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Episode#425: The Stolen Tape




Episode#425: The Stolen Tape

-Jan inwardly rejoices and asks Lucas if this means that he's finally kicking that whore to the streets...where she rightfully belongs! Lucas sighs and is silent as he tries to think of a way to gently break it to Jan that he's chosen Eugenia! Jan looks at him and asks whats wrong...Lucas looks at Jan, and very slowly and calmly tells her that he's sorry, but...he wants to be with Eugenia.

-Dr.Stansville looks at Eugenia, confused, and tells her thats impossible! Eugenia says that the week of Blake's birth isn't in here...Dr.Stansville examines the pile herself, and her eyes widen as she says its true...the tape isn't here! She says this can't be...she says this room is kept under tight security incase of things like this, and she KNOWS there's a tape of that week, in that room...Eugenia tells her apparently not...she says obviously, its missing, and they need to find out what the hell happened to it...because this is her last hope!

-Megan and Jill are walking through the park in Salem...Megan looks at Jill's stomach and says that very very soon her and Bo's baby will be born...it will be the thing that unites her and Bo forever! Jill nods with a slight smile, though she thinks of her own scheme....however...soon, they run into Hope! Megan growls and tells Hope this is an unpleasant surprise...she says she almost forgot she was out of prison! Hope nods and says yes, she is...and she and Bo are back together!

-Kristen says that Norman is on Padre Island...Bo nods, and tells her yes, and they need to go before he gets somewhere else....Kristen tells him to wait....she says she can go by herself, and tells him he needs to stay here with Hope and his FAMILY....he says the hell he's letting her go by herself...they are BOTH going to Padre Island to hunt Norman Sundberg down!

*Life in Salem Opening*

-Jan stares at Lucas...she swallows hard as she says she must have not heard him right...she says she must have meant her...Lucas tells her no....he's so sorry but no....he said he chooses Eugenia! Jan tells him he's lying, or she's brainwashed him...Lucas shakes his head and tells Jan he's sorry, and he really does love her, but....in the end, after how close they got, he can't live without Eugenia...Jan yells NO! She says she won't let this happen....she won't lose him!

-Megan stands, silent and stunned...Jill slowly backs away, as Megan says that she thought they were divorcing...she growls that she thought she was divorcing him after he slept with her sister! Hope says they were, but they worked things out and realized their love is still there! Megan yells NO...she says this can't be happening....she says Bo can't fall for Hope's tricks again! Hope says excuse me, and Megan tells her its time to take care of her once and for all!

-Dr.Stansville tells Eugenia they'll figure this out...she rushes out of the room, Eugenia following, and Dr.Stansville rushes outside to the security guard...she asks him if anyone went in the surveillance tapes recently, and took a tape out....the security guard says yes, in fact someone was just in there today!

-Kristen tells him he really needs to stay here with Hope and his daughters, Bo says they'll be fine....he has to do this for Victor, and he owes it to HER! Kristen dryly laughs and says he doesn't owe her anything...he says he does, for everything he put her through during that chaos with Hope...Kristen says no, it wasn't ALL his fault! Bo tells her to stop...he's going to find this guy so they can put Vivian behind bars, like it or not! Kristen finally sighs and says fine....

-Eugenia asks WHO...who was in there! The security guard says it was some woman...seemed to be a worse...he explains that she said Dr.Stansville sent her for some security tape, and she took one...Dr.Stansville confusedly says she never sent for any tape! The security guard explains that she seemed to have proper ID...Eugenia asks what the hell is going on!

-Hope tells Megan to stop, just stop...she says she told her a year ago when she returned, she's NOT doing this anymore! Hope turns to walk away, but Megan grabs her hair, and says the hell she isn't! Hope turns and tries to slap Megan away, but it just erupts in a fight! Jill yells for them to stop, but the intense struggle continues as the two fight! Megan tries to tackle Hope, clawing at her face, and Hope yells out! She finally THROWS Megan back, and Megan falls right into Jill....who goes flying herself! Jill goes flying back, and finally lands on the ground...on her stomach!

-Lucas says to Jan that this is for the best...he won't string her along anymore...and he'll be with the woman he truly loves. He says they'll still see each other...because of Josh. She mutters that Josh was supposed to make him stay...she turns to Lucas and exclaims that she was the mother of his newborn son....yet he's still leaving her...just like that! He's just taking off, running into Eugenia's arms...after all they've shared, he's just leaving her and Josh out in the cold...going on and on about how Eugenia is the one he loves! Lucas says he REALLY is sorry, and he loves her too, but...he and Eugenia have something deep! Jan finally SLAPS Lucas and says thats enough...she's had enough of this...she says she can't BELIEVE he has the nerve to go on and on about Eugenia like that! She says she's not letting Eugenia win....she tells Lucas she and him are soulmates. Lucas heavily sighs and begs Jan not to do this...but Jan grabs a large bottle of alcohol sitting nearby...and smashes him over the head with it! As Lucas falls to the ground, knocked out, Jan says she knows what she needs to do...its time to make Lucas hers forever!

-Eugenia tells Dr.Stansville they have to find that tape and whoever took it...she says she doesn't know whats going on, but she is sure as hell going to find out...she tells her she's sick of this game...its time to finally find out what happened to her son!

-Outside of the hospital, two gloved hands are seen holding the tape...the person nervously says they have what they were ordered to get....they have exactly what they need to expose Jan Spears! The person is then revealed to be: LEA ZASLOW(Janet Zarish)!


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