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Episode#418: Note




Episode#418: Note

-Its a brand new day in the town of Salem!

-Will, Sami, and little Arianna are all at the Brady Pub...Sami says its so great to see her wonderful little granddaughter...to get to know her! Will smiles, and tells her that its even better to be reunited with her after being apart for so long...he's just been having a blast raising her...Sami says she's one of the few bright spots in the midst of all this sadness...Will tells her its funny, he resented her for so many years...and still kinda has problems with her and Lucas...but he understands what it must have been like for her...when Lucas and Nicole took him from her all those years ago.

-Nicole and Travis are at the Salem Inn...Travis is getting out of the shower, and Nicole dissappointedly asks why he didn't want her to join him this morning...he kisses her and says he just...wants to talk to her about something first...Nicole says whatever, whether its shower, sex, or talking...she needs to get her mind off this whole Victor thing...she says she hated the guy...but his death...its just weird...someone ACTUALLY killed him this time! Travis nods and tells her he understands...Nicole says that she's never been the...ideal wife...and Victor and her's marriage was a sham, but still its so weird...Travis tells her thats what he loves about her...she wouldn't be the ideal wife! He says thats why...with all thats happened...he wants her to marry him!!!

-Jan is in the nursery at the Spears Mansion...she holds baby Josh...she tells him she's done so much...she's done so much for daddy! She says all she's wanted is to be happy with him...the man she loves...the man she's spent almost two years on! She says that she really hoped he'd...be the thing that would bring them closer than ever...and she's still trying...but she loves him regardless! She tells Josh that bitch Eugenia is sticking her nose where it doesn't belong...she tried to get down Lucas's pants and now she's investigating that damn so called death! Just as she says this...Lucas approaches...and watches Jan!

-Bo and Hope are at their house...they play with their daughters, as Hope says its great she's all moved back in...everything's slowly getting back on track...he leans in and kisses her...and says this just feels...so so good! She grins and says she knows it does...suddenly, there's a knock on the door...Bo answers it to see Kristen! She tells him she needs his help...she found some...letter that claims that someone has proof that Vivian set Peter up!

*Life in Salem Opening*

-Sami nervously chuckles ever so slightly and says to her son that was...different...she tells him that his dad is a good guy...and Nicole...she's...she says well she is a murderor like Crystal in a way and she worked with her once but still she proved her innocence so she shouldn't make any comments...Will nods, agreeing, but he says its just...devastating to lose a child...but maybe if this hadn't happened...he and Destiny wouldn't be together! Sami's eyes widen and asks WHAT...he grins and says he must've forgot but...he and Destiny are a couple now!

-Nicole looks at Travis in shock...she says wow....WOW! She says this is so shocking...she hasn't walked down the aisle since Victor over 6 years ago...and her and Travis...they've only known each other for a few months and only been together for two! Travis says yeah...he knows they haven't been living together or in a relationship that long...but its just...watching this whole thing with her ex-husband, and then the story Sami told them about Marlena...despite Nicole's past...he LOVES her...in these few short months she's been the best thing to ever happen to him...and life is too short to pass up this oppurtunity! Nicole looks at him, still stunned, but a gleaming look grows on her face as she says YES...she'll marry him! He then scoops her up and kisses her!

-Lucas watches Jan as she speaks to Josh...she wonders outloud why she can't ever get someone to love her and only her...she says her highschool boyfriend, Jason, was a total jerk...her soulmate, Shawn, is dead...and now Lucas can't decide between her and Eugenia...she says she's done so much for him...she can't take it anymore...eventually she may have to take drastic measures! She also goes on to say that she has Lucas's son...she doesn't understand why he can't just dump Eugenia!! Lucas watches and frowns, and thinks to himself that he loves Jan, and his son...he can't just give them up!

-Sami looks at Will in shock and says whoa...she knew he and Destiny were close but...this is great! Will smiles and says yeah, everything's really going great for him...Sami tells him she'll have to get to know Destiny a little better though to make sure she's worthy of her son...Will chuckles but tells Sami to just not go too far or anything...Sami simply smiles as they continue to bond with Arianna...

-Bo asks her what...what is she talking about! Kristen says she found this in the mailbox at the DiMera Mansion this morning...Bo looks at Hope, and she slowly nods and tells him to go...go talk to her...Bo thanks her, and she just says she and the girls will take a walk...Bo notices her seeming a little solemn, and pulls her into a kiss...Kristen sighs as she watches...after the kiss ends, Hope and the girls leave...Kristen and Bo then go into the kitchen...

-Travis and Nicole passionately kiss...Nicole tells him she is so happy...she loves him so much! He agrees, and they then begin to make love as the two kiss...

-Bo and Kristen sit down at the table in Bo and Hope's kitchen...Bo tells Kristen to explain everything...she says she was checking the mail today, since Vivian's been staying at the Kiriakis Mansion lately...and she found a note...claiming that they had the proof she needed to prove that Vivian set Peter up...and there was a random name on it: Norman Sundberg. Bo says he's never heard of anyone with that name before...but they'll have to investigate it...he says this could be the piece they need to find something on Vivian! Kristen says yes...she wonders how this Norman guy knows about them investigating it themselves though! Bo nods and says they'll just have to see what he's up to...Kristen says they HAVE to find this man...for Peter! Bo promises her that they will!


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