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Episode#320: Will's Fate




Episode#320: Will’s Fate

-At Maggie’s house, Maggie, Julie, Abe, and Laura all continue to talk…but suddenly, they hear the doorbell ring, and Maggie answers it to see…HOPE! Maggie is stunned and tells her to come in and get out of the pounding rain, and Hope slowly walks in, and after shutting the door Maggie pulls her into a tight hug, saying she missed her so much…and is so glad she’s out of jail..but she asks what she’s doing here, she expected her to be alone at home with Bo! Hope sighs as she sheds another tear…and asks Maggie if she can stay here!

-Greta tells Nicole through the window that yet again, she wins…she and her partner in crime are locked up again! Nicole says that they’ll get out, eventually…she showed Greta she knows how to push her buttons…she can do it again! Jan slowly asks if her baby’s alright…Greta replies she looks fine, but she’ll call Lea back down here to check on her.

-At the DiMera Mansion…Vivian sits in Stefano’s office, where just hours ago Stefano confronted her on setting up Peter’s death…she thinks to herself about how Sami had BETTER have killed Stefano by now, because she needs him dead before he can throw her out of the DiMera family and fortune…

-The paramedic says its unlikely that whoever fell off the cliff is alive…they might not even be able to search down there…Eugenia says that’s just too bad, and Lucas agrees…Sami listens and realizes that the deed is done…Stefano DiMera is dead! Eugenia comforts Lucas over all of this as another paramedic rushes up to Lucas and says they have news on his son!

*Life in Salem Opening*

-Maggie tells her, while confused, that of course she can stay here…but asks why she seems upset, and why she wants to stay here…Maggie says she thought she’d want to be with Bo, but Hope shakes her head and says she wants to see her daughters and…she may need to stay here for awhile. Julie, Laura, and Abe all enter as Hope rushes upstairs, and they all are very confused…

-Lea arrives at the Secret Room again after Greta calls her down there, and Greta informs her of what happened and lets her into the Secret Room, but this time stays outside the room itself…Lea examines Jan, and Jan asks how her baby is…Lea says its alive…but she has to be honest, NONE of what has been happening is good for her pregnancy! Jan says she knows and that’s why Greta needs to let her out, and Nicole leans down and whispers into Lea’s ear that she may need to take action into her own hands…because she couldn’t let an innocent baby die, could she?

-Vivian continues to think about how she hopes Stefano is dead…also so she can continue with her plans!

-Lucas anxiously asks how Will is, as Eugenia continues to try to keep him calm and comfort him, and the other paramedic reveals that Will and his friend…are stabilized! Lucas, Eugenia, and Sami in the background breathe a big sigh of relief…and the paramedic says that any injuries are minor…and whoever was here first did well in trying to stop the bleeding…they then say he doesn’t even have to go to the hospital, they just recommend Will and Destiny go in for some check ups! Lucas is so relieved he falls into Eugenia’s arms, as Sami runs off…so happy her son lived…

-Hope walks up to a random, empty room…and continues to cry as she takes her soaking wet clothes off and gets into the shower…as she showers, trying to wash the pain away, she constantly flashes back to seeing her husband in bed with Kristen…

-Lea looks at Nicole and ignores her, trying to shrug it off…Nicole tells her she has to be really cold hearted to do this…I mean a young, innocent life is at risk but she doesn’t care…Lea simply whispers that its her job…Nicole tells her if she says so…Lea is silent for a moment, and just tells Jan her baby is alright and alive before she leaves the Secret Room…Nicole grins, and once outside, Lea asks Greta if she really has to keep this up!

-Vivian paces around Stefano’s office, and she glances at a few photos of the Phoenix…she comments he really was…kind…to marry her and let her in on his plans and get her out of jail, despite how devious his plans have been…suddenly, Sami walks in…and Vivian looks to her and asks what happened…where’s Stefano! Sami takes a deep breathe and says, still a bit shaken but relieved:

Sami:Well…Vivian…I think…Stefano is dead. I was chasing him…and his car hit another car in the pouring rain, and his car went flying off a cliff…and I overheard the paramedics, once they got there to take care of the other people…say that it is very unlikely that Stefano survived.

Vivian’s eyes widen, but she also grins…realizing her plans to kill Stefano have SUCCEEDED!


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