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Episode#410: Euologies

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Episode#410: Euologies

-Its a brand new day in Salem...days after Victor's death!

-Dorian stands inside St.Luke's...she looks down at Victor's coffin...she says its interesting...only two months ago, she wanted revenge on him for all that happened with Viki...but then, in his last moments of life, she was having sex with him...she says she's so glad that at least...they managed to bury what happened before he died...she sniffs...she suddenly turns around to Celeste! Celeste slowly greets her...and Dorian says she's sorry, she just...wanted to come here early so she could have a moment with Victor...one last moment, since she won't be giving a euology...Celeste tells her she understands...Dorian tells Celeste she's so sorry...she's sorry about all that happened between them...and about Victor dying, and that she couldn't prevent it...Celeste says there's nothing any of them could do. Dorian says she also knows she...slept with Victor before his death, even though he married Vivian and confessed his love to Celeste later on...she tells her she's sorry about that for her sake...Celeste shakes her head and tells her its fine...she tells Dorian its time to bury whatever hatred they have for each other, as well. Dorian agrees...saying that she doesn't hate Victor anymore...so she shouldn't have any ill feelings towards her...and she also apologizes for any havoc she tried to wreak on her and Victor...Celeste forgives her, as she also apologizes for slapping her and blaming her at the hospital...Dorian tells her she understands, and they hug, finally ending the hatred they had for each other...as Bo enters, Dorian leaves and says she'll be back for the funeral...

-Justin is with Adrienne Kiriakis(Judi Evans)...they are in the car on the way to the Church, and Adrienne comforts her husband, asking if he's alright...he nods...he says he's getting through everything, and is just glad she could come to town for the funeral...she tells him of course...she's just sorry the boys couldn't come. Justin says its alright...he just wishes he knows who did this to Victor...

-Celeste stands with Bo at St.Luke's...she says she can't believe its time to bury Victor...he says he's so sorry...she says no...it was his time, and they spent his last moments as they should...she says she just regrets that he married that witch Vivian!!!! She says that Vivian gets Titan, the mansion, EVERYTHING! Bo tells her it will be alright...they suddenly see two people enter...revealed to be Brady and Chloe Black(Kyle Lowder and Nadia Bjorlin)!!

-Laura is seen at the jail at the police station...Alexis enters, and greets her...she says she has to go to that funeral soon...but she just thought she'd drop by and see how she's doing...Laura says she's trying to stay strong but she KNOWS that she'll be back in that mental ward soon!

-Celeste greets Brady and Chloe...saying its so great they could come! Brady nods...and says he still is shocked his grandad is dead...but he's in a better place now, and Chloe agrees...Celeste says he's at peace...slowly, everyone in town arrives at St.Luke's as Victor Kiriakis's funeral begins....

*Life in Salem Opening*

-Everyone sits down in the Church as Father Jansen comes out...he says they are here to bury the great Victor Kiriakis...he says that Victor was a great man...who lived his life to the fullest...but now he is with the Lord. After the beginning statements, he says that first off...his son Bo has a few words to say about Victor!

-Alexis tells Laura not to think like that...Laura says she's tried getting Robin to admit it, but she won't! Alexis lets out a laugh and says that a cold bitch like Robin would NEVER admit anything...she promises Laura that things are gonna look up soon...she goes on to say she's gonna be late for the funeral, and leaves.

-Bo stands up in front of St.Luke's...he tells everyone that his history with Victor is...complicated. For alot of his life, he had no clue that Victor even WAS his father...and when he found out...he wasn't happy...Shawn Sr. was his father, his pop...he resented Victor alot over the years...but slowly, he grew to accept him...he says that Victor was nothing but a great man...he did some very bad things...to alot of people...but he always treated his family well....he says that despite their complex relationship...he'll miss them. He goes and sits down beside Hope, who kisses him...Kristen sits at the back of the Church, and smiles at Bo's euology...

-Some time passes, and Father Jansen calls up Victor's...WIFE, Vivian Alamain! Celeste groans as Vivian walks up in front of everyone...she tells everyone that for many many years...Victor was the only one in her heart...and despite some people's disagreements...she thinks she was the only one in his! She says that Victor and her married while he was on his deathbed...but it was a marriage full of love...and she'll miss him and try to take good care of what he left behind! She sits down...Celeste scowling at the woman...

-Next, Kate gives a euology...she says that she's done alot of horrible things, and alot of people in this room probably hate her right now...but thats not what this is about...its about celebrating Victor's life. She says that she and Victor divorced years ago after a chaotic marriage and a chaotic relationship...but he always will have a piece of her heart...she says that they share a son...he's in prison and couldn't be here today, but is devastated...she tearfully says that she really did love Victor...she kisses his coffin, before going to sit down...Celeste smiles at her...

-Justin goes up to the front of St.Luke's after Kate...he says that his uncle...there are alot of words to describe him. Businessman...evil...ruthless...a great father and uncle...a huge variety! He says he saw it all...he loved Victor...but he did have the tendancy to get out of hand at times...but he always loved him and stood by him, no matter how crazy Victor got...and he'd give anything to have him still here today...and its really terrible, what happened to him...but now is time for his life to be celebrated. Justin sits down beside his wife Adrienne, and she whispers to him that he did great.

-Brady stands up and goes to the front next...he says that he hasn't been in Salem much in the past several years...but he has always been close with his grandad. He says that Victor's always supported him...and he's always supported Victor...despite some problems that cropped up...as he says that, he glances at Nicole, who sighs but simply smiles at him...Brady says that he had nothing but love for Victor...and he hopes he's resting in peace with his mother now. He then sits down.

-Finally, Father Jansen says its time for the last euology...Celeste stands up in front of everyone, and says that she's always known Victor...but it was during early 2008 that they really fell in love...after Stefano DiMera's death was faked...the two got close, and started a relationship...and it soon blossomed into love...she says that they both made some mistakes during the relationship...and it ended a month before his death...but both of them realized, right before Victor died...just how much they loved each other...and they were together when he died...which is what she KNOWS he wanted...and she also knows that he's in a better place...and she's just thankful to have the year and a half with him that she did. Celeste begins to cry as she turns to Victor and says its time to say goodbye...she begs him to watch over her...please, watch over her...Celeste nearly breaks down crying at his casket, before finally sitting down, where Lexie comforts her...

-Father Jansen finishes up the funeral, and soon everyone goes outside as the burial begins...they all put roses on Victor's coffin...many, many people do...including Belle, Nicholas, Alexis, Chloe, Lucas, Brady, and others...finally, Celeste, Bo, and Justin all walk up to the coffin...all of them have tears in their eyes...Justin says they have to be strong, and Bo agrees...Celeste says its what Victor would want...if there was one thing he had, it was strength....they all put their roses on the coffin, and soon, the coffin is lowered into the ground as Father Jansen speaks...

Celeste walks up to the coffin, and leans on it one last time as it goes into the ground, and she whispers:

Celeste:I will always love you...I promise I will...please, rest in peace, dahling...

She continues to cry before stepping back, as Victor Kiriakis is buried and put into the ground...

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