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Episode#419: Norman Sundberg




Episode#419: Norman Sundberg

-Hope is walking with Pamela and Addie down at the pier...as they walk, Hope points out all the ducks out in Salem River...but she also can't help but think of Bo and Kristen...however, she tells herself that NOTHING is going on....as she walks...she bumps into SUGA!!!!

-Vivian is at the Kiriakis Mansion....she constantly orders Henderson around, who rolls his eyes and wonders to himself why Mr.Kiriakis had to marry her at the last minute...suddenly, there's a knock on the door...Henderson opens it, and Valentine invites herself in...she walks into the living room and happily greets her sister!

-Jan continues to tell baby Josh that she can't lose Lucas...she refuses to let Eugenia win! She says she's come too far now! Lucas continues to think about how he loves Jan and she has his SON...but then again...he feels love so strongly for Eugenia! Lucas watches Jan as she says that Lucas will be hers forever and they WILL be together!!!!

-Bo tells Kristen they'll find this Norman guy...she asks how if they don't have any leads at all...Bo tells her not to worry...he has a friend in the ISA, named Shane Donovan...he'll call him and he's sure Shane will be able to find him! Kristen's eyes light up and says this could be it...this could be what proves that Vivian set Peter up!!!

*Life in Salem Opening*

-Hope's eyes widen in shock as she sees her old friend Suga standing before her...Suga stands, silent and shocked...Hope flashes back to meeting Suga during that huge storm in Winter of 08, and then going to Pasadena with her...she remembers the last time they saw each other were at that train station in the spring of 08...she asks Suga what she's doing here! Suga looks at Hope oddly...once again it nearly triggers a memory...but she tells Hope she doesn't know her!

-Vivian looks at Valentine and tells her to get out of her house...she says she may have gotten herself into the DiMera Mansion but she won't get herself into THIS mansion! Valentine laughs and says she can get herself into wherever she wants....Vivian tells her she doesn't have anything to hold over her, like some stupid marriage, this time...Valentine grins and tells Vivian she's wrong!

-Jan continues to promise baby Josh that she and "daddy" will be together forever...she never managed to get Shawn back but she will secure Lucas for good! She says they'll just be one happy family...Lucas sighs as he walks away...he thinks to himself that he can't just leave the mother of his infant child...he loves her too much....but there's still Eugenia...Lucas leaves the Spears Mansion to continue to think about this!

-Vivian asks Valentine what she's trying to pull....Valentine tells her she has something else over her that, if she talked about it openly, could ruin Vivian's life for good! Vivian snorts and tells Valentine to stop lying and just leave...she's all out of ammo! Valentine yells WRONG...she tells Vivian she really doesn't remember, does she...though she was in a drunken stupor at the time so she probably wouldn't! Vivian asks what the hell she's talking about...and Valentine says the confession she made to her...about setting Peter up to die!

-Kristen hugs Bo, and he tells her not to worry...he's also going to see if the PD has anything on this guy...he walks off to place the call to Shane...Kristen rejoices, and she slowly walks around the Brady kitchen...she sees picture of Bo's family...she also sees some wedding pictures of Bo and Hope...she looks at them and smiles...she comments that its great that family is back together...she flashes back to her and Bo having sex that night...but snaps out of it, telling herself no...Bo and Hope are back together now, and thats all that matters...


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