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Episode#426: Jan Panics

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Episode#426: Jan Panics

-Nicole and Travis are seen getting off a plane...in...LAS VEGAS!! Nicole says she can't believe this...she says she can't believe they just decided to rush off and get married tonight! Travis smiles and tells her the sooner the better...and he knows this would be her kind of wedding night. Nicole tells him he knows her too well and kisses her soon-to-be-husband...

-Jill screams out as she lands on the ground on her stomach...the top of her head begins bleeding as she screams, before falling unconscious. Megan and Hope both gasp and rush over to her, and Megan turns her over...Megan yells NO...this can't happen! Hope asks if she's alright...Megan says she's pregnant and just landed on her stomach and was knocked out...of course she's not alright damnit! Hope says she'll call 911, as Megan thinks to herself Jill and the baby can't die...not after coming so far!

-Jan looks at an unconscious Lucas...she says she refuses to let Eugenia have him...she's NOT losing another man! She says she and Lucas are meant to be...and she's going to make sure they are together! She grabs some duct tape from a cabinet and ties Lucas's hands and feet....she walks over to baby Josh, who is sitting in his carrier, and tells him that its time daddy, her, him, and Bentley all become a big happy family at long last!!!

-Dr.Stansville tells her this definitely is a strange thing that needs to be figured out...but there's nothing they can do if they have no idea who stole the tape! Eugenia says it COULD be that nurse who delievered Blake, from how the security guard was talking...she says they've got to find her! Dr.Stansville says that they don't know that for sure, and if she got away with the tape, there's NOTHING they can do...she's sorry, but Eugenia may not be able to find that tape!

-Lea Zaslow(Janet Zarish) walks through Salem, the security tape of Josh's birth in hand...she sighs nervously as she flashes back to Jan paying her to get out of Salem a few months ago...she whispers that she's sorry Jan, but she has orders...its time for her to be exposed!

*Life in Salem Opening*

-Jan walks into the kitchen as she yells to Josh that she knows exactly what they're going to do....she grabs some DRUGS from a cabinet in the kiitchen, and says that Nicole has given her yet another great idea....she walks back into the living room and over to Lucas...and she also has a glass of water...and begins pouring the drugs into him!!!!! She tells Lucas and "her" son that they're going to Las Vegas!

-Nicole and Travis enter their hotel room in Las Vegas...Nicole says WOW....Las Vegas! She says that everything happened so fast...one minute they are engaged and making plans and the next they're in Las Vegas to be married in a few hours! Travis says yeah, but thats just how they roll...he says they're sorry they couldn't have any of her loved ones around when they wed, though. Nicole shakes her head and tells her she doesn't have many loved ones...even though she helped Sami, she and her aren't exactly best friends...her mother and her definitely aren't...the only one she would've wanted here is her brother, and he's busy with Carrie...so she's just fine!

-Jan continues to pour drugs down Lucas's throat...she whispers that this will keep him knocked out until they get to Vegas! She says she's going to make him hers once and for all....and Nicole and her lover won't be the only ones getting married! She then takes out her cell phone and calls someone...and tells them she needs a Spears private jet ready IMMEDIATELY!

-The paramedics arrive at the park...Megan directs them to Jill, and BEGS them to make sure the baby is okay...Hope raises an eyebrow at Megan's heavy concern for Jill, and the paramedics say they'll do the best they can...Megan declares she'll ride on the ambulance with them, and Hope says she will too, and they all head for the hospital...

-Jan tells the person on the phone to prepare it to head for Las Vegas...and don't ask any questions! She then hangs up, and looks at Lucas...she says she knows this is so sudden, but its really the last thing she can do...she says they can get married, and in Las Vegas of all places..topping his and Eugenia's dumb wedding! She gets baby Josh, but before she can do anything else, she hears a knock on the door!

-Lea continues to walk around...but suddenly her phone rings! She answers it and says yes....everything's going as planned!

-Eugenia tells Dr.Stansville they HAVE to find it...she says she just can't give up...she explains that she is SO close to figuring out what happened to Blake! Dr.Stansville asks her what they can do at this point...Eugenia tells her she doesn't know, but they need to do something! Eugenia says that tonight is going to be the night that she finally solves this mess!!!!

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