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Episode#405: Man and Wife




Episode#405: Man and Wife

-Julie tells Chris to leave Laura ALONE...she is an innocent civillian! Chris says that Laura has a history of problems like this and Robin's apparently already accused her of trying to kill her TWICE!!! He then says that Laura still has some time left of freedom...but its fast running out!

-Jeremy walks into Robin's room...he caresses her face, saying he's so glad he didn't lose her...he says he knows she's strong, she's a fighter...but he just...he hopes that his grandma didn't do this to her...she couldn't have! It had to be an accident! He then hears Robin mutter:

Robin:Laura...that bitch...

-Brandon and Carrie look at Nicole...trying to smile in a time like this...and they say yes...they made it official tonight! Nicole says wow...this is yet another shock! Travis congratulates them...saying at least there are more happy couples in Salem, and Brandon agrees...Nicole then comments that at least its better than Sami!

-Jan watches Eugenia closely...Mike asks Eugenia what she needs...Eugenia says its about her baby...as he may know, Blake Willens was stillborn months ago...but she found out something tonight...that may think he's alive and somehow she was tricked at his very hospital! Mike looks at her, confused...and asks what she means...Eugenia says that Celeste...who generally is pretty on par with what she says...had a vision of her baby crying when he was born...and she doesn't even know the name of the nurse who delivered him! Mike tells Eugenia that in this hospital...nurses rarely or never deliver babies themselves!

-Victor asks what the HELL she's talking about...marrying each other! Vivian tells Victor that he's dying...its the truth...he needs SOMEONE to watch over Titan and EVERYTHING for him! Victor says he has Justin for that...Vivian asks what if Justin has to leave town again...he needs her...and she can finally reunite the businesses of Salem: Alamain, the DiMera's, and Titan! Vivian continues to push Victor to do this...Victor finally says...FINE, he will!

*Life in Salem Opening*

-Jeremy raises an eyebrow...he asks Robin if she's awake! Robin doesn't respond...Jeremy sighs and stands up to leave...but he turns when she opens her eyes and calls out his name!!! Jeremy asks if she can hear him...Robin slowly nods, and Jeremy rejoices...his mother is awake!

-Kristen walks into the hospital...she sees Bo there, and greets him...she says she heard about all this chaos on the news! Bo nods and says his father....is dying! Kristen gasps and tells him she's so sorry....she hugs him, which Hope sees!

-Vivian says excellent, and inwardly rejoices as she tells herself that finally...after years...she can have the man she loves...not Celeste...not Kate...not Dorian...HER! Vivian then goes onto place a call, as Victor contemplates what he's doing...

-Lexie walks up to Celeste...she hugs her mother, and Celeste cries...she tells Lexie that she never thought any of this would happen...she and Victor broke up a month ago but...somehow this still hurts her deeply...Lexie asks her if she...still loves Victor!

-Hope brushes the hug off, saying Kristen and Bo are only friends...she has to have faith in her husband! Bo sees Dr.Stansville walk by, and tells he tells Kristen Lexie is busy with Celeste...he wants to talk to Dr.Stansville. Kristen nods, and Bo walks off...

-Suga watches the chaos...she thinks to herself that she succeeded...she's not going back to prison! However, she watches all the lives she's hurt...she sees Celeste crying in Lexie's arms....she sees Destiny holding Dorian...Nicholas holding Belle...she sees both Kate and Justin in obvious mourning...she also sees Maggie, Carrie, Brandon, Julie, Sami, Lucas, and even Nicole in devastation...she sees Kristen and Hope, also looking sad themselves...she again thinks she recognizes Hope, but once again shrugs it away...she says she's hurt so many lives...but it had to be done...

-Bo follows Dr.Stansville....Dr.Stansville enters her office, unknown Bo isn't far behind, and tells Jill that this has been one crazy night...an infamous man is dying...Bo enters, saying he has some questions...but he stops dead in his tracks when he sees a very pregnant Jill!!!!!

-Mike says that whenever someone goes into labour like that...nurses are REQUIRED to page doctors or other help...Eugenia tells him it was only this lone nurse...Mike asks what room she was in...Eugenia says she can't remember but it was in the back of the hospital...Mike says that is Dr.Stansville's area, mostly, so she may know more...but he will say that when he checked her out that one day months ago...her baby was healthy! Jan watches, and says no...this can't be happening NOW of all times! Nicole walks up behind her, and whispers:

Nicole:Your little baby scandal finally being exposed?

-Julie tells Maggie this is just heartbreaking...she was close to Victor once, and he does NOT deserve to die! Maggie agrees...Abe says Victor has done some awful things in his day...but he doesn't know why this had to happen....suddenly, everyone sees Father Jansen enter...Kristen stands next to Hope and Kate, and wonders what the hell he's doing here!

-Jeremy rushes out...he rushes over to Laura, Cassie, and some others...he says Robin's awake! Chris nods and says they all better head into her room then...Mike hears this and tells Eugenia he has a patient to tend to...she nods and thanks him before he walks off...Jeremy confirms to Mike that Robin is awake...and Maggie hears this, and tells Julie she'll go with Jeremy...Julie nods, and they all walk off....

-Father Jansen walks up to Lexie and asks for Mr.Kiriakis's room...Lexie gives him the location, but asks what he's doing here...he says he's here to perform a marriage ceremony...alot of people hear this, and the majority of them follow him as he walks off!

-Father Jansen enters Victor's hospital room...Vivian tells him they're ready! Father Jansen begins...and Victor and Vivian take their vows! Everyone approaches, and they all are SHOCKED as they hear Father Jansen pronounce them man and wife!


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