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Episode#424: The Location




Episode#424: The Location

-Lucas walks into the Spears Mansion...he sees Jan in the Spears Mansion. She smiles and walks over and wraps her arm around him...she says its so great to see him...she asks where he's been! Lucas says he's been busy...he gently gets Jan off of him, and she asks him whats wrong...he stares at her...thinking now its time!

-Dr.Stansville leads Eugenia into a random room in the hospital....however...when they step inside, Eugenia sees piles and piles of tapes! Dr.Stansville explains that this is where they keep all the old survelliance tapes, incase they are ever needed in a situation like this...she tells Eugenia that this is where the tape of the night she gave birth probably would be!

-Alexis raises an eyebrow...she asks Mimi how she knew Jan! Mimi looks at Jan in shock and asks Alexis how SHE knows Jan....Alexis says she doesn't but she was engaged to her friend Lucas and this psycho that held her captive was the one who stabbed her...she stops saying its a long story! Mimi explains that Jan was the ex-lover, or more like stalker, of her dead ex-husband Shawn Brady and a psycho she HATED with a passion....she convinced her to do some horrible stuff back when they were in highschool together, blackmailed her over her abortion, and pretended to be her surrogant when she really used that scheme to create her own baby with Shawn!

-Bo is at the police station, and Kristen is with him as they continue to discuss Vivian setting Peter up...however, suddenly the phone rings! Bo answers it and asks what he has for him...Shane Donovan(Charles Shaughnessy) is on the other end and tells him he's tracked Norman Sundberg down...he has his exact location!

*Life in Salem Opening*

-Lucas thinks to himself that nows the time to tell Jan about his choice....he tells Jan he has to talk to her about something very important...she asks what about, and he says about the whole fiasco with him, her, and Eugenia...he says he's made his choice!

-Eugenia walks around the room....she examines everything closely, and approaches where the tape would be of what happened the night of Blake's birth....her fingers go across the tapes...but her eyes widen as she turns to Dr.Stansville and says the tape's not here!!!

-Alexis gapes at Mimi....she says Jan is crazier than she thought. Mimi says no kidding...Alexis asks if she hated her that much! Mimi nods and says yes....Jan was probably one of the people she hated most in the world, aside from her friend, or now ex-friend, Belle Black...Alexis bites her nails, thinking...she tells Mimi she has to go, and promises she'll be back soon, before leaving!

-Bo says EXCELLENT and tells Shane he has a pen and paper ready to write it down...Shane grins on the other end of the phone and says he strongly believes that this Norman is somewhere on Padre Island, just off Texas and the Gulf of Mexico...he says he's sending Bo all the information he has on the man, and advises him to not look for him in any fancy areas, because it seems that the man doesn't have much too his name, and may just be a wanderor out there...so he should be careful. Bo says will do, and thanks Shane...Shane says anytime. As he hangs up, Kristen looks at Bo and asks if that was about Norman Sundberg...Bo eagerly says yes, and Kristen rejoices...Bo tells her it looks like they're going to Padre Island!!!


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