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Episode#337: The End of Nicole Walker?

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Episode#337: The End of Nicole Walker?

-Mike walks into Robin’s hospital room at the hospital, and examines her…he mutters to himself that she’s still stable, thankfully….he looks down at his ex, and says they haven’t been on the best terms…but its…saddening to see her like this…Mike then flashes back to when him and Robin loved each other deeply…

-Tony and Kate lay under the covers on Tony’s bed at the Salem Inn, after making love….Kate looks around and asks what the hell just they did…Tony answers that he believes they had sex…Kate sighs and asks how could they do this! She says its so reckless and crazy, and she’s supposed to HATE Tony!

-Eugenia says this is really weird, and Lucas says that he’s never heard anything like this, and he’s lived here for about a year…Eugenia reminds him of how they heard something the night of Will’s accident, and Lucas says that’s true, but they didn’t hear it this much…he says it has to be more than just some animal stuck in there!

-Nicole crumbles to the ground as she is SHOT by Greta…Jan screams as she holds Josh close, and Nicole lies on the ground, falling unconscious…Greta looks at Jan and points the gun at her, and says that’s what gonna happen to her AND that baby if she doesn’t get back into the Secret Room…Jan asks what about Nicole, and Greta answers:

Greta:Well…I think its time for Miss Walker to die.

*Life in Salem Opening*

- Mike smiles lightly and tells Robin they sure did have some good times together…he just wonders what happened to her…ever since she came back to town, she’s been like a bitch on wheels…and now this…but he did really love her once…Mike begins to leave, but suddenly…his hand is grabbed by Robin!

-Tony tells Kate they may have had some conflict in the past, but asks why he’s supposed to hate her….Kate flashes back to Tony, or “Vince”, shooting her in Italy, and then her vowing revenge against him and teaming up with Stefano and hiring Crystal Galore to kill him…she says she doesn’t know, its just…this doesn’t seem right. Tony slowly says it may not be, but they are both just going through a lot…and that’s why this happened. Kate then says she has a question, and asks:

Kate:Was it you, or was it REALLY that Vince personality that almost killed me in Italy?

-Lucas curses, saying he can’t figure this out, and he can’t get into the wall…Eugenia says she’s sure its fine, and Lucas slowly nods…but he says he just can’t shake the feeling that something more is down there…however, he and Eugenia go back to what they were doing…

-Jan stares at Nicole, who’s bleeding profusely now…Greta exclaims to not just stand there, MOVE! Jan looks down at Josh and then slowly moves along, thinking about how this can’t be happening…she tells Greta that she’s going to get her for this, never underestimate Jan Spears…she’s only backing down now because of her new son…Jan walks back into the Secret Room, as Greta goes over to Nicole’s body…

-Mike looks at Robin as she grabs his hand…but her eyes aren’t open. Mike slowly checks her out again, and he says outloud that it may have just been a reflex…but it shows Robin is on the fast track to waking up!

-Tony tells Kate that as he’s constantly told everyone…all of that was Vince. Nearly killing her, helping Stefano against Helena, raping Kristen…all Vince! Tony once again swears that it WAS Vince, he didn’t even know half of it happened until therapy! Kate stares into Tony’s eyes, and she then says…she believes him….Tony asks if she means that, and she says yes…she can tell…maybe she’s believed him for a long while but just wouldn’t accept it…and if it really was Vince, then she’s sorry for how much she’s verbally assaulted him…Tony says its understandable, and he’s not entirely innocent…Kate says:

Kate:If only I had…accepted it earlier…so much could have been prevented.

Tony:Like what?

-Lucas continues to wonder what those noises were coming from the walls…he sighs and tries to forget it, as he continues to comfort his new fiancee over the lost of her son “Blake”…still oblivious to the fact that it was REALLY his son that died…

-Greta takes the keys back and then locks Jan back in the Secret Room, as Jan scowls and VOWS to get out of here…she watches as Greta looks down at Nicole, and says its time for her to die…and she knows exactly what to do…Greta gets some duct tape, and ties Nicole’s hands and legs…and she proceeds to drag the bloody woman out of the Spears Mansion…

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