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Episode#281: Christmas!




Episode#281: Christmas!

-Its Christmas Day in Salem!

-At the Alamain Mansion, Forrest, Billie, Nicholas, and Valentine are all trying to have a happy Christmas, but not succeeding…Valentine continues to be off in her own little world, Forrest and Billie romance each other, and Nicholas is still angry at Forrest over what happened with Belle. After awhile, Forrest sighs and looks at everyone and says this has to stop!

-At the Kiriakis Mansion, Victor, Celeste, Justin, Kate, and Justin’s wife Adrienne Kiriakis(special guest star Judi Evans) are all sitting having Christmas Dinner, and Justin tells Adrienne he’s so glad she could come to Salem for Christmas, he just wishes the boys could have come. Adrienne smiles and tells him she’s glad to be here, and Celeste smiles at the happy couple, and kisses Victor as Kate mutters that she needs a man. Victor tells them all that this is a fantastic Christmas and a great year is ahead, a year where he will finally take Alamain!

-Stefan and Kayla romance each other on Christmas!

-At the hospital, everyone prepares for the traditional reading of the story…

*Life in Salem Opening: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=eo2A7rZhZGA *

-At the hospital, Bo is planning to read the story to the children, but as he gets ready he runs into Kristen! He asks her what she’s doing down here on Christmas, and Kristen tells him that as crazy it seems she’s had to come down here for some check ups, and she even had to come down here on Christmas…she explains she had some very minor injuries when Elvis almost blew up St.Luke’s, and Bo says he heard about that, and he wishes he could arrest her dumb brother. Kristen laughs and says that makes two of them, and Kristen is silent for a moment but then asks how his first Christmas without Hope is!

-Forrest tells the Alamains and Billie that he is sick of this constant struggling in the family, its been going on all year…he says first it was just with Vivian but she’s been out of their lives since Spring yet still this is going on. Nicholas snaps to Forrest that it wouldn’t be happening if he didn’t act like just a dumbass, and Forrest stands up and tells him that he is his boss and his uncle and he won’t have that type of talk! Billie tries to calm Forrest down but he tells Nicholas that its Christmas, and he’ll be damned if he’s going to let him talk like that!

-Kate tells Victor that she just wishes their son could be here for Christmas with them, and Victor tells her that Philip deserves to be in jail for all he pulled. Kate tells Victor that he’s done worse even in recent years, and that it was Belle’s fault anyway! Justin tells them to not fight, its Christmas, and Kate exclaims she shouldn’t be here, and she wouldn’t be if Victor wasn’t practically holding her captive! Kate tells them all that she needs to go call Lucas, and Rex and Cassie and Billie, and wish them a merry Christmas. As Kate walks off, Celeste sighs, but Victor kisses her hand and tells her to not let him and Kate’s fighting get to her…Celeste smiles and tells Victor she’s so glad to have a man like him in her life.

-Kayla continues to think something is off with “Steve” somehow, but she just brushes it off and tries to spend a happy Christmas with her “husband”.

-Bo tells Kristen that its hard without Hope, its hard to even talk about. He says that he loves her so much but their relationship is so damaged, and she’s in prison. He says that its been hard living without her and just with his two daughters, but he’s pulling through, and that’s one reason he chose to read the story…he didn’t want to spend some sad, lonely Christmas at home. Kristen says she understands how it feels and its coming upon the one year anniversary of her rape, which still haunts her…Bo and Kristen continue to comfort each other over their troubles.

-Nicholas tells Forrest he’s a grown ass man, he’ll talk however he wants. Valentine just laughs and says that they’re all acting like morons as Forrest and Nicholas continue their fight. After awhile, Billie finally yells “ENOUGH” and asks them if they can look at themselves…its Christmas, and they are all fighting, they are all STILL fighting! She tells them to just hold off until after the holidays, and after a moment, the Alamains reluctantly agree and try to spend a good Christmas together…

-The Kiriakis’s continue their Christmas Dinner, sharing some good laughs and fun, despite the fight between Victor and Kate…Celeste and Victor kiss passionately after some time as do Justin and Adrienne, and all of them spend a very merry Christmas together….

-At the hospital, soon Bo comes out and happily greets all the children, and he quickly gets to reading the traditional Christmas story, giving everyone at the hospital a great Christmas, and for the first time in awhile, Bo truthfully grins as he reads the story, and all of Salem has a wonderful Christmas…

-Up in Heaven, a woman sits in a chair and looks down on Salem having a good Christmas, surrounded by family, friends, lovers, or just good people. The woman smiles, and its soon revealed to be Alice Horton(very special guest star Frances Reid). Alice looks to the screen and says:

Alice:From our hearts to yours, merry Christmas from everyone in Salem….and may you have happy holidays, for all the days of your lives, and for all of your life in salem…

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Forrest is on a power trip I hope Nicholas getsd him.

Wow it been almost a year since I wrote Kristen's rape? Where has time gone

Very nice episosd.e I love the Almain infighting. Tehy r their worse enemy. I loved the endig too and glad to see Kristen and Bo getting closer.

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