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Welcome, everyone, to my new fanfic/blog: One Life At A Time, a fic based on the ABC soap opera "One Life to Live"....people also mainly know me as the Creator/Head Writer/Executive Producer of "Life in Salem", a fic based on the NBC soap "Days of Our Lives"....however, I am not particularly enjoying OLTL right now, and have been wanting to take a stab at writing it for ages...and now that it seems you can have more than one blog on SON, I decided now would be the perfect time!

"This is, in itself, an experiment...I want to see if I can correctly write OLTL, and if I can handle more than one fic at once...this fic shall pick up RIGHT after yesterday's episode, NOT today's episode, and right now, I'm not sure how regularly it will air....it will be a slow process, trying to get it off the ground, but I think I can do it, or at least try....again, this may not be successful, but I am very very willing to try and see how much I can handle." Tara Smith explained

Expect more information about the show to be released soon....and the first episode to premiere VERY soon...maybe even today!

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