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Episode#406: Marriage



Kendall OR Greenlee...  

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Episode#406: Marriage

-Jan turns to Nicole and tells her to go away...Nicole chuckles and says thankfully, its been awhile...Jan says to Nicole to go back to happy land with her boyfriend...nothing about HER son is coming out anytime soon! Nicole tells Jan to just keep on thinking that, before Travis tells her to come on, something's happening with Victor!

-Jill slowly says "Hi...Bo", and Bo looks at her and says its been quite awhile...Jill nods and says it has...Bo looks at her and sees she's pregnant...and he suddenly flashes back to having drunk sex with Jill...Bo says NO...she can't be carrying his baby!

-Some of the Horton's walk into Robin's hospital room...Mike says everything seems alright with her, and Chris says he has to question her now...Mike tells Chris to take it easy and not jump into all this too quick...the woman just went flying down a staircase! Robin says no...she's ready to answer whatever he has to ask...Chris asks if Laura Horton had ANY involvement in her falling down that staircase!

-Everyone watches in shock when Father Jansen pronounces Vivian and Victor man and wife! Celeste's face pales...she slowly says she shouldn't have come down here...and runs off! Abe turns and follows...Justin bursts into Victor's hospital room and asks what the HELL he is thinking! Victor tells his nephew to not argue this decision...he knows that he's going to die, and this is for the best!

*Life in Salem Opening*

-Justin asks Victor how the HELL marrying this TRAMP is for the best...Victor says he needs her to oversee everything...Justin says thats what HE'S here for...Victor says he's sorry, but Justin may have to leave Salem for Adrienne or the boys at any moment...Vivian will always be around...which is why he's marrying her before he dies!!!!! Everyone outside watches, as Nicole and Travis approach, all of them in disbelief...

-Jill is silent for a moment, as Dr.Stansville stares in shock...Jill slowly says no...she says this is another man's...she slept with him back in Janurary...and he left town after finding out she was pregnant...Dr.Stansville has been taking care of her ever since! Bo sighs in relief and says good, he's sorry its just...he can't take anymore chaos!

-Lexie walks inside Victor's hospital room...she tells Vivian she hates to disrupt whatever this is...but she needs to check on Victor! Vivian says of course...she and Justin leave...as Lexie checks Victor's stats, she asks how the hell he could do this...how could he do this to his family and her MOTHER!

-Vivian walks outside...Kate scowls at seeing her...she walks up to her, and SLAPS her!!!

-Abe chases Celeste in his wheelchair...he begs her to stop! Celeste finally turns and asks why should she...its obvious Victor is in love with Vivian! Abe tells her no...he says Victor's not in love with a woman like Vivian Alamain...he may love Celeste, but think Celeste doesn't want HIM! Celeste explains that until now....she thought she didn't...or maybe she doesn't, she has no clue! Abe says oh no...she definitely still loves Victor!

-Robin looks at Laura...Laura's eyes are filled with a plea...for Robin to tell the truth for once! Maggie hugs Laura...Cassie says "Well?", and Jeremy asks his mother if grandma had anything to do with it! Robin finally says....YES, Laura PUSHED her down those stairs after trying to assault her once AGAIN!

-Victor tells Lexie that Celeste doesn't care about him anymore...she broke up with him over a month ago! Lexie snaps that if she didn't care about Victor...she wouldn't have been here for the last few hours crying her eyes out for him! Victor is silent, and Lexie says yes, thats right...but its probably too late now! Lexie tells him to just...try to get some rest...Lexie turns and leaves as Victor slowly falls unconscious...

-Kate SLAPS Vivian, and Vivian asks her what the hell that was for...Kate yells its for what she's doing...she's terrorizing lives...she's doing this for HERSELF, and just because she's obessed with Victor and hates Celeste!!! She tells Vivian to give it up, not act like she's doing this for Titan...thats probably just a bonus! Vivian tells Kate to go die on a hole, as Julie pulls Kate away from Vivian and tells her to just calm down...Belle says Julie's right, there's no hope in dealing with this bitch!

-Victor is unconscious in his room...however, slowly, he opens his eyes when he hears a voice calling "Father"...Victor looks around, and asks who's there, and then a feminine voice says "Daddy...Victor...its me...." and Victor looks up to see ISABELLA TOSCANO(Staci Grearson) appearing above him!


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