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Episode#360: Nicole's Decision




Episode#360: Nicole's Decision

-Jan continues to think to herself about how she WILL escape this Secret Room by the time that wedding takes place.....she's not going to let Greta or Eugenia win...

-Faye knocks on the door of Maggie's house, and thinks about how great its been speaking to Abe more lately...Maggie answers it and Faye asks if Abe is inside...Maggie says he is, but she wants to know something first....she tells Faye she wants to know why she's constantly hanging around Abe all the time now of a sudden!

-Eugenia comes downstairs and Lucas says Belle left...giving them some more quality time together! Eugenia grins and the two continue to celebrate their love....

-Nicole looks at Travis and asks if he's CRAZY, he knows good and well why she doesn't want to go back...she says she's not SCARED, but she just wants to be away from that crazy town! Travis says he definitely understands that...but he tells her that if she doesn't go back, this woman, Sami Brady...if what she's saying is true...she could be arrested and go to prison for this....OR she could go to death row! Travis tells Nicole she is basically signing an innocent woman's death certificate!

*Life in Salem Opening*

-Jan tells baby Josh that soon they WILL be reunited with "daddy"....she says she's not going to lose him like she calls Shawn....Jan looks up above, and she asks Shawn to please help her escape this room...she tells him she loves Lucas but he's still the love of her life and always will be....she then looks at Josh and says once she does get out of here, she and Lucas will raise him...because he is THEIR son!

-Travis tells Nicole that she can't just let someone suffer like that...because Sami genuinely seems like a nice woman, and he can hear the truth in her words......he tells Nicole that she needs to go back to Salem to clear Sami's name...Nicole sighs and tells Travis she's sorry but she just can't....Travis tells her he knows she CAN!

-Faye tells Maggie that Abe is a friend and the father of her son....she asks if she can't talk to him once in awhile! Maggie says she doesn't mean that...she just finds it odd, thats all! Faye laughs and tells Maggie she sees what she's getting at...and she assures her that there's nothing going on between her and Abe!

-Travis tells Nicole that he's known her for a little while now....he knows that she has it in her to go back to Salem and clear Sami's name...he says that if Sami came down into that Secret Room while she was under there...he KNOWS she'd want Sami to get her out! Nicole is silent as Travis says that she sees what he's saying...he begs her to go back to Salem...and Nicole finally says she's made a decision!

-Lucas and Eugenia keep on spending time together as they both express that they can't WAIT for their wedding day!

-Nicole and Travis are seen walking up to a hotel room...Nicole says that this was the address and hotel room number Brandon gave her....she knocks on the door, and Sami answers it and she sees Brandon and Carrie in the background....Sami asks Nicole what she's doing here, and Nicole slowly says:

Nicole:Well...thanks to Travis here....I've decided...I'm going back to Salem to tell the police everything I know about Stan.


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