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Episode#409: Victor Dies




Episode#409: Victor Dies

-Alexis promises Laura that she's going to get her out of this, as Robin is wheeled out by Jeremy, with Mike beside him, and groans at Alexis...however, everyone is distracted when they hear Victor's monitor go off as he flatlines!

-Everyone in the waiting room stands at the window....they watch Celeste and Victor....

-Victor and Celeste kiss passionately....a deep kiss full of love...Victor finally dies as the monitor stops buzzing...Celeste slowly pulls up, tears streaming down her cheeks....Victor lies there, motionless...but Celeste knows that everything as it should be...Isabella watches down from Heaven, and smiles...Victor's spirit suddenly goes flying up to Isabella...Celeste meanwhile walks out of the waiting room as nurses slowly walk in...Lexie goes over and pulls her into a tight embrace...Suga continues to watch, thinking its done...Victor Kiriakis is dead!

*Life in Salem Opening*

-Dorian breaks down crying in Destiny's arms...her rival AND lover is now dead...Kate cries as well, thinking to herself that she ALWAYS loved Victor in her own way...Hope comforts and holds Bo, as Travis holds Nicole...Brandon holds Carrie...Abe and Maggie hug each other...Julie sobs quietly...everyone else in the room watches and sob themselves....

-Laura says this night is just awful...Victor's dead and she's going back to the crazy house! Alexis looks back to her and promises her NO...thats NOT happening...not on her watch!

-As Jill, Megan, and Dr.Stansville are walking through the halls...they see the waiting room. Megan spies on Bo and comments how bad she feels for her soulmate...losing his father...Suga also watches...everyone else is in the waiting room as Victor's body is brought out...the ENTIRE cast stands and watches as the body of Victor Kiriakis is taken away...some cry, and some just watch...there is a freezeframe on EVERYONE as the episode ends...


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