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Episode#413: Records




Episode#413: Records

-Hope and Julie enter Bo and Hope's house...moving boxes in hand! Hope tells Julie that everything still is kinda....awkward, but she's so happy...it feels good just to say she and Bo are back together...her FAMILY is back together! Julie grins and says she knew everything would heal in time...and here Hope thought the spark between them was gone! Hope shakes her head and says she really thought it was gone for good...but now its back, and its great!

-Abe and Faye are together in Maggie's living room...Abe tells her it was great of her to come and help him with his physical therapy! Faye says its the least she could do for such a great friend...Abe and Faye do some intensive physical therapy...Faye tells him that if they keep this up, she really think he could walk again soon! As Abe and Faye continue the physical therapy...Maggie walks in!

-At the Java Cafe, Mike walks in...he sees Alexis at a table, and sits down...he tells her this better be important for her to call him down here...he's got alot of work to do at the hospital! Alexis says it IS important...its about that lying slut that he calls his ex!

-Dr.Stansville sits in her office, filling out paperwork...she thinks about the Megan/Jill situation...and how Jill better give birth and end this soon...she can't take much more of this, she's been helping them both with their schemes for months! Suddenly...none other than Eugenia barges in...Eugenia says she's sorry but she can't wait much longer...she needs answers, and she needs them now, about her baby!

*Life in Salem Opening*

-Pamela and Addie walk into Bo and Hope's house...they walk over to Hope and ask their mother if they are really moving back home with daddy! Hope grins and says yes...they are, and this time its for good! Pamela and Addie laugh in joy, and Julie smiles...and says this really is a joyous day! Hope agrees, and says she just can't describe how happy she is right as Bo walks in!

Maggie slowly asks whats going on here...she leaves for a couple hours to handle something with Nick at the hospital and finds this! Faye laughs and tells Maggie she's sorry...Abe knew she was busy today so he called Faye to help him with his physical therapy...she says she hopes its okay! Abe tells her oh no, its fine...Maggie slowly says of course...she doesn't mind, its just a surprise...she's sorry if she snapped!

-Bo asks whats going on here...and Hope walks up to him and kisses him, simply saying they're finishing moving all their stuff back in from Maggie's house...Bo says good...he goes over and happily greet his daughters, who happily greet him back...Hope wraps her arms around her husband in joy and happiness...

-Mike sighs and says that anything going on with Robin is none of his business...Alexis asks what the hell he means "none of his business"....the woman framed his MOTHER for trying to kill her three times and is the mother of his son...Mike says a son who hates him, and whats going on between his mom and Robin is none of his business! Alexis says that Robin's setting her up....and they can't let that continue!

-Dr.Stansville looks up at Eugenia and asks if she knows her...Eugenia tells her that, according to the chief of staff, it was this part of the hospital that almost four months ago...she gave birth to her stillborn baby...Blake Willens...who may not have been stillborn at all! Dr.Stansville asks Eugenia what she's talking about...she says she has alot of patients so she can't be sure but she doesn't remember anything about a stillborn baby with the last name Willens, and certainly doesn't remember her!

-Mike tells Alexis that things are too chaotic for them to be worrying about Robin...he exclaims that Victor Kiriakis just died! Alexis asks if he thinks she doesn't know that, Victor was her BOSS! She says that still...she can't let this happen to Laura, and tells Mike he's one ass of a son if he lets her go to the crazy house for something she didn't do!

-Eugenia says to Dr.Stansville that she was never present...at least she doesn't think so...when she went into labour, but a nurse delivered her baby in her part of the hospital...Dr.Stansville sighs and says she has a record of any patient around her section of the hospital, and she'll check it...Dr.Stansville checks it, and she tells her she's sorry, there is no Eugenia or Blake Willens listed!!!!


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