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Episode#414: The Room




Episode#414: The Room

-Lucas is at the park with Josh, Bentley, and Arianna...he holds Josh as Bentley and even Arianna play...he sighs at his son as he tells him things just keep getting crazier and crazier in town...and crazier and crazier between him and mommy. Suddenly, Jan approaches Lucas...she sits down beside him...and tells him she wants to apologize!

-Mike says that he loves his mother...he loves her dearly, but he's watched this whole thing, and he doesn't know what anyone can do...he says that they can't manipulate the court...Alexis says no but they can prove that she's innocent! Mike just sighs...and Alexis stares at him....she then says:

Alexis:You really think she did it don't you...you think she tried to kill Robin?

-Faye tells Maggie its alright, she'd understand why she'd be startled...she tells her that Abe has been doing so well, its suprising! Maggie smiles and says she wishes she could've been here to see it...she and Faye both agree that Abe will be able to walk soon...Maggie walks over and kisses Abe, as Faye watches...

-Eugenia tells Dr.Stansville she must be joking....she says that the nurse must have told her SOMETHING! Dr.Stansville asks which nurse...and Eugenia says she doesn't know, she never gave her a name! Dr.Stansville asks since when do nurses deliver babies without doctors anyway! Eugenia says thats the point...this is all very fishy, and she can't find ANYONE to give her answers! Dr.Stansville sighs and tells Eugenia to take her to the room that she gave birth in!

*Life in Salem Opening*

-Lucas looks at her and asks what she wants to apologize for....she says the other night...the night Victor died...when she got so angry like that...she guesses she just....got so angry after Lucas called Eugenia "the" woman he loved, she lost control...Lucas nods and says he's sorry too....he shouldn't have said that...and maybe he should've been a bit more understanding towards Jan. Jan thanks him...and says she still wishes he would hurry up and get rid of that bitch....she's still upset over what he's doing...but she's sorry for what happened. She leans in and kisses Lucas...

-Mike sighs and says he doesn't WANT to...but the evidence does point towards her! Alexis exclaims she can't believe she slept with such a dumbass! Mike says that his mom has a HISTORY of things similar to this....what is he supposed to think! Alexis says he's supposed to think that Robin is a ruthless bitch...unless...he's not over her!

-Abe tells Faye and Maggie that they're too modest...he still has a long way to go! Faye shakes her head and says after helping him all day she really thinks he can get back to his life soon...she really does! Abe says thats a happy but sad occassion...it'll mean he'll have less time with Maggie. Maggie chuckles and tells him now HE'S being too modest, as they kiss again...Faye sighs, she tells them she better go, before leaving!

-Eugenia leads Dr.Stansville through the hospital room that she gave birth in...she leads her to one of the very back rooms, and says this is it...she opens the door and leads Dr.Stansville inside...Dr.Stansville looks around, confused, and tells Eugenia that this room is NEVER used....specially not for anything involving pregnancies or delivering a baby! Eugenia says that nurse called on the behalf of a doctor...and led her to this room...and that was when she went into premature labour...she says it was unexpected but still! Dr.Stansville assures Eugenia that this room is NEVER EVER used...and if that nurse knew proper protocol, and she would've if she was able to deliver a baby, stillborn or not, she would've called HER! Eugenia looks around in shock...she wonders what on Earth could've happened...Dr.Stansville tells Eugenia wait...she remembers something that DID happen here...several months ago!


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