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Episode#417: A Decision

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Episode#417: A Decision

-Kate sits at the bar at Chez Rouge...she takes the last sip of her drink...she flashes back to when Tony cut her off from his life at the courthouse...and Kristen telling her he and Anna left town...a tear runs down her cheek as she says she misses him....Maggie is walking by and sees her...and asks if she's alright!

-Celeste asks what she means...Valentine informs Celeste that she's going to take Vivian down...she has a plan...so she shouldn't fear about all this power Vivian has! Celeste looks at Valentine in disgust and says that if it wasn't for what they pulled at that fashion show over a year ago, they wouldn't be in this mess! She says that Vivian wouldn't have married Stefano and taken over the DiMera's, the Alamain's would still have their company, and she wouldn't have married Victor on his deathbed...hell...for all they know, if it wasn't for them, Victor may not be dead!

-Jeremy looks at Laura, stunned...Laura admits that she posed that question to Robin...and thats how their huge argument started! Jeremy tells Laura no....Robin's over his dad...she'd have to be...especially after what he did to him! Laura apologizes, she just says she thinks thats why Robin is so angry...she still has feelings for Jeremy's father! Jeremy tells her no...no...thats not true, Robin can't feel anything for that bastard, and Laura again sighs....

-Lucas stares at Eugenia....he tells her for once, Jan and her are probably in agreement about something...he says she's right...he says that he's going to have to think long and hard about this...and he promises her that he WILL make a decision soon!

*Life in Salem Opening*

-Kate looks at Maggie, and smiles at her...she tells her she's fine...just thinking. Maggie asks what she's thinking about...Kate says its just...everything thats happened...everything she's done. Victor is dead, she's responsible for Peter's death, Tony's gone...Maggie says she really did love Tony, didn't she. Kate tells Maggie that the more and more time goes on...she realizes that they were falling in love...but it was stopped before it could even begin! Maggie tells Kate she knows what she did is wrong...she watched everything in court...but she really is sorry. Kate thanks Maggie...and finally breaks out in tears, saying she just wishes she could find a man to love her for the rest of her life! Maggie pulls Kate into a hug....she tells Kate that everything will be alright...and she'll find someone, someday!

-Valentine exclaims to not pin Victor's death on them...she doesn't even think VIVIAN had anything to do with that! Celeste apologizes...explaining that she's just going through alot right now. However, before getting up, Valentine promises Celeste that Vivian will be taken down a knotch soon! She then walks off!

-Laura tells Jeremy she's really sorry, and she knows him and his father aren't on the best terms right now...she just...thinks everything with Robin seems fishy, thats all....Jeremy shakes his head, saying this is useless, and storms away from Laura as she cries for him to come back!

-Eugenia tells him she hopes so...she says that really...its just gone too far...everything. She says they should've never been together...Lucas orders her NOT to say that, but she says its TRUE! She says their love, what they shared...sometimes she thinks it was just a lie! Lucas says thats not true at all...thats ridiculous...he was genuinely hurt, and so was she...Eugenia exclaims over things that might not even have happened...she says Jan never REALLY left him...she was literally right underneath his nose...and she says that for all they know, Blake may never have been stillborn! Lucas tells her to not say stuff like that...they shared something so deep...so deep that can't be denied! Eugenia asks him if he knows how SICK this sounds...she says she's been here before...the woman on the sidelines...Lucas asks what she means, but she refuses to elaborate anymore! Lucas also points out that they don't even know if Blake is alive...he says she's going by some stupid vision and some flaws in a hospital system! Eugenia SLAPS him!

-Kate thanks her...she says her entire family...her son, her grandson hate her...and she tells Maggie that she's just loved all her children so much! She says that she hired the woman who hurt her grandson so much...she hired her to kill a man she'd come to love! Maggie says that she didn't KNOW Crystal was the one suing for custody...it was Stefano who privately agreed to help her in the custody battle! Kate says thats true, and swears to Maggie that she never would have worked with that woman if she knew what she and Benard were doing...Maggie nods, and tells her that Lucas has come around before...maybe both he and Will shall come around eventually! Kate says she hopes so...and Maggie tells her that someday...maybe Tony and her can even be friends again...Kate slowly nods...

-Lucas rubs his cheek and apologizes...saying that came off wrong...Eugenia tells him that it was during that same round of visions that Celeste figured out that Jan and Nicole were in the Secret Room...and at the time, that would've sounded like a totally bogus statement...but even if Celeste had been able to tell them, and they didn't believe her, Jan still would've come waltzing in crashing their wedding a month and a half later! Lucas says his point is...is that the pain they felt was real, whether the EVENTS in question were or not...and their love went much further than just simple comfort! Eugenia nods, and says she really did...she DOES...love him. Lucas says he loves her...but he also loves Jan...and a decision...will be made soon. Eugenia nods before leaving...Lucas watches her walk off...he says no...he has to stop this...he has to choose between Jan and Eugenia!

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