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Episode#420: Blackmail




Episode#420: Blackmail

-Lucas walks into the Brady Pub...he runs into Sami, who greets him, and tells him Will and Arianna just left...she says she loves that little girl so much, and Lucas grins and says he does too...Sami notices he's a bit solemn, and asks him whats wrong...Lucas tells her its just Eugenia and Jan. Sami groans and asks him why he hasn't dumped both those bitches yet...Lucas rolls his eyes at Sami and says he's trying to choose between them...he explains he loves them both deeply...and Jan of all things has his baby son...he can't just leave her! Sami looks at Lucas, dumbfounded, and snaps that didn't stop him from leaving her!

-Hope asks Suga what she's talking about...of course she knows her! She says they went on the run together...they went to Pasadena...she slowly says Suga gave her crack! Suga looks at Hope and tells her she has no clue what she's talking about! She tells Hope to get away from her, and tries to shove past her, but Hope looks at her and says she has to remember...she wouldn't just forget how close they were! Suga slowly has a very vague flashback to meeting Hope during that storm!

-Vivian's eyes widen...she stumbles back, and asks Valentine what she's on about...she tells her to not try to spew more lies! Valentine laughs evilly and tells Vivian surely she remembers...deep down...she reminds Vivian of what she said...and Vivian gasps as she remembers the night she confessed what she did to Valentine at the DiMera Mansion!

-Bo comes back into the kitchen, and tells Kristen he contacted Shane and he's going to get right on finding this Sundberg guy! Kristen hugs Bo and says this is fantastic...she can't thank him enough...he tells her to not worry about it! As they pull back, Kristen says she was just looking at pictures of his family...she tells him she hopes he knows that she really is glad he and Hope are back together!

*Life in Salem Opening*

-Lucas glares at Sami and tells her that was alot different...they weren't even together at the time and she told everyone Austin was Will's father! Sami says still...by the time he found out he was Will's father he definitely didn't try to make things work between them...Lucas exclaims that it was too late, and she was still hung up on Austin just like he was on Carrie...this whole thing with Jan and Eugenia is ENTIRELY different! Sami sighs and says she's getting sick of being everyone's Dr.Phil but he needs to look inside his heart...who REALLY makes him feel deep, compassionate love!

-Bo thanks her...Kristen looks at another picture...its a picture of Bo, Hope, Shawn, and JT...she tells him he really has beautiful sons...Bo smiles and thanks her...Kristen looks and sees another picture with Zack in it...she looks at him, confused and asks who this is...Bo then explains to Kristen the whole switch with JT and Zack...Kristen says thats right, Lexie's mentioned that a few times...she says she's so sorry...Bo tells her its alright...he says he just misses all three of his sons so much...Kristen comforts him...

-Suga has a very vague and fast flashback of meeting Hope...but continues to tell her she doesn't remember her! Hope tells her she knew her for awhile...she was there when Natalia got shot, of all things! Suga asks why EVERYONE always brings up that Natalia woman to her...Hope looks at Suga in complete shock and says she can't believe she doesn't remember Natalie either! She asks Suga what she does remember...Suga finally snaps that she doesn't remember ANYTHING!

-Lucas says he loves them both very deeply...Sami mutters she doesn't see how but whatever...she tells Lucas he has to feel something more for one of them...he has to feel something VERY deep with one of them...even deeper love than he feels for the other! She tells Lucas there has to be someone who he has very TRUE love with...more true than he has with the other woman! Lucas thinks about this, and Sami asks who that person is...Lucas slowly says its...Eugenia!

-Kristen tells him she never met Zack or JT...but she remembers Shawn Douglas from way back and he was such a nice boy...she's really sorry for what happened to him. Bo again thanks her...Kristen sees another picture, of Chelsea...she asks who that is! Bo explains thats his daughter with Billie...Chelsea Brady...she nods and says she did hear that he and Billie had a daughter...she asks what happened to her! Bo explains that she left town a couple years ago, and him nor Billie have heard from her since! Kristen frowns and says thats terrible...Bo tells her that he loved all four of his children so much...even though Chelsea and Shawn made some big mistakes...but he ended up losing all four of them. He vows that he'll never lose Pamela and Addie...he won't become estranged from them or let them die like his other children did...Kristen tells him thats excellent, he had better uphold that vow! Bo says he will...

-Vivian thinks to herself this can't be happening...not now...not when she's gotten revenge on EVERYONE and has ALL the power! She looks at Valentine and lies, saying she has no clue what she's talking about...Valentine tells her no, she KNOWS what Valentine's talking about...Valentine says she's lucky she hasn't told Bo and Kristen EVERYTHING! Vivian clenches her fists...Valentine tells her not to worry, she won't...if she gives her what she wants! Vivian slowly asks whats that...Valentine tells her that, in exchange for her silence, she wants half of EVERYTHING Vivian owns!


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