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Episode#362: Wedding Day Part 1

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Episode#362: Wedding Day Part 1

-Its several days after Nicole decided to go back to Salem....and also the day of Lucas and Eugenia's wedding!

-At St.Luke's Church, which is fully repaired after Elvis nearly blowing it up with a bomb last December, many are there for Lucas and Eugenia's wedding...as Eugenia prepares to get ready with Lexie and others at her side, Lucas gets ready with Will and others as some stand out in the main Church area....Dorian arrives as she thinks about how this must be the place where Destiny told her to go...however, Suga continues watching her!

-In the small town where Nicole, Sami, Brandon, Carrie, and Travis have been....everyone is packing their things in Carrie's car, as Travis helps Nicole get what things she has in there.....Carrie tells Sami that this is the day...by the end of the day, she'll be a free woman, and everyone will know the truth....Sami tells Carrie that she has to thank her....despite ALL the fights between them over the years...she's really helped her these past six months.

-Eugenia is outside St.Luke's, not entirely dressed yet, at Blake/Bradley's grave.....she tells him that mommy's getting married today...just not to daddy....though thats probably a good thing....she says that she wishes he could be here today, oh she wishes he could be here....but she knows he's watching her from Heaven, and is probably happy for her....because today is HER day.

-Lucas is in one of the rooms in the Church, with Will, Mike, Jeremy, and others.....Mike congratulates Lucas on his big day and Lucas says he's just glad they all could be here...Will says that he really wishes that this could have happened with his mom...but he's glad Lucas is happy. Lucas thanks his son as he says that he's marrying the love of his life!

-Down in the Secret Room, Jan is with baby Josh, whispering that today is daddy's wedding today...but its gonna be crashed....because its time to bust out of here...Greta enters and tells Jan that she was just at St.Luke's....everything is so beautiful and happy there for the wonderful couple....she tells Jan that nothing can ruin this day for them, and Jan thinks to herself not for long!

*Life in Salem Opening*

-Maggie, Abe, Julie, and Kate both sit in the front row in the Church....Maggie says its really wonderful that Lucas has finally found someone to settle down with, even though he's tried numerous times before...Kate and Julie, who is holding Bentley, agree, but Kate says its just so odd considering Eugenia Willens was once her partner in crime and scheming...but she's better than Sami Brady or Jan Spears! Maggie says Sami's really a nice girl...but she has to agree about Jan!

-Dorian sits down inside the Church....Suga continues watching her, and as Victor enters, he sees her! He pulls her aside and asks what she's doing here TODAY...he thought they agreed to not kill her at a WEDDING, not to mention his ex-step-son's! Suga tells him she's just watching her...and she's not going to kill her AT the wedding...but maybe shortly afterwards! Victor tells her just to not ruin this as he goes to sit down...and when he sits down, he happens to sit down next to Vivian!

-Eugenia continues talking at "her" son's grave....Lexie however approaches her and tells her they need to get in there so she can get ready. Eugenia nods, but kisses Blake/Bradley's grave before she goes inside to the bridal room...

-Lucas continues to think about today may just be the greatest day of his life....

-Greta taunts Jan about the wedding.....humming the "Here Comes the Bride" theme....Jan tells her to just shut up, and Greta laughs, calling Jan pathetic....she gives Jan her breakfast and Josh's formula...

-Carrie tells her its what sisters do, and this is how their relationship should have been LONG ago...Sami says hopefully it will continue to be, because she's not that scheming teenager she used to be....Carrie, Brandon, and Sami continue to put all their things in the car as Sami finally takes off her disguise...Nicole turns to Travis and says:

Nicole:Well...I guess...this is goodbye.

-Victor asks Vivian what she's doing here, and Vivian says she just decided to come, since it seems so many of her good friends are here....Victor and Vivian talk for a moment...until Tony sits down beside them!

-Jan stares at Greta for a moment, and then slowly tries to feed Josh his formula...but she then screams that something's wrong with her baby!

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