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Episode#357: Searching the Hotel




Episode#357: Searching the Hotel

-Kristen yells "WHAT??!?!" and Vivian tells her she couldn't believe it either...but its true! Valentine steps out of the limosine and greets everyone, calling them all her family...she tells them they are going to have so much FUN living together!

-Lucas and Eugenia are spending time together at the Spears Mansion, kissing and being romantic....Lucas tells her that in a matter of days....they'll be married!

-Benard leaves the hotel, and Crystal decides to take a shower....Destiny uses this chance to quietly break into the hotel and search for anything she can find on Crystal and Benard....

-Jeremy asks what that has to do with anything...Alexis asks if he remembers that...saving her after some crazy psycho stabbed her, she asks if he really hates her that much...or really can move on to another woman...if he did that! Jeremy tells her that he's just not the type to leave anyone on the streets to die like that....and Alexis says:

Alexis:Oh no...that may have been a few months back but I'm not letting you get out of it that easy...I know you rescued me and took me to the hospital yourself because you still have feelings for me...and this trashy whore is just a pathetic distraction!

*Life in Salem Opening*

-Eugenia tells Lucas she can't wait...she tells him she misses her son, but she's going to focus on being happy with him, Will, Bentley, Destiny, and then once they get Arianna back it will be an even bigger family...and they can have their own family! Lucas agrees, and the two continue to be romantic...

-Destiny searches the hotel Crystal and Benard are in, sighing and thinking to herself she can't find anything in this place...but she says she knows something is in here somewhere, Crystal is an ex-criminal...there must be SOMETHING...she knows it in her gut! She gasps when...she finds a gun!

-Cassie screams to Alexis that she CANNOT talk about her like that, and tries to slap her, but Alexis grabs her wrist and says she's not Mimi Lockhart....she can't bully her! She says she knows people like Cassie...manipulative, scheming, trashy....she sees it now....and Cassie may even have a secret....Jeremy tells Alexis thats ENOUGH, and orders her out! Alexis says fine, she'll leave...but tells Cassie to watch her back, and tells Jeremy that she will talk to him soon about his framing mother....Alexis leaves, as Jeremy tells Cassie he's sorry about that...the two lean in, and kiss...as outside, Alexis vows to rid herself of Cassie AND Robin...for good!

-Destiny wonders what this gun is for...she says people have guns for security but this looks like a powerful one...however, she drops it when she hears Crystal getting out of the shower...and she runs out of the hotel room through the regular exit, and darts through the halls...running right into Dorian Lord as she's walking out of HER hotel room! Dorian asks why she's in such a rush and says she sees Destiny was leaving the Galore's hotel room...and Destiny says:

Destiny:Well....lets just say I didn't want them knowing I was there...

Dorian:Oh really? Why not?

Destiny:I don't think I can talk about it with a stranger, sorry...but lets just say I was looking for some info, thats all.

Dorian:Oh, I have all the information you need on Crystal Galore....


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