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Episode#312: The Riot Begins




Episode#312: The Riot Begins

-It is nightfall in Salem, a thunder storm is brewing!

-At the Spears Mansion, Destiny sits by a window and watches as the rain pours. Will walks in, and Destiny smiles when she sees him as they greet each other. Will is all dressed up, and Destiny asks him why…he tells her he knows there’s a real bad storm out tonight, but to get their minds off all the custody drama, he wanted to know if she’d….go out to dinner with him!

-Lucas walks into the Java Café, and continues to think about Jan missing and his ever growing interesting situation with Eugenia. As he walks up to the counter, he runs into Carrie!

-Steve is down at the pier, he says he’s searched everywhere in Salem….he can’t find his wife!

-Vivian is in the living room at the DiMera Mansion, and she says tonight may be the night….the night Stefano dies! And then she can move on with her plans, and she doesn’t have to worry about Peter’s death….she quiets down when Stefano himself enters, and he tells her they need to talk!

-At the jail, Larry sits in his cell and laughs….and says its time for a prison riot!

*Life in Salem Opening*

-Destiny is shocked at Will’s offer, and she tells him wow, this is so unexpected! They continue to talk for a moment and he asks if she’ll do it…and she finally says yes, sure, she’ll go out with him tonight!

-Carrie slowly greets Lucas, and tells him its been awhile. He smiles slowly and says yeah, the last time they saw each other was at Marlena’s funeral a few months ago. Carrie asks him how he and Will are, and Lucas explains he’s fine just everything’s crazy with Jan running off, and Will is trying to get ready to fight for his daughter. Carrie tells him she’s so sorry about everything, and it seems a lot of things are crazy in all their lives right now….and if he ever needs anything, she’s here for him!

-Steve continues to desperately wonder where the hell his wife is and what happened to her…a man watches Steve as he paces, and he slowly writes something down on a note!

-Vivian slowly asks Stefano what they need to talk about, and Stefano tells him its about Peter’s death….Vivian again asks what about that, and he slowly tells her he thinks someone set him up to die….and he may know who it was! Vivian’s eyes widen!

-Larry begins to put his plan into motion….he slowly cuts his stomach slightly with a razor in his jail cell, just enough to make it look somewhat bloody….he lies down on the ground, and screams out, yelling for help! The security guards rush towards his cell!

-Will is overjoyed at Destiny accepting his offer, and she tells him she’ll go get dressed…Will says he’ll be downstairs waiting for her, and as he walks away and Destiny starts to get ready, she thinks about how nice it is for Will to ask her out….she wonders if it could be anything romantic, but she says no, Will will always love Arianna, and she shouldn’t even put the thought into her mind!

-Lucas thanks Carrie, and Carrie says its funny….after they broke up so she could be with Austin in 2006, Austin cheated on her, they divorced, and she’s here back in Salem. Lucas says in shock he never knew Austin cheated on her, and Carrie nods and says its true. Lucas says he’s so sorry, and that just doesn’t seem like Austin. Carrie says well it happened, and Lucas tells her to remember he’s there for her, like she is for him…not romantically…just as a friend. Carrie nods and smiles as she leaves the Java Café…

-The note slides towards Steve’s foot, and he sees it there and wonders what it is. He slowly picks it up and it reads “1412 SALEM BOULEVARD DRIVE”. Steve looks around and says outloud that may be where Kayla is…he says first, he might need some help! He rushes off!

-Vivian nervously asks who could it be that set up Peter, and she wonders why anyone would set up Peter in the first place. Stefano slowly says that not many people hated Peter, so the one who truly did set him up to die instead of Tony is obvious....Vivian shakes, and Stefano looks her deep in the eyes, and says:

Stefano:I know its you who is responsible for my son’s death.

-The security guards walk into Larry’s cell, as he lies on the ground, moaning and groaning. One of them says they should take him to the nurse, and as they try to get Larry up…suddenly he jumps up on his own, and punches both of them! Larry steals the keys off one of the guards, and runs out of his cell and locks them inside! Larry proceeds to unlock all of the prisoners’ cells saying its time to escape this hell hole, as a prison riot begins!


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