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Episode#408: The Love of Victor and Celeste

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Episode#408: The Love of Victor and Celeste

-Everyone stands out in the waiting room now...Bo goes over to Hope, and he just hugs her...Kristen sees this...and she sighs, but remembers that she has bigger things to focus on...he sees Lexie, and asks her how much time she thinks Victor has...Lexie sadly shakes her head and says she doesn't know....Valentine arrives, and walks over to Vivian...Vivian asks what she wants...Valentine wonders to herself if Vivian even remembers her confession, and says she heard about Victor...and she also heard on the news that Vivian and Victor married! Vivian smirks and says yes...she finally got the man she wants!

-Dr.Stansville tells Jill this is what she tried to tell her...she can't keep this in the dark from Bo forever!!!! She then goes on to say that she can barely keep it from Megan! They hear someone say "Keep what from me?" and turn to see Megan!!

-Cassie tells Alexis to GET OUT...she asks WHY she's here! Alexis says her boss was STABBED tonight...she came here once she returned from a little trip and heard about this!!! Mike tells Alexis it'd be best for her to step out...in fact, Robin looks well enough to be released tonight! Chris puts the handcuffs on Laura and she screams NO...she begs one last time...one last time for Robin to admit her lies!

-Victor tells Celeste he loves her....Celeste tears up and says she loves him too...she says she's sorry...she's not sorry about leaving him but she's sorry that it took her this long to come into this room and admit it! Victor shakes his head and says no...he shouldn't have married Vivian like that...hell he shouldn't have slept with Dorian! Celeste tells Victor they should put all that behind him and enjoy his last moments of life...together!

*Life in Salem Opening*

-Valentine snorts and asks Vivian how thats working out for her...she points to the window that peers into Victor's room...and Vivian's eyes go wide when she sees him and Celeste together!!!!

-Megan asks what Dr.Stansville is on about...she says Jill and her wouldn't be happening to keep something from her about HER baby...would they! Jill quickly says no...Dr.Stansville just meant they can't keep the gender of the baby from them much longer! Megan raises an eyebrow but says alright...there better be no funny business though...because if they are screwing her over, there will be HELL to pay!

-Robin stares at Laura and says she's not lying...no, not at all! Alexis growls at Robin and says she's going to pay...Chris begins to drag Laura away, as the Horton's follow and Jeremy begins to help Robin into a new wheelchair...Alexis promises Laura she's going to get her out of this...Cassie walks out into the waiting room and sees Rex...she rushes up to him and hugs him...leading Alexis to think to herself she's going to get rid of Cassie, too!

-Victor agrees...he tells Celeste that he loves her...now...and forever! Celeste says she loved Stefano...loved him deeply...but not like she loves him! Victor says he's loved people like Caroline, Viki, and even Kate like he's loved Celeste...but he knows he and Celeste share something deep! Celeste leans in and kisses her lover, her soulmate...one last time...the two share one last huge kiss as Victor's monitor begins buzzing...EVERYONE in the waiting room turns as they hear it buzz...they all rush to the window...Lexie sighs as she knows its time...Celeste and Victor are calm however...they continue to kiss, celebrating their love as everyone watches...and the great Victor Kiriakis finally dies...spending his last moment the way he wanted...with the woman he loved.

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