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Episode#411: Celeste Attacks Vivian




Episode#411: Celeste Attacks Vivian

-Its another new day in the town of Salem!

-At the police station, Kristen enters and sees Bo...she tells him once again...she's so sorry about his father! Bo thanks her, and she asks how he is...he says its kinda weird...he and Victor were never REALLY close, but its still...just sad...however...he's back together with his wife at long last!

-Valentine is seen entering a hidden place...she greets someone...and its revealed to be...ANDRE!!!! Valentine tells Andre she has ALOT of useful information for him...and Andre grins!

-Justin is walking through Salem Place...he thinks to himself how crazy everything has been....Victor's gone, Vivian's practically taken everything in town over...and he has no clue who killed his uncle! Justin says alot of people tried to kill him over the years...but he didn't KNOW of any enemies lately...Forrest is gone...Stefano's dead...he was SLEEPING with Dorian...suddenly, Justin bumps right into SUGA!

-Celeste and Kate walk up to the Kiriakis Mansion...Kate sighs and says she technically lives here, but hasn't been back here since before she was arrested...Celeste says she hasn't been able to go here since Victor's death...but she's ready now! They both are about to enter...when none other than Vivian comes out...asking if they need something! Kate asks Vivian what the hell she's doing here...and Vivian tells the ladies she's Victor's late WIFE...this is her mansion...and they can get off her property!

*Life in Salem Opening*

-Kristen looks at Bo in shock and asks if that means...he and Hope worked everything out! Bo grins and says yes...its so great...they've been working on moving back in together at his house and the divorce papers were trashed...he, his wife, and his daughters are about to be a family again! Kristen smiles and says thats great...it really is. Bo tells her not to worry though...he's still going to help her find out who set Peter up to die...this doesn't change anything between them!

-Valentine informs Andre that not only did Vivian marry Victor before the man died...well...she found out some juicy secrets!!! Andre says do tell...and Valentine tells her husband EVERYTHING about what she overheard Sami and her talking about that one day...AND Vivian's confession the night Victor was stabbed...she tells Andre from what she can gather...Vivian made sure both Stefano and Peter died!

-Justin looks at Suga...he slowly says he thinks she's that woman Victor hired to kill Dorian!!! Suga gulps and slowly says...yes...thats her, and lies and tells Justin she's so sorry for his loss...she did some crazy things for Mr.Kiriakis...but he was a good man. Justin nods and says that he was...and asks Suga if she may know anything on who killed Victor!

-Kate tells Vivian she LIVES here...and Celeste says this was the love of her life's house! Vivian shrugs and says too bad...and tells Kate she'll be back in prison for murdering Peter soon enough...and tells Celeste that no matter what she and Victor said to her, she tells her that she and Victor were MAN AND WIFE at his death...Henderson approaches and Kate exclaims for him to stop her...and he very sadly says he can't!!! Vivian says she has EVERYTHING now...Celeste looks at Vivian with a huge rage in her eyes, and screams:

Celeste:You WHORE!!!!!

Celeste then ATTACKS Vivian, tackling her to the ground!


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