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Episode#363: Wedding Day Part 2




Episode#363: Wedding Day Part 2

-Vivian and Victor both greet Tony, and Tony asks how they've been....Victor and Vivian both say they've been fine, though Vivian then tells Tony about Valentine being Andre's husband...and Tony is STUNNED and asks how that can be as Valentine approaches and says:

Valentine:Did someone call my name?!

-Lucas and Eugenia both seperately get ready for the wedding....Eugenia is with Lexie, Laura, Belle, Cassie, and various others as she puts on her dress, and Lexie tells her how beautiful Eugenia is in her wedding dress, and Eugenia thanks her, as Lucas tells Will once again about how he's FINALLY made it this far...and THIS wedding will go as planned!

-A comatose Celeste is lying in the hospital....however, slowly she begins to open her eyes as the drugs finally wear off......suddenly, her monitor starts BUZZING as nurses rush in, and Celeste whispers:

Celeste:Stop....stop the wedding......

-Travis says he guesses it is...and Nicole sighs as she says that she's had such a blast this past month, in this wonderful place...he's such a wonderful man, for saving her life and spending all that time with her...Travis says it was easy, she's a wonderful woman...Nicole says its just been so much fun....she is silent for a moment before saying:

Nicole:I want you to come back with us.

-Greta snorts and tells Jan nice try...Josh is fine....she knows what she's trying to pull! Jan calls Greta an idiot and says he won't take his formula...he's not moving at all! Greta says she'll just call Lea then....Jan says no, she wouldn't get here fast enough...this baby has been down in this room since his birth, who knows whats happening...she needs her help now, or SOMETHING....Greta sighs and unlocks the door and walks into the Secret Room as Jan puts Josh down on one of the beds and Greta begins to look at him when suddenly.....Jan TACKLES her to the ground, and screams:

Jan:Stupid bitch...its OVER!

*Life in Salem Opening*

-Vivian asks Valentine why the hell she's here, she doesn't even know Lucas or Eugenia Willens! Valentine says that no wedding is complete without Valentine Heart...but now its already a bit soured with Vivian and her saggy boobs here! Vivian is about to slap Valentine but Tony and Victor manage to hold her back, both telling her that Valentine is not worth it!

-Will tells Lucas that he wishes there could have been a day like this for him and Arianna...Lucas assures his son he'll find someone else someday as Will thinks of Destiny....Lucas and Eugenia continue preparing for the wedding...

-Celeste hoarsely yells to stop the wedding...the nurses say to get Dr.Stansville in here....Dr.Stansville soon arrives as she says it appears she's coming out of her coma, as Celeste tells her to stop the wedding of Lucas Roberts and Eugenia Willens before its too late....Dr.Stansville wonders what she means....

-Travis asks what...and he tells Nicole that his home is HERE.....Nicole says that she....she doesn't know how to say it, but she wants him to come back with them...Brandon, Carrie, and Sami watch as Nicole takes a deep breathe and finally says:

Nicole:I love you, Travis.

-Greta snarls that she knew this was a trick, and a poor one at that as she throws Jan off of her and darts towards the door, but Jan screams that thats NOT going to work this time! She tackles Greta again and punches her several times in the FACE....telling her how this is for everything she's done...she literally begins to rip Greta apart, as she says:

Jan:For six months....you've had me trapped down here....well now its time to PAY!

Jan punches Greta HARD in the nose!

Jan:Thats for my baby that died because of your STUPID idea of care!

Jan then slaps Greta, once again hard, across the cheek!

Jan:Thats for Nicole, who DIED because of you!

Greta tells her this is RIDICULOUS and again throws Jan off of her and then grabs ahold of Jan's cheeks, clawing into them, causing Jan to yell out but Jan then grabs Greta's hand and literally THRUSTS it down as she punches Greta's JAW, smacking her mouth closed and causing Greta to cough up blood, as she tells her thats for Lucas and putting him through so much emotional hell, and ruining their engagement! She then grabs ahold of Greta and SHOVES her into the wall, head first, as she says:

Jan:And thats for me!

Jan grabs the keys to the Secret Room, and rushes to get Josh...but Greta slowly stands up, a bit bloody, but she takes out a knife and says this is the end of EVERYTHING before charging at Jan!


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