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Episode#421: The Ultimatium




Episode#421: The Ultimatium

-Dr.Stansville is at the hospital...she comes out of a room...Jill and Megan sit in the waiting room, and Megan growls that she doesn't understand why they could've been WITH her when they found out the gender of her baby...Jill nervously looks at Dr.Stansville, flashing back to how they arranged it so they didn't have to be with her when she discovered the genders of BOTH the babies...Dr.Stansville tells Megan that her baby with Bo is a BOY!

-Lucas tells her he really does love Jan...he truly loves her...but when it gets right down to it...the one he feels the most love for is...Eugenia. He explains to Sami that when he met her again back in Janurary, and she moved into the Spears Mansion...sparks immediately flew...thats why he proposed to her so early on. He says there's just somethign there...he couldn't bare to lose her. Sami says that as much as she doesn't understand this, since Eugenia is the dumb bitched that sabatoged their own engagement...he needs to go to her...tell her this before its too late!

-Hope stares at Suga for a moment...she asks if she's sure she doesn't remember anything...Suga shakes her head and says no...she doesn't remember that Natalia chick...doesn't remember Dahlia...doesn't remember a baby...and she sure as hell don't remember her! Hope says to Suga she must have amnesia!

-Vivian looks at Valentine in astonishment and tells her she can't just give her half of everything she owns...she owns so many things and she sure as hell wouldn't let Valentine touch them! Valentine says oh she will...or else she'll be going to jail for the murder of Peter Blake!

*Life in Salem Opening*

-Megan grins and says this is just great...she says soon, he'll be born...and she'll take him to Bo and they'll just be one big happy family...Jill slowly but nervously nods, as Dr.Stansville nods...Jill asks if she's sure...Dr.Stansville says yes, she is! Megan says her plan is going exactly as she hoped...as she turns to leave, she tells Jill to come on, but Jill says she'll be a minute...she asks Dr.Stansville what the gender of HER baby is...and is she sure the boy is Megan's!

-Sami says to Lucas that he needs to hurry and tell both Eugenia and Jan before the chance escapes him...Lucas says she's right. He thanks Sami...he says he knows Eugenia's hurt them both, especially her...but really...he's grateful. Sami smiles as Lucas runs off....she however wonders when she'll get someone of her own to love!

-Suga asks Hope so what if she does...she likes how she is now just fine! Hope says to Suga that she can't just go along amnesiac...she asks what she's doing back in Salem anyway! Suga exclaims that this is NONE of Hope's business, and runs off!

-Vivian says she can't prove anything...she has NOTHING on her! Valentine laughs and says she ADMITTED it to her...not to mention...thats not the only thing she did...she also hired Sami Brady to kill Stefano! Vivian's jaw drops...she asks how the hell Valentine knows all this! Valentine says she's a smart cookie...she tells Vivian she can blow her out of the water at any time...and she could be on death row right with her best friend Kate if she doesn't give her what she wants! She tells Vivian she doesn't have much time to decide...Vivian slowly says...FINE, she'll give her what she wants!!!!


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