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Episode#422: Vivian Signs It Over




Episode#422: Vivian Signs It Over

-Nicole is shopping inside a store at Salem Place...suddenly...she runs right into Jan! Nicole sarcastically says this is sure the bright spot of her day...she asks Jan if she's still pretending Eugenia's baby is hers! Jan says for the record, Josh is HER son now...not Eugenia's...Eugenia doesn't have a son! Nicole says okaaay, whatever she says...Jan asks if she's still living in happy land with whats-his-face...Nicole says yes, in fact...they are getting married soon....in Las Vegas!

-Celeste is at the DiMera Mansion with Theo and Lexie...Celeste tells her daughter as much as she hates Vivian taking over Victor's mansion...she feels alot better being here now that Vivian has moved out...Lexie agrees...and asks Celeste how she's been doing. Celeste says to Alexandra that she's...okay, seeing her grandson makes her feel better...she just wishes Vivian hadn't married Victor just to have him and get back at her...and that she knew who killed Victor!

-Dr.Stansville tells yes...she's sure the boy is Megan and Bo's baby...Jill breathes in relief and says good...she asks about her baby! Dr.Stansville asks if she's sure she wants her to tell her that...she doesn't want Jill getting attached to it if she plans on giving it up! Jill shakes her head and tells Dr.Stansville not to worry...Dr.Stansville tells Jill her and Bo's baby is a girl!

-Vivian tells Valentine she'll give her what she wants...Valentine smiles and tells Vivian she wants the DiMera Mansion...and half of Titan, Alamain, and DiMera Enterprises...therefore, they both have an equal amount! Vivian reluctantly says fine, she can have it, as she prepares to call Ji'Min....

*Life in Salem Opening*

-Jan looks at Nicole in surprise and says really...Nicole nods and says Travis proposed to her shortly after Victor died...and later on they decided to marry in Las Vegas...she says she's happier than she's ever been...and she's not like scheming like a certain someone she knows! Jan smirks at Nicole as Nicole walks past Jan...Jan says to herself that is very interesting...

-Lexie hugs her mother and promises her that the person who did this to Victor will be found soon...Celeste nods...she says Justin is determined to find whoever did this...and the PD is investigating it as well, and Bo's in charge of the PD...Lexie then goes on to talk about Vivian...she says to Celeste she can't let Vivian get to her...she's just playing right into Vivian's hands! Celeste says she knows, but she can't help it...she just hates that bitch so much...she constantly tries to hurt everyone who's ever wronged her! Lexie again encourages Celeste to just ignore her...Celeste thanks Lexie, but can't get her mind off of everything going on...

-Jill slowly smiles and says good...she says both of them are due soon...she just hopes they can keep up this scheme...but they have for months, so they only have to do it a little longer...she and Dr.Stansville say goodbye, and Jill leaves the hospital...

-Ji'Min is at the Kiriakis Mansion...he has drawn up the paperwork in order for Valentine to recieve half of everything Vivian owns...he looks at Vivian, and asks if she's SURE she wants to do this...Valentine says oh she is...Vivian slowly nods...she then signs the majority of the papers, as does Valentine...and once its all over....Ji'Min says to the two that its done...Valentine now owns half of what Vivian did/does own! He leaves....Valentine just looks at her sister and says she made the right decision...Valentine turns and leaves herself...she walks out of the Kiriakis Mansion, laughing in triumph all the way...once she's gone, Vivian SCREAMS as she tosses things around the living room of the Kiriakis Mansion!


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