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Episode#407: A Spiritual Visit




Episode#407: A Spiritual Visit

-Jill nods and says she understands, and heard about all the chaos with that Victor Kiriakis...Bo says he was going to ask Dr.Stansville some things, but he's sorry for disturbing them...he leaves, and Jill nearly collapses as she says that was close!

-Celeste tells her former son in law that even if she did...she can't, because he slept with Dorian...now he's married Vivian! Abe says that perhaps he did...but Celeste is the one in his heart! He urges Celeste to not give up on Victor now!!!! He says that Victor will come around before the inevitable happens...he's sure of it! Celeste knows Abe is right and thanks him...she hugs him right as Faye walks up!

-Laura yells NO...she didn't do that...SHE DIDN'T! She's innocent...Robin's framing her yet again...SHE sent herself down those stairs intentionally! Jeremy looks at his grandmother in devastation...wondering if this is really TRUE! Robin tells Chris to arrest her before she can hurt her again...suddenly, Alexis enters, and asks whats going on in here!

-Victor looks up at none other than his dead daughter...Isabella Toscano(Staci Grearson) standing above him!!!! Victor looks at her, stunned, and asks what she's doing here...Isabella is in all white, and she tells him she's here so that...before he leaves this Earth...he comes to his senses!

*Life in Salem Opening*

-Rex and Eric enter the hospital...Sami rushes up to Eric, hugging him...saying she's so glad he came...she says she knows she and Victor were never close but all this chaos is just...taking its toll on her...she needed someone close, and Eric says he understands...and he knew Victor somewhat anyway...Rex says that Cassie called him here earlier too...Nicole sees Eric and the two slowly greet each other...Will walks in behind them, and goes over to Lucas...he says he left the kids with a babysitter...he was just getting worried for him with EVERYTHING on the news...Lucas thanks Will for checking in on him...Jan tells Will how dare he leave her children with some stranger, but Lucas stops her, saying not here, not now...

-Victor asks his daughter what she's talking about! Isabella asks Victor how he can let Celeste escape from him like that...she's been watching him and she KNOWS he loves Celeste...yet he sleeps with Dorian Lord and marries Vivian Alamain! Victor tells her that this is nonsense...Celeste broke up with him and finished their relationship after he tried to kill Dorian...Isabella says to remember what Lexie said...Celeste was out there crying for him...she says if he's going to die...it has to be with Celeste by his side!

-Faye walks up and greets Abe and Celeste...she says she heard about all this chaos down here...Abe greets Faye and says yes...things have just gotten...very out of hand. Celeste agrees, but says she should go now...as she walks away, Faye asks Abe how he's holding up in all of this...Abe says he's fine, he's just worried for others...Faye assures him that it will all be fine...they turn as Brandon walks up to them!

-Victor tells Isabella that its too LATE for him and Celeste...they're over...everything's as it should be! Isabella says he's too stubborn for his own good...she says she died with her true love...Roman Brady. Victor needs to die with his! Victor tells his daughter to just stop...Isabella says fine, if she can't convince him...maybe this person can...suddenly, CAROLINE BRADY(Peggy McCay) appears!!!

-Jeremy yells for Alexis to get out...this doesn't concern her! Alexis looks around and asks how Robin's in the hospital again...Robin tells Chris to ignore that blonde bitch and arrest Laura! Chris says Robin's right...he puts Laura under arrest for the attempted murder of Robin Jacobs!!!!! Jeremy gulps...Mike just sighs, as does Maggie...Alexis yells NO, this can't happen...Robin's a pathetic liar!

-Caroline appears...Victor asks what she's doing here...she's in a coma! Caroline nods and says she is...but she's here to make sure he and Celeste reunite...she tells Victor that she's always loved hi,...and he says he's always loved her...Caroline says however that she knows that he also loves Celeste...and she says that he let her get away from him...don't do the same to Celeste! Isabella says to Victor that Caroline's right!!!

-Brandon greets his parents...and they greet him, Abe saying its been too long...Brandon says this all is terrible...and Faye hugs him as she says she knows...Abe says to his son that they just have to stay strong in a time like this...and hope everything works out.

-Isabella and Caroline both tell Victor to make the right decision...they are both here to show him how foolish he has been...time is of the essence...he has to make things right with Celeste...forget Dorian, forget Vivian, just...go to Celeste! Victor is silent, as Caroline says she knows he'll make the right decision...she vanishes. Isabella tells her father to look inside his heart...and he'll know what to do. She blows him a kiss before vanishing herself.

-Celeste slowly enters Victor's hospital room...he is still unconscious...she slowly sits down beside him and says she's sorry...she doesn't regret breaking up with him, because it really was wrong of him to hire Suga to kill Dorian...but she still loves him...she always has...even though he slept with Dorian, and married Vivian...Victor slowly opens his eyes...he sees Celeste before him, and says:

Victor:I love you, Celeste.


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