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Episode#416: Eugenia and Lucas Talk

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Episode#416: Eugenia and Lucas Talk

-Kate and Celeste sit at a table at Chez Rouge...Celeste thanks Kate for being here for her during all this...she says they never knew each other really well or were great friends...but she appreciates it...Kate says of course, Victor was her ex-husband! Celeste tells her its just so hard....Victor is randomly murdered and she doesn't know who killed him...and Vivian's taking over everything! Kate sighs and tells her she understands...just as Valentine approaches!

-Mike dryly laughs and asks Alexis what CASSIE has to do with anything...Alexis exclaims that Cassie took Jeremy from her! Mike says "Oh Lord..." and tells Alexis thats really none of her business...Alexis says the hell it isn't, she knows Jeremy still wants her deep down! Mike asks Alexis if she knows how long its been since she and Jeremy broke up...he tells Alexis to let his son move on with his life...Alexis yells HELL NO, she WILL get Jeremy back!

-Jeremy is silent after Laura's question....Laura looks at Jeremy in shock...she says he really believes Robin, doesn't he! Jeremy tells her look...he doesn't know what he believes. Laura tells him to not lie to her...he thinks she tried to kill his mother! Jeremy says its just...too much is added up against Laura! Laura tells him she knows...in a way she understands, and she hates what happened to Robin...but he has to know that she did NOTHING!

-Eugenia walks through town....through Salem Place...she then goes and walks over to the park...she sees many children playing...she thinks of all this craziness regarding Blake's death...or possibly his "death"...she wonders what the hell happened! Eugenia continues to walk around...she sees Lucas on a bench, as Bentley and Arianna play...Lucas greets Eugenia, and sees the emotional pain on her face...he asks her whats wrong, and Eugenia finally breaks down and falls into his arms!

*Life in Salem Opening*

-Valentine happily says hello to Celeste...she says its been too long, and says she's so sorry about Victor...Celeste looks up at her ex-accomplice, and slowly thanks her...Valentine looks at Kate, and asks if she'd go away for a few minutes...Kate says "Excuse me?!", but Celeste tells her its alright..she should go...Kate sighs and stands up, going over to the bar, as Valentine sits down and tells Celeste not to worry...she's handling her evil sister!

-Alexis says that Cassie is just a rebound...Mike says if she was, he thinks Jeremy and her would be over by now...but they aren't! Alexis says thats because Cassie's manipulative and Jeremy still hates her for cheating on him...Mike asks what Cassie's ever done to her...Alexis says she just KNOWS she's a bitch! She asks Mike if he remembers when Jeremy saved her after Greta stabbed her...THAT showed he still had feelings for her! Mike says Jeremy just has a good enough heart to not let anyone die...he sighs and tells Alexis this is useless...he says he's trying to stay out of ALL of this...and he'll continue to try to do just that...and he leaves!

-Jeremy tells Laura he loves her...he loves her deeply...but SHE has to know that it all just looks fishy! Laura sighs and tries to withold a comment about Robin, knowing that she is Jeremy's mother...she tells Jeremy she just...she never tried, nor did she ever want, to hurt Robin! She says that night when she hit her head...Laura wasn't even near where Robin fell, it was just a fight between Robin and Alexis...the strangling thing...Laura and Robin's argument just got a bit too heated! Laura tells Jeremy that this last time...maybe she shouldn't have even talked to Robin again, but she had to get her to admit the truth...in the middle of that...Robin pulled some lever on her wheelchair and went flying backwards down the stairs...she really didn't do anything! Jeremy heavily sighs, not knowing what to believe!

-Lucas holds Eugenia, and asks her whats wrong...she slowly sits up and tells him she's sorry...its just...she went to Dr. Phyliss Stansville and everything's just....too strange with Blake's birth...supposedly Dr.Stansville has no clue who the nurse is or why she didn't call a doctor...the room she went into labour in is never used....Dr.Stansville ran into some woman outside around the time he was born...she can't figure it out! Lucas comforts her and tells her it'll be alright...they'll figure it out...he promises! She tells him no...no matter whether Blake is alive, dead, or whatever happened to him...he needs to be with Jan. He asks what she's talking about...she tells Lucas she knows he wants her....she saw them having sex right before Victor died!

-Laura tells Jeremy that she hates to talk bad about Robin...but she's done nothing but try to hurt her! Jeremy says its just because Robin cares...Laura sighs, flashing back to her and Robin arguing about Robin only being so angry because of Mike...Jeremy notices an odd look on Laura's face...and asks her what...Laura slowly says to Jeremy she doesn't know if she should tell him this...but she will! She tells her what got Robin so worked up before she fell down the stairs...was that she told her that she thinks...the reason why she's been so cold and protective and angry is not because Alexis cheated on Jeremy...but because Robin's not over Mike!

-Lucas is silent...Eugenia tells Lucas she's not going to interfere if he really loves Jan...she says she went to St.Luke's tonight to pray about everything with him when she ran into Celeste....Lucas tells Eugenia that he loves Jan...he does love her...but...he loves Eugenia too. He says that night...he thought about her, he didn't want to do it because of her...but he did it anyways...and maybe that was wrong of him...he doesn't know...its just really complicated, and hard for him...Eugenia tells him she understands....but she begs him to make a choice soon...she says if he wants her gone...just tell her! She says if he wants her...just tell her! She says she can't take much more of this...she can't take living in the Spears Mansion, fighting Jan for him, she can't take this whole thing with Blake...she needs answers about EVERYTHING...and she's going to have them soon!

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