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Episode#358: Dorian's Information

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Episode#358: Dorian's Information

-Bo is at his house with Pamela and Addie, playing and spending time with his beloved daughters....however suddenly, there is a knock at the door...he opens it to see Ji'Min...who serves him with divorce papers!

-Lucas and Eugenia continue to have a romantic time together, but the doorbell rings...Lucas answers it to see Belle! He happily greets her and she says she came to congratulate them on their marriage...they both thank her, and she then asks Lucas if they can speak privately!

-Travis and Nicole are at Travis's house, and Travis apologizes for all the chaos going on with her, and she says its fine....not his fault, and at least she has him...suddenly, there's a knock on the door....and Nicole opens it to see Sami! Sami tells Nicole she's come one last time to beg her to come back to Salem!

-Destiny asks Dorian what she means...Dorian laughs and says although the Galore's don't know it, she has some delicious info on the matriarch of the family...something that could ruin her entire life...Destiny tells Dorian she HAS to tell her, a young infant's life is on the line, but Dorian says she will...for a price!

*Life in Salem Opening*

-Ji'Min tells Bo that Hope recently had these called up...Bo says she can't be serious, and Ji'Min tells him he's afraid she is...Ji'Min leaves as Bo looks at the divorce papers in devastation...he thinks to himself that she can't do this, but she is....she's really giving up on them....he and Hope may in fact be over....

-Lucas says sure, and Eugenia says she'll just excuse them as she heads upstairs......Lucas asks what she needs to talk about, and Belle says that she knows its been almost six months since she supposedly left town....but she asks if he really wants to do this, when technically his engagement with Jan isn't officially over!

-Nicole tells Sami to just GO AWAY, she already told her AND Brandon that she's not coming back...Travis tells Sami that she's not welcome in his house if Nicole doesn't want her there, but Sami finally SHOVES her way in and tells Nicole that she has been trying to prove her innocence for HALF A YEAR...for HALF A YEAR she's been accused of killing her OWN mother....so she is not going to let this oppurtunity slip through her fingers!

-Destiny asks what the price is...she'll do ANYTHING....Dorian says she'll need her help with a personal matter, someone she may know of....however, Dorian suddenly gets a call and says that she has to take this, but maybe they can meet up sometime during the next few days...Destiny says she's going to be really busy because a close friend's dad is getting married...but maybe she can come to the wedding and they can talk in the reception...its the wedding of Lucas Roberts and Eugenia Willens on May 15th, at St.Luke's Church! Dorian agrees, and Destiny runs off...thinking to herself that Will just may get his daughter back afterall...however unknown to them both, Suga was watching them, as she whispers to herself thats where she'll kill Dorian...at that wedding!

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