and everything's just....too strange with Blake's birth...supposedly Dr.Stansville has no clue who the nurse is or why she didn't call a doctor...the room she went into labour in is never used....Dr.Stansville ran into some woman outside around the time he was born...she can't figure it out! Lucas comforts her and tells her it'll be alright...they'll figure it out...he promises! She tells him no...no matter whether Blake is alive, dead, or whatever happened to him...he needs to be with Jan. He asks what she's talking about...she tells Lucas she knows he wants her....she saw them having sex right before Victor died!

    -Laura tells Jeremy that she hates to talk bad about Robin...but she's done nothing but try to hurt her! Jeremy says its just because Robin cares...Laura sighs, flashing back to her and Robin arguing about Robin only being so angry because of Mike...Jeremy notices an odd look on Laura's face...and asks her what...Laura slowly says to Jeremy she doesn't know if she should tell him this...but she will! She tells her what got Robin so worked up before she fell down the stairs...was that she told her that she thinks...the reason why she's been so cold and protective and angry is not because Alexis cheated on Jeremy...but because Robin's not over Mike!

    -Lucas is silent...Eugenia tells Lucas she's not going to interfere if he really loves Jan...she says she went to St.Luke's tonight to pray about everything with him when she ran into Celeste....Lucas tells Eugenia that he loves Jan...he does love her...but...he loves Eugenia too. He says that night...he thought about her, he didn't want to do it because of her...but he did it anyways...and maybe that was wrong of him...he doesn't know...its just really complicated, and hard for him...Eugenia tells him she understands....but she begs him to make a choice soon...she says if he wants her gone...just tell her! She says if he wants her...just tell her! She says she can't take much more of this...she can't take living in the Spears Mansion, fighting Jan for him, she can't take this whole thing with Blake...she needs answers about EVERYTHING...and she's going to have them soon!
  14. daysfan

    As fans have probably already noticed over the past couple of weeks, John Aniston(Victor) has exited "Life in Salem". He exited after his character was killed by his former henchwoman Suga, and after a heartbreaking reunion in the hospital with his love Celeste...but he didn't die before he married Vivian Alamain one last time! Aniston isn't the first cut from LIS...in the past three months, many vets AND newcomers have been axed in the form of Stephen Nichols, Mary Beth Evans, Philece Sampler, Brent Weber, Charles Shaughnessy, Patsy Pease, Kristina Wagner, Dan Gauthier, Julie Pinson, Julianne Morris, Janet Zarish, Sarah Buxton, Ben Masters, Thaao Penghlis, and LeAnn Hunley(though Penghlis pops up as Andre DiMera from time to time). And even in the months before that, Deidre Hall, Jason Brooks, and Joe Mascolo were all fired.

    "This past year has been a whirlwhind for LIS...alot of upheaval...but in the end, I think its for the best for the show, and some of those people could be back someday. As for Victor, I've loved writing for him for three years...but in the end, I think that there wasn't much left to be done with him...and more importantly, I felt that his death would send alot more possibilities for MANY MANY characters in the LIS cast...because alot of them were connected to Victor in some way, and his death is a way to start off new stories...but I will miss writing for Victor...he was a huge presence on LIS, always." Tara Smith said

    Also, Robin Strasser(Dorian Lord) is out as well. She exited shortly after Victor's funeral, when she left Salem to head back to Llanview. "I really enjoyed having Dorian on LIS...she played a big role in some stories...and she wrapped up that OLTL crossover that started three years ago...but it was simply her time to go." Tara said

    Both have already last aired, HOWEVER, there are fast growing rumors that while a few more minor cuts may be on the way, we'll be seeing some returns over the next couple months....but the show issued no comment.However, there was one return on the four-hundreth episode: Farah Fath has reprised her role of Mimi Lockhart! Fath used to be a contract player on the soap until late 2006, when Jan and Cassie framed her for pushing Cassie out a window, and she was carted off to prison...but now Alexis has searched her out, and could Jan and Cassie FINALLY be exposed?!
  15. daysfan
    Episode#415: Mystery Woman

    -Lucas pulls back from kissing Jan and tells her that she still has to understand that...he can't do what they did that night because of Eugenia...and he's still trying to figure all this out. Jan sighs and says of course...

    -Mike tells Alexis thats NOT true...he got over Robin years ago...they're through! He says its just...three times, two times that Robin nearly died? That is a bit suspicious...Alexis says Robin's a scheming liar, she set her up each time...Laura's innocent! She tells Mike she has to believe that...because Laura needs more than just her supporting her!

    -Laura is in her cell at the police station...she sits...she thinks that this may be the end for her...she can't see Alexis getting her out of this...she looks up when the guard says she has a visitor...she looks up to see Jeremy!

    -Eugenia asks Dr.Stansville WHAT...she says she has to tell her! Dr.Stansville says she's trying to think...she says there was a woman out in the hall...several months back...and she said she was here for a cold or something...but Dr.Stansville was so busy and stressed with other matters she didn't bother to pursue it! Eugenia asks if she knew who the woman was...she says she has to know!!!

    *Life in Salem Opening*

    -Jan takes baby Josh...she slowly says she should probably go...Lucas tells her to not be like that, but Jan tells him to just don't...she still should go back to the Spears Mansion. Jan leaves, and Lucas shakes his head...saying this DOES have to all stop soon!

    -Mike sighs and says to Alexis she needs to just give this all up...he loves Laura, she's his mother...but its just...this whole situation is so tiresome...he tells Alexis to let it go! Alexis says no...she vows that she won't let this go until she brings those two bitches, Robin and Cassie, down!!!

    -Laura rushes up to the bars...she asks Jeremy what he's doing here...he tells her he just...wanted to come see her. Laura smiles and thanks him, saying she didn't expect something like this...Jeremy tells her that he still cares about her...things have just been really crazy...Laura nods, and she asks Jeremy what he thinks of Robin's accusations!

    -Dr.Stansville thinks hard...but shakes her head, saying she's sorry but she can't remember! Eugenia curses...Dr.Stansville says she's so sorry...if she ever remembers anything more...she'll be sure to call her, and Eugenia gives her her number...knowing that she can't find anything more here, Eugenia leaves the hospital...as she leaves, she thinks to herself that she definitely has a mystery to solve!
  16. daysfan
    Episode#414: The Room

    -Lucas is at the park with Josh, Bentley, and Arianna...he holds Josh as Bentley and even Arianna play...he sighs at his son as he tells him things just keep getting crazier and crazier in town...and crazier and crazier between him and mommy. Suddenly, Jan approaches Lucas...she sits down beside him...and tells him she wants to apologize!

    -Mike says that he loves his mother...he loves her dearly, but he's watched this whole thing, and he doesn't know what anyone can do...he says that they can't manipulate the court...Alexis says no but they can prove that she's innocent! Mike just sighs...and Alexis stares at him....she then says:

    Alexis:You really think she did it don't you...you think she tried to kill Robin?

    -Faye tells Maggie its alright, she'd understand why she'd be startled...she tells her that Abe has been doing so well, its suprising! Maggie smiles and says she wishes she could've been here to see it...she and Faye both agree that Abe will be able to walk soon...Maggie walks over and kisses Abe, as Faye watches...

    -Eugenia tells Dr.Stansville she must be joking....she says that the nurse must have told her SOMETHING! Dr.Stansville asks which nurse...and Eugenia says she doesn't know, she never gave her a name! Dr.Stansville asks since when do nurses deliver babies without doctors anyway! Eugenia says thats the point...this is all very fishy, and she can't find ANYONE to give her answers! Dr.Stansville sighs and tells Eugenia to take her to the room that she gave birth in!

    *Life in Salem Opening*

    -Lucas looks at her and asks what she wants to apologize for....she says the other night...the night Victor died...when she got so angry like that...she guesses she just....got so angry after Lucas called Eugenia "the" woman he loved, she lost control...Lucas nods and says he's sorry too....he shouldn't have said that...and maybe he should've been a bit more understanding towards Jan. Jan thanks him...and says she still wishes he would hurry up and get rid of that bitch....she's still upset over what he's doing...but she's sorry for what happened. She leans in and kisses Lucas...

    -Mike sighs and says he doesn't WANT to...but the evidence does point towards her! Alexis exclaims she can't believe she slept with such a dumbass! Mike says that his mom has a HISTORY of things similar to this....what is he supposed to think! Alexis says he's supposed to think that Robin is a ruthless bitch...unless...he's not over her!

    -Abe tells Faye and Maggie that they're too modest...he still has a long way to go! Faye shakes her head and says after helping him all day she really thinks he can get back to his life soon...she really does! Abe says thats a happy but sad occassion...it'll mean he'll have less time with Maggie. Maggie chuckles and tells him now HE'S being too modest, as they kiss again...Faye sighs, she tells them she better go, before leaving!

    -Eugenia leads Dr.Stansville through the hospital room that she gave birth in...she leads her to one of the very back rooms, and says this is it...she opens the door and leads Dr.Stansville inside...Dr.Stansville looks around, confused, and tells Eugenia that this room is NEVER used....specially not for anything involving pregnancies or delivering a baby! Eugenia says that nurse called on the behalf of a doctor...and led her to this room...and that was when she went into premature labour...she says it was unexpected but still! Dr.Stansville assures Eugenia that this room is NEVER EVER used...and if that nurse knew proper protocol, and she would've if she was able to deliver a baby, stillborn or not, she would've called HER! Eugenia looks around in shock...she wonders what on Earth could've happened...Dr.Stansville tells Eugenia wait...she remembers something that DID happen here...several months ago!
  17. daysfan
    Episode#413: Records

    -Hope and Julie enter Bo and Hope's house...moving boxes in hand! Hope tells Julie that everything still is kinda....awkward, but she's so happy...it feels good just to say she and Bo are back together...her FAMILY is back together! Julie grins and says she knew everything would heal in time...and here Hope thought the spark between them was gone! Hope shakes her head and says she really thought it was gone for good...but now its back, and its great!

    -Abe and Faye are together in Maggie's living room...Abe tells her it was great of her to come and help him with his physical therapy! Faye says its the least she could do for such a great friend...Abe and Faye do some intensive physical therapy...Faye tells him that if they keep this up, she really think he could walk again soon! As Abe and Faye continue the physical therapy...Maggie walks in!

    -At the Java Cafe, Mike walks in...he sees Alexis at a table, and sits down...he tells her this better be important for her to call him down here...he's got alot of work to do at the hospital! Alexis says it IS important...its about that lying slut that he calls his ex!

    -Dr.Stansville sits in her office, filling out paperwork...she thinks about the Megan/Jill situation...and how Jill better give birth and end this soon...she can't take much more of this, she's been helping them both with their schemes for months! Suddenly...none other than Eugenia barges in...Eugenia says she's sorry but she can't wait much longer...she needs answers, and she needs them now, about her baby!

    *Life in Salem Opening*

    -Pamela and Addie walk into Bo and Hope's house...they walk over to Hope and ask their mother if they are really moving back home with daddy! Hope grins and says yes...they are, and this time its for good! Pamela and Addie laugh in joy, and Julie smiles...and says this really is a joyous day! Hope agrees, and says she just can't describe how happy she is right as Bo walks in!

    Maggie slowly asks whats going on here...she leaves for a couple hours to handle something with Nick at the hospital and finds this! Faye laughs and tells Maggie she's sorry...Abe knew she was busy today so he called Faye to help him with his physical therapy...she says she hopes its okay! Abe tells her oh no, its fine...Maggie slowly says of course...she doesn't mind, its just a surprise...she's sorry if she snapped!

    -Bo asks whats going on here...and Hope walks up to him and kisses him, simply saying they're finishing moving all their stuff back in from Maggie's house...Bo says good...he goes over and happily greet his daughters, who happily greet him back...Hope wraps her arms around her husband in joy and happiness...

    -Mike sighs and says that anything going on with Robin is none of his business...Alexis asks what the hell he means "none of his business"....the woman framed his MOTHER for trying to kill her three times and is the mother of his son...Mike says a son who hates him, and whats going on between his mom and Robin is none of his business! Alexis says that Robin's setting her up....and they can't let that continue!

    -Dr.Stansville looks up at Eugenia and asks if she knows her...Eugenia tells her that, according to the chief of staff, it was this part of the hospital that almost four months ago...she gave birth to her stillborn baby...Blake Willens...who may not have been stillborn at all! Dr.Stansville asks Eugenia what she's talking about...she says she has alot of patients so she can't be sure but she doesn't remember anything about a stillborn baby with the last name Willens, and certainly doesn't remember her!

    -Mike tells Alexis that things are too chaotic for them to be worrying about Robin...he exclaims that Victor Kiriakis just died! Alexis asks if he thinks she doesn't know that, Victor was her BOSS! She says that still...she can't let this happen to Laura, and tells Mike he's one ass of a son if he lets her go to the crazy house for something she didn't do!

    -Eugenia says to Dr.Stansville that she was never present...at least she doesn't think so...when she went into labour, but a nurse delivered her baby in her part of the hospital...Dr.Stansville sighs and says she has a record of any patient around her section of the hospital, and she'll check it...Dr.Stansville checks it, and she tells her she's sorry, there is no Eugenia or Blake Willens listed!!!!
  18. daysfan
    Episode#412: Catfight

    -Dorian is seen at the Spears Mansion...she rings the doorbell...and Will and Destiny come to the door! Destiny tells Dorian this is such a pleasant surprise...and asks if she's alright! Dorian nods, and tells her that she's just here to tell her...goodbye! She informs Will and Destiny that she's leaving Salem!

    -Kristen nods, and says that with all this CHAOS...and now with him and Hope back together...she hopes she's not disrupting anything by having him help her! Bo says of course not...he says that a police investigation has been launched when it comes to Victor's death...and Hope's fine...he promises her that everything's fine! Kristen nods and she says that now with Vivian possessing everything Alamain, DiMera, AND Kiriakis...it may be time to see if they can bring her down!

    -Andre smirks...he tells Valentine this is interesting...it seems Mrs.Kiriakis still has some things hidden...and once again, Valentine's the one to discover them! He says this opens up new oppurtunities for them, holding this information...Valentine then tells him that Kristen and Bo are apparently investigating someone setting Peter up, and Vivian seems worried...Andre laughs and says this keeps getting better and better!

    -Suga shakes slightly...Justin asks if she's alright, and she snaps out of it, saying she's fine...its still so creepy to her...but she says no...she has no clue who killed Victor, or who would even want to! Justin slowly nods, and thanks her...he says he just...doesn't have any leads at all, and wants to help find out who did this as much as he can...Suga says she understands, before walking past Justin...

    -Celeste tackles Vivian as she screams...Celeste calls her a bitch...saying she is so HEARTLESS...she knew Celeste loved Victor...and that he loved her...but she tried to sink her claws into him anyway when he was DYING of all times...Vivian laughs and tells Celeste she'd been slowly trying for months...she says she has always wanted Victor back...and tells Celeste that it was heartless of her and Valentine to expose her at that fashion show! She shoves Celeste off of her, but Celeste grabs her by the hair and asks if thats what this is about...revenge for what happened there! Vivian turns around and SLAPS Celeste, telling her of course it is...she says she hadn't been able to get her revenge on Celeste yet...but now she finally did! She and Celeste then get into an all out catfight as Kate and Henderson watch!

    *Life in Salem Opening*

    -Destiny asks WHAT...and asks Dorian why! Dorian tells her that with Victor gone...and her telling Destiny and the court everything she knew about Crystal, Kate, and Stefano awhile back...she doesn't think there's much of a reason for her to stay in Salem...she has a home in Llanview, and has been in Salem long enough...she informs Destiny that she buried her feud with Victor the night he died...and she was glad she got to make love with him one last time...even if she couldn't save him! Destiny slowly tells Dorian she gueeses she understands...but over these past couple months...she's found a true friend in Dorian! Dorian smiles and tells Destiny she's found a GREAT friend in her too...and loves her so much...one of the few people in Salem who's been kind to her, out of the people she's met! She and Destiny hug, a tear running down Destiny's cheek...Dorian says she'll be around to call anytime when she needs her! Will looks at Dorian and thanks her for everything she did, helping him get Arianna back...Dorian says anytime...she tells Will that in return, however, he needs to take care of that young lady over there...she says that in her heart, Destiny's a Cramer woman...and they never let themselves get hurt by men. Will chuckles and promises to take care of Destiny, and Dorian and Destiny say goodbye one last time, before Dorian Lord turns, and leaves Salem....

    -Bo says that after what Vivian pulled at the hospital...he'd love to...its just, they still don't have any proof! Kristen says she knows...but for Peter, her father, Victor, Celeste, and whoever else Vivian has hurt...she has to bring that bitch down...she somehow has gotten her hands on too much power and money...she has to be STOPPED! Bo agrees...and he promises Kristen that they WILL find proof that Vivian set her brother up to die...and they'll stop her madness once and for all!

    -Andre tells Valentine now is the time...time to move their plan to the next step...this gives them new ammo, and its just perfect timing with how much power Vivian's obtained...he tells Valentine that he has more for her to do! Valentine's interest is perked and asks what he wants her to do now...he goes on to whisper something in her ear....

    -Celeste and Vivian erupt into an all out catfight...pulling on each other's hair, slapping and kicking each other...Kate finally pulls Celeste off Vivian, telling her that she's been there...and Vivian's not worth it! Celeste promises to Vivian that she'll make sure that this all...this chaos is put to an end...put to an END ONCE AND FOR ALL! Vivian says she'd like to see them try....as Kate and Celeste leave...Vivian just laughs...there's a split screen of Vivian, Celeste/Kate, Andre/Valentine, and Bo/Kristen before the screen fades to black...
  19. daysfan
    Episode#411: Celeste Attacks Vivian

    -Its another new day in the town of Salem!

    -At the police station, Kristen enters and sees Bo...she tells him once again...she's so sorry about his father! Bo thanks her, and she asks how he is...he says its kinda weird...he and Victor were never REALLY close, but its still...just sad...however...he's back together with his wife at long last!

    -Valentine is seen entering a hidden place...she greets someone...and its revealed to be...ANDRE!!!! Valentine tells Andre she has ALOT of useful information for him...and Andre grins!

    -Justin is walking through Salem Place...he thinks to himself how crazy everything has been....Victor's gone, Vivian's practically taken everything in town over...and he has no clue who killed his uncle! Justin says alot of people tried to kill him over the years...but he didn't KNOW of any enemies lately...Forrest is gone...Stefano's dead...he was SLEEPING with Dorian...suddenly, Justin bumps right into SUGA!

    -Celeste and Kate walk up to the Kiriakis Mansion...Kate sighs and says she technically lives here, but hasn't been back here since before she was arrested...Celeste says she hasn't been able to go here since Victor's death...but she's ready now! They both are about to enter...when none other than Vivian comes out...asking if they need something! Kate asks Vivian what the hell she's doing here...and Vivian tells the ladies she's Victor's late WIFE...this is her mansion...and they can get off her property!

    *Life in Salem Opening*

    -Kristen looks at Bo in shock and asks if that means...he and Hope worked everything out! Bo grins and says yes...its so great...they've been working on moving back in together at his house and the divorce papers were trashed...he, his wife, and his daughters are about to be a family again! Kristen smiles and says thats great...it really is. Bo tells her not to worry though...he's still going to help her find out who set Peter up to die...this doesn't change anything between them!

    -Valentine informs Andre that not only did Vivian marry Victor before the man died...well...she found out some juicy secrets!!! Andre says do tell...and Valentine tells her husband EVERYTHING about what she overheard Sami and her talking about that one day...AND Vivian's confession the night Victor was stabbed...she tells Andre from what she can gather...Vivian made sure both Stefano and Peter died!

    -Justin looks at Suga...he slowly says he thinks she's that woman Victor hired to kill Dorian!!! Suga gulps and slowly says...yes...thats her, and lies and tells Justin she's so sorry for his loss...she did some crazy things for Mr.Kiriakis...but he was a good man. Justin nods and says that he was...and asks Suga if she may know anything on who killed Victor!

    -Kate tells Vivian she LIVES here...and Celeste says this was the love of her life's house! Vivian shrugs and says too bad...and tells Kate she'll be back in prison for murdering Peter soon enough...and tells Celeste that no matter what she and Victor said to her, she tells her that she and Victor were MAN AND WIFE at his death...Henderson approaches and Kate exclaims for him to stop her...and he very sadly says he can't!!! Vivian says she has EVERYTHING now...Celeste looks at Vivian with a huge rage in her eyes, and screams:

    Celeste:You WHORE!!!!!

    Celeste then ATTACKS Vivian, tackling her to the ground!
  20. daysfan
    Episode#410: Euologies

    -Its a brand new day in Salem...days after Victor's death!

    -Dorian stands inside St.Luke's...she looks down at Victor's coffin...she says its interesting...only two months ago, she wanted revenge on him for all that happened with Viki...but then, in his last moments of life, she was having sex with him...she says she's so glad that at least...they managed to bury what happened before he died...she sniffs...she suddenly turns around to Celeste! Celeste slowly greets her...and Dorian says she's sorry, she just...wanted to come here early so she could have a moment with Victor...one last moment, since she won't be giving a euology...Celeste tells her she understands...Dorian tells Celeste she's so sorry...she's sorry about all that happened between them...and about Victor dying, and that she couldn't prevent it...Celeste says there's nothing any of them could do. Dorian says she also knows she...slept with Victor before his death, even though he married Vivian and confessed his love to Celeste later on...she tells her she's sorry about that for her sake...Celeste shakes her head and tells her its fine...she tells Dorian its time to bury whatever hatred they have for each other, as well. Dorian agrees...saying that she doesn't hate Victor anymore...so she shouldn't have any ill feelings towards her...and she also apologizes for any havoc she tried to wreak on her and Victor...Celeste forgives her, as she also apologizes for slapping her and blaming her at the hospital...Dorian tells her she understands, and they hug, finally ending the hatred they had for each other...as Bo enters, Dorian leaves and says she'll be back for the funeral...

    -Justin is with Adrienne Kiriakis(Judi Evans)...they are in the car on the way to the Church, and Adrienne comforts her husband, asking if he's alright...he nods...he says he's getting through everything, and is just glad she could come to town for the funeral...she tells him of course...she's just sorry the boys couldn't come. Justin says its alright...he just wishes he knows who did this to Victor...

    -Celeste stands with Bo at St.Luke's...she says she can't believe its time to bury Victor...he says he's so sorry...she says no...it was his time, and they spent his last moments as they should...she says she just regrets that he married that witch Vivian!!!! She says that Vivian gets Titan, the mansion, EVERYTHING! Bo tells her it will be alright...they suddenly see two people enter...revealed to be Brady and Chloe Black(Kyle Lowder and Nadia Bjorlin)!!

    -Laura is seen at the jail at the police station...Alexis enters, and greets her...she says she has to go to that funeral soon...but she just thought she'd drop by and see how she's doing...Laura says she's trying to stay strong but she KNOWS that she'll be back in that mental ward soon!

    -Celeste greets Brady and Chloe...saying its so great they could come! Brady nods...and says he still is shocked his grandad is dead...but he's in a better place now, and Chloe agrees...Celeste says he's at peace...slowly, everyone in town arrives at St.Luke's as Victor Kiriakis's funeral begins....

    *Life in Salem Opening*

    -Everyone sits down in the Church as Father Jansen comes out...he says they are here to bury the great Victor Kiriakis...he says that Victor was a great man...who lived his life to the fullest...but now he is with the Lord. After the beginning statements, he says that first off...his son Bo has a few words to say about Victor!

    -Alexis tells Laura not to think like that...Laura says she's tried getting Robin to admit it, but she won't! Alexis lets out a laugh and says that a cold bitch like Robin would NEVER admit anything...she promises Laura that things are gonna look up soon...she goes on to say she's gonna be late for the funeral, and leaves.

    -Bo stands up in front of St.Luke's...he tells everyone that his history with Victor is...complicated. For alot of his life, he had no clue that Victor even WAS his father...and when he found out...he wasn't happy...Shawn Sr. was his father, his pop...he resented Victor alot over the years...but slowly, he grew to accept him...he says that Victor was nothing but a great man...he did some very bad things...to alot of people...but he always treated his family well....he says that despite their complex relationship...he'll miss them. He goes and sits down beside Hope, who kisses him...Kristen sits at the back of the Church, and smiles at Bo's euology...

    -Some time passes, and Father Jansen calls up Victor's...WIFE, Vivian Alamain! Celeste groans as Vivian walks up in front of everyone...she tells everyone that for many many years...Victor was the only one in her heart...and despite some people's disagreements...she thinks she was the only one in his! She says that Victor and her married while he was on his deathbed...but it was a marriage full of love...and she'll miss him and try to take good care of what he left behind! She sits down...Celeste scowling at the woman...

    -Next, Kate gives a euology...she says that she's done alot of horrible things, and alot of people in this room probably hate her right now...but thats not what this is about...its about celebrating Victor's life. She says that she and Victor divorced years ago after a chaotic marriage and a chaotic relationship...but he always will have a piece of her heart...she says that they share a son...he's in prison and couldn't be here today, but is devastated...she tearfully says that she really did love Victor...she kisses his coffin, before going to sit down...Celeste smiles at her...

    -Justin goes up to the front of St.Luke's after Kate...he says that his uncle...there are alot of words to describe him. Businessman...evil...ruthless...a great father and uncle...a huge variety! He says he saw it all...he loved Victor...but he did have the tendancy to get out of hand at times...but he always loved him and stood by him, no matter how crazy Victor got...and he'd give anything to have him still here today...and its really terrible, what happened to him...but now is time for his life to be celebrated. Justin sits down beside his wife Adrienne, and she whispers to him that he did great.

    -Brady stands up and goes to the front next...he says that he hasn't been in Salem much in the past several years...but he has always been close with his grandad. He says that Victor's always supported him...and he's always supported Victor...despite some problems that cropped up...as he says that, he glances at Nicole, who sighs but simply smiles at him...Brady says that he had nothing but love for Victor...and he hopes he's resting in peace with his mother now. He then sits down.

    -Finally, Father Jansen says its time for the last euology...Celeste stands up in front of everyone, and says that she's always known Victor...but it was during early 2008 that they really fell in love...after Stefano DiMera's death was faked...the two got close, and started a relationship...and it soon blossomed into love...she says that they both made some mistakes during the relationship...and it ended a month before his death...but both of them realized, right before Victor died...just how much they loved each other...and they were together when he died...which is what she KNOWS he wanted...and she also knows that he's in a better place...and she's just thankful to have the year and a half with him that she did. Celeste begins to cry as she turns to Victor and says its time to say goodbye...she begs him to watch over her...please, watch over her...Celeste nearly breaks down crying at his casket, before finally sitting down, where Lexie comforts her...

    -Father Jansen finishes up the funeral, and soon everyone goes outside as the burial begins...they all put roses on Victor's coffin...many, many people do...including Belle, Nicholas, Alexis, Chloe, Lucas, Brady, and others...finally, Celeste, Bo, and Justin all walk up to the coffin...all of them have tears in their eyes...Justin says they have to be strong, and Bo agrees...Celeste says its what Victor would want...if there was one thing he had, it was strength....they all put their roses on the coffin, and soon, the coffin is lowered into the ground as Father Jansen speaks...

    Celeste walks up to the coffin, and leans on it one last time as it goes into the ground, and she whispers:

    Celeste:I will always love you...I promise I will...please, rest in peace, dahling...

    She continues to cry before stepping back, as Victor Kiriakis is buried and put into the ground...
  21. daysfan
    Episode#409: Victor Dies

    -Alexis promises Laura that she's going to get her out of this, as Robin is wheeled out by Jeremy, with Mike beside him, and groans at Alexis...however, everyone is distracted when they hear Victor's monitor go off as he flatlines!

    -Everyone in the waiting room stands at the window....they watch Celeste and Victor....

    -Victor and Celeste kiss passionately....a deep kiss full of love...Victor finally dies as the monitor stops buzzing...Celeste slowly pulls up, tears streaming down her cheeks....Victor lies there, motionless...but Celeste knows that everything as it should be...Isabella watches down from Heaven, and smiles...Victor's spirit suddenly goes flying up to Isabella...Celeste meanwhile walks out of the waiting room as nurses slowly walk in...Lexie goes over and pulls her into a tight embrace...Suga continues to watch, thinking its done...Victor Kiriakis is dead!

    *Life in Salem Opening*

    -Dorian breaks down crying in Destiny's arms...her rival AND lover is now dead...Kate cries as well, thinking to herself that she ALWAYS loved Victor in her own way...Hope comforts and holds Bo, as Travis holds Nicole...Brandon holds Carrie...Abe and Maggie hug each other...Julie sobs quietly...everyone else in the room watches and sob themselves....

    -Laura says this night is just awful...Victor's dead and she's going back to the crazy house! Alexis looks back to her and promises her NO...thats NOT happening...not on her watch!

    -As Jill, Megan, and Dr.Stansville are walking through the halls...they see the waiting room. Megan spies on Bo and comments how bad she feels for her soulmate...losing his father...Suga also watches...everyone else is in the waiting room as Victor's body is brought out...the ENTIRE cast stands and watches as the body of Victor Kiriakis is taken away...some cry, and some just watch...there is a freezeframe on EVERYONE as the episode ends...
  22. daysfan
    Episode#408: The Love of Victor and Celeste

    -Everyone stands out in the waiting room now...Bo goes over to Hope, and he just hugs her...Kristen sees this...and she sighs, but remembers that she has bigger things to focus on...he sees Lexie, and asks her how much time she thinks Victor has...Lexie sadly shakes her head and says she doesn't know....Valentine arrives, and walks over to Vivian...Vivian asks what she wants...Valentine wonders to herself if Vivian even remembers her confession, and says she heard about Victor...and she also heard on the news that Vivian and Victor married! Vivian smirks and says yes...she finally got the man she wants!

    -Dr.Stansville tells Jill this is what she tried to tell her...she can't keep this in the dark from Bo forever!!!! She then goes on to say that she can barely keep it from Megan! They hear someone say "Keep what from me?" and turn to see Megan!!

    -Cassie tells Alexis to GET OUT...she asks WHY she's here! Alexis says her boss was STABBED tonight...she came here once she returned from a little trip and heard about this!!! Mike tells Alexis it'd be best for her to step out...in fact, Robin looks well enough to be released tonight! Chris puts the handcuffs on Laura and she screams NO...she begs one last time...one last time for Robin to admit her lies!

    -Victor tells Celeste he loves her....Celeste tears up and says she loves him too...she says she's sorry...she's not sorry about leaving him but she's sorry that it took her this long to come into this room and admit it! Victor shakes his head and says no...he shouldn't have married Vivian like that...hell he shouldn't have slept with Dorian! Celeste tells Victor they should put all that behind him and enjoy his last moments of life...together!

    *Life in Salem Opening*

    -Valentine snorts and asks Vivian how thats working out for her...she points to the window that peers into Victor's room...and Vivian's eyes go wide when she sees him and Celeste together!!!!

    -Megan asks what Dr.Stansville is on about...she says Jill and her wouldn't be happening to keep something from her about HER baby...would they! Jill quickly says no...Dr.Stansville just meant they can't keep the gender of the baby from them much longer! Megan raises an eyebrow but says alright...there better be no funny business though...because if they are screwing her over, there will be HELL to pay!

    -Robin stares at Laura and says she's not lying...no, not at all! Alexis growls at Robin and says she's going to pay...Chris begins to drag Laura away, as the Horton's follow and Jeremy begins to help Robin into a new wheelchair...Alexis promises Laura she's going to get her out of this...Cassie walks out into the waiting room and sees Rex...she rushes up to him and hugs him...leading Alexis to think to herself she's going to get rid of Cassie, too!

    -Victor agrees...he tells Celeste that he loves her...now...and forever! Celeste says she loved Stefano...loved him deeply...but not like she loves him! Victor says he's loved people like Caroline, Viki, and even Kate like he's loved Celeste...but he knows he and Celeste share something deep! Celeste leans in and kisses her lover, her soulmate...one last time...the two share one last huge kiss as Victor's monitor begins buzzing...EVERYONE in the waiting room turns as they hear it buzz...they all rush to the window...Lexie sighs as she knows its time...Celeste and Victor are calm however...they continue to kiss, celebrating their love as everyone watches...and the great Victor Kiriakis finally dies...spending his last moment the way he wanted...with the woman he loved.
  23. daysfan
    Episode#407: A Spiritual Visit

    -Jill nods and says she understands, and heard about all the chaos with that Victor Kiriakis...Bo says he was going to ask Dr.Stansville some things, but he's sorry for disturbing them...he leaves, and Jill nearly collapses as she says that was close!

    -Celeste tells her former son in law that even if she did...she can't, because he slept with Dorian...now he's married Vivian! Abe says that perhaps he did...but Celeste is the one in his heart! He urges Celeste to not give up on Victor now!!!! He says that Victor will come around before the inevitable happens...he's sure of it! Celeste knows Abe is right and thanks him...she hugs him right as Faye walks up!

    -Laura yells NO...she didn't do that...SHE DIDN'T! She's innocent...Robin's framing her yet again...SHE sent herself down those stairs intentionally! Jeremy looks at his grandmother in devastation...wondering if this is really TRUE! Robin tells Chris to arrest her before she can hurt her again...suddenly, Alexis enters, and asks whats going on in here!

    -Victor looks up at none other than his dead daughter...Isabella Toscano(Staci Grearson) standing above him!!!! Victor looks at her, stunned, and asks what she's doing here...Isabella is in all white, and she tells him she's here so that...before he leaves this Earth...he comes to his senses!

    *Life in Salem Opening*

    -Rex and Eric enter the hospital...Sami rushes up to Eric, hugging him...saying she's so glad he came...she says she knows she and Victor were never close but all this chaos is just...taking its toll on her...she needed someone close, and Eric says he understands...and he knew Victor somewhat anyway...Rex says that Cassie called him here earlier too...Nicole sees Eric and the two slowly greet each other...Will walks in behind them, and goes over to Lucas...he says he left the kids with a babysitter...he was just getting worried for him with EVERYTHING on the news...Lucas thanks Will for checking in on him...Jan tells Will how dare he leave her children with some stranger, but Lucas stops her, saying not here, not now...

    -Victor asks his daughter what she's talking about! Isabella asks Victor how he can let Celeste escape from him like that...she's been watching him and she KNOWS he loves Celeste...yet he sleeps with Dorian Lord and marries Vivian Alamain! Victor tells her that this is nonsense...Celeste broke up with him and finished their relationship after he tried to kill Dorian...Isabella says to remember what Lexie said...Celeste was out there crying for him...she says if he's going to die...it has to be with Celeste by his side!

    -Faye walks up and greets Abe and Celeste...she says she heard about all this chaos down here...Abe greets Faye and says yes...things have just gotten...very out of hand. Celeste agrees, but says she should go now...as she walks away, Faye asks Abe how he's holding up in all of this...Abe says he's fine, he's just worried for others...Faye assures him that it will all be fine...they turn as Brandon walks up to them!

    -Victor tells Isabella that its too LATE for him and Celeste...they're over...everything's as it should be! Isabella says he's too stubborn for his own good...she says she died with her true love...Roman Brady. Victor needs to die with his! Victor tells his daughter to just stop...Isabella says fine, if she can't convince him...maybe this person can...suddenly, CAROLINE BRADY(Peggy McCay) appears!!!

    -Jeremy yells for Alexis to get out...this doesn't concern her! Alexis looks around and asks how Robin's in the hospital again...Robin tells Chris to ignore that blonde bitch and arrest Laura! Chris says Robin's right...he puts Laura under arrest for the attempted murder of Robin Jacobs!!!!! Jeremy gulps...Mike just sighs, as does Maggie...Alexis yells NO, this can't happen...Robin's a pathetic liar!

    -Caroline appears...Victor asks what she's doing here...she's in a coma! Caroline nods and says she is...but she's here to make sure he and Celeste reunite...she tells Victor that she's always loved hi,...and he says he's always loved her...Caroline says however that she knows that he also loves Celeste...and she says that he let her get away from him...don't do the same to Celeste! Isabella says to Victor that Caroline's right!!!

    -Brandon greets his parents...and they greet him, Abe saying its been too long...Brandon says this all is terrible...and Faye hugs him as she says she knows...Abe says to his son that they just have to stay strong in a time like this...and hope everything works out.

    -Isabella and Caroline both tell Victor to make the right decision...they are both here to show him how foolish he has been...time is of the essence...he has to make things right with Celeste...forget Dorian, forget Vivian, just...go to Celeste! Victor is silent, as Caroline says she knows he'll make the right decision...she vanishes. Isabella tells her father to look inside his heart...and he'll know what to do. She blows him a kiss before vanishing herself.

    -Celeste slowly enters Victor's hospital room...he is still unconscious...she slowly sits down beside him and says she's sorry...she doesn't regret breaking up with him, because it really was wrong of him to hire Suga to kill Dorian...but she still loves him...she always has...even though he slept with Dorian, and married Vivian...Victor slowly opens his eyes...he sees Celeste before him, and says:

    Victor:I love you, Celeste.
  24. daysfan
    Episode#406: Marriage

    -Jan turns to Nicole and tells her to go away...Nicole chuckles and says thankfully, its been awhile...Jan says to Nicole to go back to happy land with her boyfriend...nothing about HER son is coming out anytime soon! Nicole tells Jan to just keep on thinking that, before Travis tells her to come on, something's happening with Victor!

    -Jill slowly says "Hi...Bo", and Bo looks at her and says its been quite awhile...Jill nods and says it has...Bo looks at her and sees she's pregnant...and he suddenly flashes back to having drunk sex with Jill...Bo says NO...she can't be carrying his baby!

    -Some of the Horton's walk into Robin's hospital room...Mike says everything seems alright with her, and Chris says he has to question her now...Mike tells Chris to take it easy and not jump into all this too quick...the woman just went flying down a staircase! Robin says no...she's ready to answer whatever he has to ask...Chris asks if Laura Horton had ANY involvement in her falling down that staircase!

    -Everyone watches in shock when Father Jansen pronounces Vivian and Victor man and wife! Celeste's face pales...she slowly says she shouldn't have come down here...and runs off! Abe turns and follows...Justin bursts into Victor's hospital room and asks what the HELL he is thinking! Victor tells his nephew to not argue this decision...he knows that he's going to die, and this is for the best!

    *Life in Salem Opening*

    -Justin asks Victor how the HELL marrying this TRAMP is for the best...Victor says he needs her to oversee everything...Justin says thats what HE'S here for...Victor says he's sorry, but Justin may have to leave Salem for Adrienne or the boys at any moment...Vivian will always be around...which is why he's marrying her before he dies!!!!! Everyone outside watches, as Nicole and Travis approach, all of them in disbelief...

    -Jill is silent for a moment, as Dr.Stansville stares in shock...Jill slowly says no...she says this is another man's...she slept with him back in Janurary...and he left town after finding out she was pregnant...Dr.Stansville has been taking care of her ever since! Bo sighs in relief and says good, he's sorry its just...he can't take anymore chaos!

    -Lexie walks inside Victor's hospital room...she tells Vivian she hates to disrupt whatever this is...but she needs to check on Victor! Vivian says of course...she and Justin leave...as Lexie checks Victor's stats, she asks how the hell he could do this...how could he do this to his family and her MOTHER!

    -Vivian walks outside...Kate scowls at seeing her...she walks up to her, and SLAPS her!!!

    -Abe chases Celeste in his wheelchair...he begs her to stop! Celeste finally turns and asks why should she...its obvious Victor is in love with Vivian! Abe tells her no...he says Victor's not in love with a woman like Vivian Alamain...he may love Celeste, but think Celeste doesn't want HIM! Celeste explains that until now....she thought she didn't...or maybe she doesn't, she has no clue! Abe says oh no...she definitely still loves Victor!

    -Robin looks at Laura...Laura's eyes are filled with a plea...for Robin to tell the truth for once! Maggie hugs Laura...Cassie says "Well?", and Jeremy asks his mother if grandma had anything to do with it! Robin finally says....YES, Laura PUSHED her down those stairs after trying to assault her once AGAIN!

    -Victor tells Lexie that Celeste doesn't care about him anymore...she broke up with him over a month ago! Lexie snaps that if she didn't care about Victor...she wouldn't have been here for the last few hours crying her eyes out for him! Victor is silent, and Lexie says yes, thats right...but its probably too late now! Lexie tells him to just...try to get some rest...Lexie turns and leaves as Victor slowly falls unconscious...

    -Kate SLAPS Vivian, and Vivian asks her what the hell that was for...Kate yells its for what she's doing...she's terrorizing lives...she's doing this for HERSELF, and just because she's obessed with Victor and hates Celeste!!! She tells Vivian to give it up, not act like she's doing this for Titan...thats probably just a bonus! Vivian tells Kate to go die on a hole, as Julie pulls Kate away from Vivian and tells her to just calm down...Belle says Julie's right, there's no hope in dealing with this bitch!

    -Victor is unconscious in his room...however, slowly, he opens his eyes when he hears a voice calling "Father"...Victor looks around, and asks who's there, and then a feminine voice says "Daddy...Victor...its me...." and Victor looks up to see ISABELLA TOSCANO(Staci Grearson) appearing above him!
  25. daysfan
    Episode#405: Man and Wife

    -Julie tells Chris to leave Laura ALONE...she is an innocent civillian! Chris says that Laura has a history of problems like this and Robin's apparently already accused her of trying to kill her TWICE!!! He then says that Laura still has some time left of freedom...but its fast running out!

    -Jeremy walks into Robin's room...he caresses her face, saying he's so glad he didn't lose her...he says he knows she's strong, she's a fighter...but he just...he hopes that his grandma didn't do this to her...she couldn't have! It had to be an accident! He then hears Robin mutter:

    Robin:Laura...that bitch...

    -Brandon and Carrie look at Nicole...trying to smile in a time like this...and they say yes...they made it official tonight! Nicole says wow...this is yet another shock! Travis congratulates them...saying at least there are more happy couples in Salem, and Brandon agrees...Nicole then comments that at least its better than Sami!

    -Jan watches Eugenia closely...Mike asks Eugenia what she needs...Eugenia says its about her baby...as he may know, Blake Willens was stillborn months ago...but she found out something tonight...that may think he's alive and somehow she was tricked at his very hospital! Mike looks at her, confused...and asks what she means...Eugenia says that Celeste...who generally is pretty on par with what she says...had a vision of her baby crying when he was born...and she doesn't even know the name of the nurse who delivered him! Mike tells Eugenia that in this hospital...nurses rarely or never deliver babies themselves!

    -Victor asks what the HELL she's talking about...marrying each other! Vivian tells Victor that he's dying...its the truth...he needs SOMEONE to watch over Titan and EVERYTHING for him! Victor says he has Justin for that...Vivian asks what if Justin has to leave town again...he needs her...and she can finally reunite the businesses of Salem: Alamain, the DiMera's, and Titan! Vivian continues to push Victor to do this...Victor finally says...FINE, he will!

    *Life in Salem Opening*

    -Jeremy raises an eyebrow...he asks Robin if she's awake! Robin doesn't respond...Jeremy sighs and stands up to leave...but he turns when she opens her eyes and calls out his name!!! Jeremy asks if she can hear him...Robin slowly nods, and Jeremy rejoices...his mother is awake!

    -Kristen walks into the hospital...she sees Bo there, and greets him...she says she heard about all this chaos on the news! Bo nods and says his father....is dying! Kristen gasps and tells him she's so sorry....she hugs him, which Hope sees!

    -Vivian says excellent, and inwardly rejoices as she tells herself that finally...after years...she can have the man she loves...not Celeste...not Kate...not Dorian...HER! Vivian then goes onto place a call, as Victor contemplates what he's doing...

    -Lexie walks up to Celeste...she hugs her mother, and Celeste cries...she tells Lexie that she never thought any of this would happen...she and Victor broke up a month ago but...somehow this still hurts her deeply...Lexie asks her if she...still loves Victor!

    -Hope brushes the hug off, saying Kristen and Bo are only friends...she has to have faith in her husband! Bo sees Dr.Stansville walk by, and tells he tells Kristen Lexie is busy with Celeste...he wants to talk to Dr.Stansville. Kristen nods, and Bo walks off...

    -Suga watches the chaos...she thinks to herself that she succeeded...she's not going back to prison! However, she watches all the lives she's hurt...she sees Celeste crying in Lexie's arms....she sees Destiny holding Dorian...Nicholas holding Belle...she sees both Kate and Justin in obvious mourning...she also sees Maggie, Carrie, Brandon, Julie, Sami, Lucas, and even Nicole in devastation...she sees Kristen and Hope, also looking sad themselves...she again thinks she recognizes Hope, but once again shrugs it away...she says she's hurt so many lives...but it had to be done...

    -Bo follows Dr.Stansville....Dr.Stansville enters her office, unknown Bo isn't far behind, and tells Jill that this has been one crazy night...an infamous man is dying...Bo enters, saying he has some questions...but he stops dead in his tracks when he sees a very pregnant Jill!!!!!

    -Mike says that whenever someone goes into labour like that...nurses are REQUIRED to page doctors or other help...Eugenia tells him it was only this lone nurse...Mike asks what room she was in...Eugenia says she can't remember but it was in the back of the hospital...Mike says that is Dr.Stansville's area, mostly, so she may know more...but he will say that when he checked her out that one day months ago...her baby was healthy! Jan watches, and says no...this can't be happening NOW of all times! Nicole walks up behind her, and whispers:

    Nicole:Your little baby scandal finally being exposed?

    -Julie tells Maggie this is just heartbreaking...she was close to Victor once, and he does NOT deserve to die! Maggie agrees...Abe says Victor has done some awful things in his day...but he doesn't know why this had to happen....suddenly, everyone sees Father Jansen enter...Kristen stands next to Hope and Kate, and wonders what the hell he's doing here!

    -Jeremy rushes out...he rushes over to Laura, Cassie, and some others...he says Robin's awake! Chris nods and says they all better head into her room then...Mike hears this and tells Eugenia he has a patient to tend to...she nods and thanks him before he walks off...Jeremy confirms to Mike that Robin is awake...and Maggie hears this, and tells Julie she'll go with Jeremy...Julie nods, and they all walk off....

    -Father Jansen walks up to Lexie and asks for Mr.Kiriakis's room...Lexie gives him the location, but asks what he's doing here...he says he's here to perform a marriage ceremony...alot of people hear this, and the majority of them follow him as he walks off!

    -Father Jansen enters Victor's hospital room...Vivian tells him they're ready! Father Jansen begins...and Victor and Vivian take their vows! Everyone approaches, and they all are SHOCKED as they hear Father Jansen pronounce them man and wife!
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