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Episode#415: Mystery Woman




Episode#415: Mystery Woman

-Lucas pulls back from kissing Jan and tells her that she still has to understand that...he can't do what they did that night because of Eugenia...and he's still trying to figure all this out. Jan sighs and says of course...

-Mike tells Alexis thats NOT true...he got over Robin years ago...they're through! He says its just...three times, two times that Robin nearly died? That is a bit suspicious...Alexis says Robin's a scheming liar, she set her up each time...Laura's innocent! She tells Mike she has to believe that...because Laura needs more than just her supporting her!

-Laura is in her cell at the police station...she sits...she thinks that this may be the end for her...she can't see Alexis getting her out of this...she looks up when the guard says she has a visitor...she looks up to see Jeremy!

-Eugenia asks Dr.Stansville WHAT...she says she has to tell her! Dr.Stansville says she's trying to think...she says there was a woman out in the hall...several months back...and she said she was here for a cold or something...but Dr.Stansville was so busy and stressed with other matters she didn't bother to pursue it! Eugenia asks if she knew who the woman was...she says she has to know!!!

*Life in Salem Opening*

-Jan takes baby Josh...she slowly says she should probably go...Lucas tells her to not be like that, but Jan tells him to just don't...she still should go back to the Spears Mansion. Jan leaves, and Lucas shakes his head...saying this DOES have to all stop soon!

-Mike sighs and says to Alexis she needs to just give this all up...he loves Laura, she's his mother...but its just...this whole situation is so tiresome...he tells Alexis to let it go! Alexis says no...she vows that she won't let this go until she brings those two bitches, Robin and Cassie, down!!!

-Laura rushes up to the bars...she asks Jeremy what he's doing here...he tells her he just...wanted to come see her. Laura smiles and thanks him, saying she didn't expect something like this...Jeremy tells her that he still cares about her...things have just been really crazy...Laura nods, and she asks Jeremy what he thinks of Robin's accusations!

-Dr.Stansville thinks hard...but shakes her head, saying she's sorry but she can't remember! Eugenia curses...Dr.Stansville says she's so sorry...if she ever remembers anything more...she'll be sure to call her, and Eugenia gives her her number...knowing that she can't find anything more here, Eugenia leaves the hospital...as she leaves, she thinks to herself that she definitely has a mystery to solve!


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