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Episode#423: Jeremy Questions Robin




Episode#423: Jeremy Questions Robin

-Jill walks into St.Luke's...she slowly looks around as she stumbles in...she walks towards the front of the Church, and gets down on her knees...she looks up to the ceiling...and begins praying! She tells God that she knows they've never had the closest relationship, and she's done alot of bad things in her life...but she's here today to pray for the safety of her daughter!

-Eugenia is walking through the hospital...as she walks through the waiting room, she bumps into Dr.Stansville! She tells her she's glad she found her...she says she needs her help...she may know how to find out what happened the night she gave birth!

-Alexis enters a room at that prison outside of Salem...she sits down...and Mimi is seen on the other side of a glass window! Alexis picks up a phone and greets her...she says she's sorry she hasn't been back lately, there was a crisis back in Salem...Mimi says she knows...Victor died. Alexis solemnly nods...but she tells Mimi that she's bound and determined, even moreso now, to get her out of here!

-Robin is sitting in the kitchen of Maggie's house...Jeremy walks in, and she happily greets him as he kisses her on the cheek....she tells her son he really doesn't have to watch over her like this...she's getting better! Jeremy smiles and says she's his mom...he wants to help her...but he needs to ask her something...and he wants an honest answer! Robin says okay...and Jeremy asks if she's being honest about everything with his grandma!

*Life in Salem Opening*

-Jill prays to God...she says that she really didn't want to get attached to this baby, and she's still not...but she just wants her baby girl, her daughter, her flesh and blood to be safe wherever she goes...she thanks Him for not letting Megan find out about her and Bo's daughter...and she just needs to hold it up a little longer...but she just wants her daughter to be safe, whatever she does...she thanks the Lord, before getting up and leaving St.Luke's...a tear running down her cheek as she does.

-Dr.Stansville turns to Eugenia and sighs...she says as concerning as this situation is, this had better be good...she has alot of work to do. Eugenia says to her that there are surveillance cameras set up in some of the hospital rooms...thats how her friend, Lexie Brooks, went to jail for murdering Tek Kramer! Dr.Stansville tilts her head and says its worth a shot...she tells Eugenia to follow her!

-Robin is silent for a moment, and Jeremy tells her he's not doubting her or trying to hurt her or anything...but he just wants to make sure that she remembers clearly...like is she sure her memory isn't fuzzy when it comes to the night she hit her head...and maybe the other incidents were just misunderstandings! Robin promises her son that she remembers everything very clearly...she says she's so sorry, she hates saying this and accusing poor Laura of all these things, but its true!

-Mimi looks at Alexis, shocked and confused...she asks why she wants to get her out of here so much...she tells Alexis she barely knows her...she says she knows she wants that guy back, but still...Alexis says she's not the best person in the world, but she does want justice...and some bitches have been messing with her and the people she loves...and she won't stand for that! Mimi nods, saying she understands...she tells Alexis that before she left Salem...Cassie wasn't the only one she had to put up with...there was also Jan Spears!

-Jeremy tells her its just...everyone's saying different things. Laura and Alexis are both flying off the handle saying she's innocent...he constantly has to deal with Mike because of all this when he's still uncomfortable around him...and she says Laura keeps trying to kill her! He says he feels like the only one there for him now is Cassie...Robin frowns, and comforts him, saying that Laura just...Laura may not be completely over what problems she had....thats why she wants her to get help, not go to prison! She warns her son to just ignore Alexis and his father...Jeremy nods...he tells her he's sorry for doubting her...he's not sure what he believes, but he's sorry. Jeremy gets up and walks out of the kitchen...after he leaves, Robin sighs...she says she almost feels bad for doing this...but that bitch keeps trying to interfere! She vows to make sure Laura ends up in an insane asylum for LIFE...she says Laura won't win!


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