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Episode#356: Tony and Kate Talk




Episode#356: Tony and Kate Talk

-At the Horton House, Alexis is seen knocking on the door...she thinks to herself that she knows Jeremy may still hate her, but she has to talk to him about Robin accusing Laura of trying to kill her....Jeremy answers it, and asks Alexis what she wants!

-Mike asks Dr.Stansville what she means....and Dr.Stansville says no offense to him, because she's worked with him for awhile and knows he's been the COS for over a year, and is one of the best doctors in town...but with Robin...it seems there is some deep personal issues involved, that could harm her in her already critical state...Mike tells her that she's still alive, and Dr.Stansville tells him she knows, but still...she wonders if another doctor should look after Robin!

-Destiny is seen at a fancy hotel in Salem...the one where Crystal and Benard have been staying....Destiny stands out on the edge of a window, on a small window, and watches Crystal and Benard....she thinks to herself that she HAS to find something useful on these two, so they won't get Arianna...she knows in her gut that they aren't just some innocent couple....

-Tony is at the Penthouse Grille, eating as he thinks about how Anna somehow found out about him and Kate having sex that one day....Kate walks by, and Tony suddenly stops her...telling her they need to speak about something important!

*Life in Salem Opening*

-At the DiMera Mansion, a large and fancy limosine pulls in front of the mansion....Vivian stands in the front yard, clenching her fists in anger, as the driver gets out and begins to get out suitcases...Kristen, Lexie, and Megan walk out of the mansion and asks whats going on, and Vivian angrily says:

Vivian:My bitch of a sister, Valentine Heart, is moving in!

-Alexis says she needs to speak to him...Jeremy tries to tell her he's a bit busy right now, but she invites herself in...however she walks in to see Cassie, and groans and yells here they go again, and remembers how this is how the whole catfight between her and Robin happened...she asks Jeremy what the deal is between him and Cassie Brady, anyway!

-Mike tells Dr.Stansville no, he's just fine looking after Robin himself...he says he just has to be more careful, and this won't happen again...Dr.Stansville says she just doesn't want Robin to die like Peter Blake did...his own sister operated on him and was an emotional mess, and if she wasn't the one to operate him, maybe he could have lived! Mike says that Peter had a fatal gunshot, and Lexie is a good doctor...he tells Dr.Stansville everything is fine, before walking off....

-Destiny continues to watch Crystal and Benard...the two however act normal, though they speak of how they plan to take Arianna back into their care....Destiny continues to vow that she's going to find something on them...

-Kate asks him what about, and Tony has her sit down with him....and informs him of how Anna saw them having sex! Kate is STUNNED....and Tony says that it seems now she's very angry about it...Kate says oh dear, and apologizes if she caused any problems...Tony says no, its not her fault...Kate tells him that there's never a dull moment...and Tony says he guesses she's right...slowly as they talk, they lean in and kiss!

-Megan angrily asks Vivian if she invited her idiotic FAMILY to her FATHER's home....Vivian tells her no, and asks what world she's been in for the past year or so...she married Stefano so she could get RID of her family...and she thought she succeeded until Valentine SCHEMED her way into moving into this place...Kristen asks how, and Vivian says that apparently...Valentine is married to their deceased cousin: Andre!

-Cassie tells Alexis that she can ask her...she tells Jeremy that she and Jeremy are dating, and they love each other...and she's getting a bit sick of seeing her everywhere...she tells Alexis she knows she was involved in this craziness with Jeremy's mother, but ever since she started dating Jeremy, everywhere she turns...Alexis is there! Alexis tells Cassie that she barely knows her and asks when they started dating anyway...Jeremy replies shortly after her stabbing, and Alexis then says:

Alexis:Oh...you mean when you SAVED my LIFE after I was stabbed?

-Kate and Tony kiss...but they suddenly pull back, Kate saying she's so sorry, here a woman he loves is angry at him for having sex with her and then she just kisses him...Tony tries to tell her its fine, but Kate runs off! Tony sighs at this complicated situation....


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