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Episode#364: Wedding Day Part 3

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Episode#364: Wedding Day Part 3

-At St.Luke's, Tony and Victor try to calm Vivian down as they tell her Valentine's not worth it....Vivian says they may be right, but she HATES that bitch...Valentine grins and simply goes to sit down, as Vivian tells Tony and Victor they are both such good men...Tony is distracted as Anna walks in, but she only glares at Tony and goes to sit across the room...Tony glances to Kate, who also sees Anna and sighs, but unknown to her Dorian is keeping an eye on Kate, as Dorian thinks to herself that Kate and her little secret may just be the key to getting what she wants regarding Victor...Suga also watches Dorian, thinking to herself she hopes Dorian is enjoying her last moments on Earth....

-Lucas and Eugenia continue to seperately prepare for their wedding....Lexie tells Eugenia that they are almost ready, and as Eugenia stands in her wedding dress, everyone says she looks absolutely beautiful!

-A nurse tells Dr.Stansville that they can't get ahold of Lexie Carver OR Victor Kiriakis....both their cell phones are off! Dr.Stansville sighs as Celeste continues to say to stop that wedding before its too late!

-Travis looks at Nicole, STUNNED...and asks if she really means that....Nicole says yes....Nicole says she's only known him a month, but she's helped him so much....and she really wants him to come back to Salem with her....Travis says he's not sure about love just yet, but maybe they can try something, she's not bad herself...and agrees to return to Salem with them!

-Greta comes CHARGING at Jan....saying that she made a BIG mistake, and now she'll have the same fate as her good friend Nicole! Jan turns around as Greta comes at with her with the knife, and shields Josh as she grabs the blade, and she and Greta get into a struggle over it, but Jan KNOCKS it out of her hand, and screams that she won't be stopped this time! She and Greta continue their intense catfight as Jan promises that today will be her FINAL day in the Secret Room!

*Life in Salem Opening*

-Jeremy is walking around St.Luke's as Lucas and the others continue to get ready....and suddenly, he bumps into Alexis, who is just walking in! Jeremy asks Alexis what the HELL she's doing here...and Alexis tells him to calm down, she knows Lucas....so she decided to attend his wedding! Jeremy tells her she shouldn't be here, and asks if EJ Wells didn't HIRE her to romance Lucas way back...Alexis tells him thats in the past, and warns Jeremy not to bring his issues with all this craziness with his mother here!

-Vivian asks Tony whats wrong with Anna...she thought he'd be sitting right next to her...Tony sighs and simply tells her that its nothing serious...he gets up and goes and sits down beside Anna, and asks her if they can at least talk about this like adults...Anna laughs and tells Tony that she has nothing to say to him, as both Kate and Vivian watch!

-Hope is sitting down in one of the back rows in St.Luke's....she has Pamela and Addie with her...and Bo enters, and asks if he can sit there...Hope says she supposes....but tells him that this is a one time thing, ONLY for the wedding of Lucas and Eugenia...Bo slowly nods...and he says that he does have to ask...why she had Ji'Min give him divorce papers! Hope groans and tells Bo that if he's stupid enough not to know, then he should just go find Kristen!

-Destiny is walking around the Church, and takes a side door into where everyone is sitting....however, she is stunned when she bumps into CRYSTAL AND BENARD! She asks them why on EARTH they are here....they shouldn't be here on this day of happiness for Lucas and Eugenia...they'll ruin everything! Benard laughs and says its a free country....they just want to give Arianna's other grandparents well wishes...Crystal says that they would like to see what kind of people they are exactly, even though they have met Lucas before....Destiny tells them that she SWEARS she will kill them if they touch Will or do anything to ruin this day! She walks over to Dorian, as Kate glances behind her...and her jaw DROPS when she sees Crystal!

-Destiny sits down beside Dorian and tells her she's so glad she came...she points at the Galore's, and asks if she's sure she has something on those two people right there...Dorian assures her that she has something HUGE on Crystal Galore...Destiny says good, and she tells her they can talk more at the reception, before getting up to go check on Eugenia....Suga continues to watch Dorian, a gun secured perfectly in a hidden slot in her dress....

-Eugenia thanks everyone, as she tells them she's just so excited to be marrying Lucas...Laura says that she's the perfect woman for him, they seem so happy...and Lexie and Cassie both agree....as Cassie thinks to herself that she's better than that crazy Jan, and Belle thinks to herself how she's happy for Eugenia and Lucas but still can't help but think that everything isn't what it seems with Jan's absence....

-Jan and Greta fight intensely, as Greta shoves her back and wraps her hands around Jan's neck, telling her that she's NEVER going to leave this room unless she's in a body bag!!!! Jan says, in between breaths, not to count on that as she kicks Greta's shin, causing Greta to lose her grip, and then Jan SHOVES her down by her back....but Greta grabs Jan by the leg, pulling her down too!

-Nicole is overjoyed that Travis has agreed to come back to Salem with her and try a relationship...Brandon smiles, thinking maybe Nicole has finally found someone of her own to love...Sami tells them all they need to hurry...she has to tell everyone about this as SOON as possible! Carrie agrees, and everyone gets in the car as it takes off for Salem!

-Lucas is finally ready, and Will tells him its just about time.....the two go out into the main Church area as the other guys go to wait for the brides maids, as Lucas and Will stand up front....and Lucas says that the wedding will begin momentarily, once Eugenia is finished getting ready!

-Jan tells Greta to get her hands OFF of her, and exclaims that this is ridiculous....Greta gets up, and she has another go at Jan as the two fight....all the while, at the Church, the wedding is about to start up....

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