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Episode#412: Catfight




Episode#412: Catfight

-Dorian is seen at the Spears Mansion...she rings the doorbell...and Will and Destiny come to the door! Destiny tells Dorian this is such a pleasant surprise...and asks if she's alright! Dorian nods, and tells her that she's just here to tell her...goodbye! She informs Will and Destiny that she's leaving Salem!

-Kristen nods, and says that with all this CHAOS...and now with him and Hope back together...she hopes she's not disrupting anything by having him help her! Bo says of course not...he says that a police investigation has been launched when it comes to Victor's death...and Hope's fine...he promises her that everything's fine! Kristen nods and she says that now with Vivian possessing everything Alamain, DiMera, AND Kiriakis...it may be time to see if they can bring her down!

-Andre smirks...he tells Valentine this is interesting...it seems Mrs.Kiriakis still has some things hidden...and once again, Valentine's the one to discover them! He says this opens up new oppurtunities for them, holding this information...Valentine then tells him that Kristen and Bo are apparently investigating someone setting Peter up, and Vivian seems worried...Andre laughs and says this keeps getting better and better!

-Suga shakes slightly...Justin asks if she's alright, and she snaps out of it, saying she's fine...its still so creepy to her...but she says no...she has no clue who killed Victor, or who would even want to! Justin slowly nods, and thanks her...he says he just...doesn't have any leads at all, and wants to help find out who did this as much as he can...Suga says she understands, before walking past Justin...

-Celeste tackles Vivian as she screams...Celeste calls her a bitch...saying she is so HEARTLESS...she knew Celeste loved Victor...and that he loved her...but she tried to sink her claws into him anyway when he was DYING of all times...Vivian laughs and tells Celeste she'd been slowly trying for months...she says she has always wanted Victor back...and tells Celeste that it was heartless of her and Valentine to expose her at that fashion show! She shoves Celeste off of her, but Celeste grabs her by the hair and asks if thats what this is about...revenge for what happened there! Vivian turns around and SLAPS Celeste, telling her of course it is...she says she hadn't been able to get her revenge on Celeste yet...but now she finally did! She and Celeste then get into an all out catfight as Kate and Henderson watch!

*Life in Salem Opening*

-Destiny asks WHAT...and asks Dorian why! Dorian tells her that with Victor gone...and her telling Destiny and the court everything she knew about Crystal, Kate, and Stefano awhile back...she doesn't think there's much of a reason for her to stay in Salem...she has a home in Llanview, and has been in Salem long enough...she informs Destiny that she buried her feud with Victor the night he died...and she was glad she got to make love with him one last time...even if she couldn't save him! Destiny slowly tells Dorian she gueeses she understands...but over these past couple months...she's found a true friend in Dorian! Dorian smiles and tells Destiny she's found a GREAT friend in her too...and loves her so much...one of the few people in Salem who's been kind to her, out of the people she's met! She and Destiny hug, a tear running down Destiny's cheek...Dorian says she'll be around to call anytime when she needs her! Will looks at Dorian and thanks her for everything she did, helping him get Arianna back...Dorian says anytime...she tells Will that in return, however, he needs to take care of that young lady over there...she says that in her heart, Destiny's a Cramer woman...and they never let themselves get hurt by men. Will chuckles and promises to take care of Destiny, and Dorian and Destiny say goodbye one last time, before Dorian Lord turns, and leaves Salem....

-Bo says that after what Vivian pulled at the hospital...he'd love to...its just, they still don't have any proof! Kristen says she knows...but for Peter, her father, Victor, Celeste, and whoever else Vivian has hurt...she has to bring that bitch down...she somehow has gotten her hands on too much power and money...she has to be STOPPED! Bo agrees...and he promises Kristen that they WILL find proof that Vivian set her brother up to die...and they'll stop her madness once and for all!

-Andre tells Valentine now is the time...time to move their plan to the next step...this gives them new ammo, and its just perfect timing with how much power Vivian's obtained...he tells Valentine that he has more for her to do! Valentine's interest is perked and asks what he wants her to do now...he goes on to whisper something in her ear....

-Celeste and Vivian erupt into an all out catfight...pulling on each other's hair, slapping and kicking each other...Kate finally pulls Celeste off Vivian, telling her that she's been there...and Vivian's not worth it! Celeste promises to Vivian that she'll make sure that this all...this chaos is put to an end...put to an END ONCE AND FOR ALL! Vivian says she'd like to see them try....as Kate and Celeste leave...Vivian just laughs...there's a split screen of Vivian, Celeste/Kate, Andre/Valentine, and Bo/Kristen before the screen fades to black...


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