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Episode#338: Disposing of Nicole




Episode#338: Disposing of Nicole

-Abe is at the Carver Household, and someone knocks on the door…he yells for them to come in, and sees it is Faye! He happily greets her, and she says she was driving by…and she decided to come to see him again…she asks if he’s alright, being here all alone…Abe says Maggie simply ran out to get something…Faye also says she saw a for sale sign in his front yard, and asks if he’s really selling his house after having it for so long…Abe nods, and says with physical therapy and all, it’d be better if he just moved in with Maggie at this point…Faye then asks:

Faye:So I suppose this also means that you and Maggie are…in a pretty deep relationship, aren’t you?

-Kate lies and tells Tony nothing, nothing…just the hatred that she had for him. Tony nods, but is slightly suspicious of something, however he decides not to tell Kate that…the two continue to talk, as Kate says that she should go…Kate gets up and puts her clothes on, as does Tony…

-At Bo and Hope’s house…someone knocks on the door…and Bo opens it to see Hope! Bo tells his Fancy Face that he’s SO glad to see her, and he says they really need to talk more about what happened with Kristen that one night…he says he and Kristen have nothing, and even if they did have something, its over! Hope simply says:

Hope:You’re right, Brady, it is all over.

-Greta is revealed to be in a car, driving through Salem, as she says its time to get rid of the source of her problems ONCE and for ALL…she enjoyed tormenting her down in the Secret Room, but now she needs to die…in the backseat, a tied up, shot Nicole is lying there…bleeding and unconscious….

*Life in Salem Opening*

-Abe nods and tells Faye yes, he and Maggie have known each other for years…but they have gotten close in the past year or more, and have been in a relationship since last Summer…she was a rock for him during Theo’s custody battle and his stroke, and is still a rock for him during his physical therapy and this rough time in his life…he just can’t operate on his own, at least not for awhile, and he and Maggie love each other so much…its just time to move in together, and her house has so much more room, and her own family is there. Faye says its so great that he’s found someone like that…she just wishes she had someone like that, as well.

-Kate leaves after putting her clothes on…and Tony sighs as he sits down in a chair, and thinks about what just happened…he says on one point, it actually…felt good, but on another point…he does love Anna, how could he sleep with another woman mere hours after sleeping with her?

-Kate is walking out of the Salem Inn, as she is finishing strapping some of her clothes…however, suddenly she runs into Vivian! She asks Vivian what the hell she’s doing here…Vivian says she’s come to speak to her step-son, Tony…she needs to tell him something very important…Kate says she was just…talking…to Tony, and Vivian looks at her and then says:

Vivian:Well, Kate, it seems that you and Tony may have been doing much more than just talking…I’m confused…don’t you hate him?

-Bo tells Hope no, they can’t give up after DECADES of being together and in love…they’ve gotten through so many issues before, they can get through this! Hope shakes her head, and tells him that she’s known ever since she went to jail that they were over…he can have Kristen…she’s just here to get her things, and leave this place, and Bo…behind.

-Greta drives out of Salem as Nicole bleeds and moans a few times in the backseat…Greta drives far away from Salem, saying how she hopes Nicole enjoyed her time in that town while it lasted…

-Abe tells her that maybe someone will come along for her someday…Faye slowly nods, and she says that she was married to Paul for many years, but they both know what kind of man he was…and she is so old that…it may be too late for her…he tells her to look at how old he is, a bit older than her, yet he found the person who was right for him, even after having a wife for many years: Maggie. He tells Faye there is still a chance for her…and Faye smiles, looking at Abe…

-Kate simply tells Vivian she has no clue what she’s talking about, and rushes off…Vivian simply smirks and walks over to Tony’s room, and knocks on the door…Tony’s thoughts are interrupted, and he answers it and greets Vivian and asks what he owes this visit. Vivian replies:

Vivian:I have something to tell you…its about Stefano.

-Bo continues to try to change Hope’s mind, reminding her of their greatest times, but she continues to say that their time together….is over…as Hope remembers all they’ve gone through, she sheds a tear as she goes through her things…she remembers the birth of all her children with Bo, Bo bursting in and taking her away during her wedding to Larry, their weddings, them finding each other again in 1994 after she fell into a vat of acid in 1990...she thinks that those were great times, but it still doesn’t change the fact that now…its over.

-Greta drives on a random road somewhere, and stops her car on the side of the road…once she makes sure no one is around, she opens the door to the backseat, and drags Nicole out, who’s stomach is now covered with blood(where she was shot)…she throws Nicole into the grass, in a small ditch, beside the road…Nicole lies there, unconscious, as she continues to bleed…Greta GRINS and laughs evilly as she says:

Greta:Well, this is the end, old rival….now….you will die.

Greta then gets back into her car and drives back towards Salem, as Nicole is left to die…


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