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Episode#311: The Calm Before the Storm




Episode#311: The Calm Before the Storm

-It is a new day in Salem!

-Jan and Nicole are down in the Secret Room, and Jan is sitting on her bed, rubbing her stomach gently…she whispers to her unborn baby that she’s going to protect it no matter what. Nicole just rolls her eyes, and Greta walks in and tells them today is the day…Jan gets to meet her nurse!

-Above the Secret Room, in the Spears Mansion, Eugenia is getting something to drink for herself in the kitchen…she thinks about how nice it was for Lucas to let her stay here, and as she turns around to go into another room she runs into Will!

-Bo slowly wakes up in his bed…and he wakes up next to….KRISTEN!

-Vivian is in the courtyard outside the DiMera Mansion, on her cell phone. She tells the person on the other side that today has to be the day, and the man says don’t worry….and soon it is revealed to be LARRY! Larry assures Vivian that he’ll break Sami out of jail TODAY!

-Steve is pacing around his apartment….wondering why Kayla hasn’t come back yet! He wonders if the Cassadine empire has done something, and he opens his door to find a letter there!

-Megan walks into an office at the hospital, and a woman is seen there at a desk…the plaque on the desk says “Dr. Phyllis Stansville.” Dr.Stansville(Brandy Norwood) stands up and smiles at Megan and welcomes her in, and Megan asks if her friend Jill is here…Dr.Stansville nods, and asks if Megan is ready for the procedure!

-Stefano is down at Marlena’s grave….he sits there, and tells his Queen of the Night he has been meaning to visit her, but he has been so busy. He explains the situation with Peter’s death, and he says that….as vital as she has been to him and his plans, he must rid himself of his son’s killer….and continue the domination of Salem!

*Life in Salem Opening*

-At the Alamain Mansion, Nicholas comes downstairs, and Forrest tells him its good to see him, he has a tentative plan in mind on how to get Alamain back from their crazy aunt. Nicholas tells him to save it, he’s done with all of this. Forrest asks him what the hell he’s talking about, and Nicholas smirks and says:

Nicholas:I’ve had enough….at this point, I say forget Alamain. We fought to save it, to keep it, we lost. I’ve even tried to stay by this family’s side after we lost it, even if it hasn’t been that long since we did, but I give up. I am giving up on this damn family, its fallen apart. I don’t care about your orders or plans, I am going to reunite with my love, Belle, and we’re leaving this crazy ass town. I have been back in Salem for two years and its been pure hell, aside from meeting and falling in love with Belle, which you tried to ruin.

Forrest:Excuse me?! Damn it, Nicholas, stop being so whiny. I’ve had about enough….you lost Belle because of me, that’s all you ever say. We were in the middle of a war with Titan, yet you were dating their top model, that is just unacceptable. And this family is in shambles but I have been the only one trying to put it back together. Ever since 2006 when I came to this town, I have tried to restore the Alamain family and the Alamain business. Vivian tried to stop me though, and now you are. I am not giving up, and I am starting to realize I am the only one that’s trying to get this family back on its feet. You are all talking about how you’re gonna get your model and leave Salem, Valentine’s vanished into thin air, Billie’s not even supporting me anymore!

Nicholas:Maybe its because everyone’s realized you aren’t the great man we all thought you were! I had faith in you for awhile, but now you’re just pathetic. All you are, all you’ll ever be. Its time for me to take my life back, I’m not going to operate under your thumb any longer!

-At a mysterious hideaway, Valentine and Andre are both there. Valentine wipes a tear from her eye, and says its so sad that her ex-lover, Peter, is dead…he helped her so much in the temporary downfall of her sister. Andre says he was a fine man, but nothing to cry over….they have bigger things on their mind! Valentine nods, and she says that she is going to take down her sister Vivian, no matter what it takes!

-Jan tells Greta that she is not using any nurse Greta hired! Greta tells her its too late for that, and then says that she’ll bring her in…Greta leaves for a moment, and Jan and Nicole wait for her to come back, and soon Greta comes back with a woman….Greta tells them to meet Lea Zaslow(Janet Zarish)!

-Will is shocked to see Eugenia, and asks what she’s doing here…Eugenia says she’s sorry, and asks if he remembers her, she’s Eugenia Willens! He says vaguely, and as Lucas walks in, Eugenia tells him that Lucas invited her to stay with them!

-Bo looks at Kristen as she wakes up….and she looks around and gasps and asks if…they slept together! Bo slowly says yes, and both of them remember making love and coming up to Bo’s bedroom last night after Kristen broke down! Bo tells her he’s so sorry, he shouldn’t have, especially with the state she’s in….she tells him no…don’t apologize…she actually…enjoyed it!

-As Vivian hangs up her phone, she says excellent…everything is going as planned….now she just needs to wait!

-Steve looks at this letter, and he tears it open to read it….and he takes out a simple paper that reads “YOUR WIFE IS IN DANGER”.

-Megan nods, and says she thinks she’s waited long enough for everything to take its course, but not too long….Dr.Stansville asks if she really wants to do this, and she says it could be risky….not to mention her entire plan is almost crazy. Megan orders her to not question her, its time to get to work!

-Stefano continues to talk at Marlena’s grave, and he says he’s running out of time, and Vivian did help in taking over Alamain….but if she killed his son, then all bets are off! He tells Marlena he never loved the woman, but he did need her….however, now she’s going to pay!

-Forrest tells Nicholas to STOP acting like an IDIOT, and he WILL obey him and help him get Alamain back, for both their sakes! Nicholas laughs and says he just doesn’t care….he’s going to get Belle back, and then he’s getting out of this rat hole of a town! Nicholas then storms out!

-Valentine and Andre vow to take down Salem!

-Jan and Nicole look at this Lea Zaslow, as Lea examines the place…she nervously looks at Greta and says it is nice, and Jan laughs and says she’s not letting someone like THIS take care of her! Greta asks if she’d stop saying that, and Nicole asks Lea what Greta had to pay her to do this….Lea sighs and says she’s sorry, and this may all seem odd but she really is a skilled nurse…and she can take care of Jan during her pregnancy, all the while keeping quiet about them being under here!

-Will slowly says he sees, and looks to Lucas, and pulls him aside. Lucas tells him this is probably temporary, and Will reminds him that he has a FIANCEE, even though he’s no Jan fan and she ran off a few months ago. Lucas says he knows, and promises to Will that this is nothing romantic. Eugenia says she hopes this isn’t a problem, but Lucas assures her it isn’t, and his son was only a bit shocked.

-Bo tells Kristen this still wasn’t right, because he’s MARRIED! He says his marriage may be pretty much in shambles but he is married…Kristen tells him….maybe its alright, and she actually has….no regrets. Kristen and Bo again stare into their eyes, and kiss again! They fall back down onto the bed, giving in to their passion….

-Steve very angrily looks at the note, and curses as he stomps out of his apartment!

-Dr.Stansville asks Megan if she’d like to see Jill before she has the procedure, and Megan nods, and Dr.Stansville says she’ll go finish preparing as Megan walks into Jill’s room….

-Stefano slowly stands up and walks away from Marlena’s grave, as he says that he’s going to confront his wife…TONIGHT!


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