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Episode#361: Back to Salem




Episode#361: Back to Salem

-Maggie says that she doesn't necessarily think that...it just seems odd. Faye tells Maggie that while she may seem like that type....she's not, she really isn't...Maggie sighs and apologizes, saying that she just had to put up with Bonnie Lockhart several years back trying to steal Mickey from her, then they had problems with Lexie when she first grew close to Abe...she just doesn't want another woman coming between her and the man she loves!

-Jan tells Josh that they will escape this time, nothing will stop her...she has a nice plan in mind.....and THIS one won't fail!

-Lucas is overjoyed that soon he and Eugenia will be wed, and this time just maybe everything will go successfully....he flashes back to when Belle speculated that everything might not be what it seems with Jan....but he brushes it off, thinking Jan is in the past....its his and Eugenia's time now!

-Nicole tells Sami she's going to go back to Salem and tell everyone about what happened at the fashion show with Stan....Sami is silent for a moment in pure shock....Brandon grins as he thinks that Nicole's finally made the right decision....Carrie whispers that finally this can all end....Sami actually HUGS Nicole, as she says that at long last....everyone will KNOW she didn't kill her mother!

*Life in Salem Opening*

-Faye tells Maggie she understands, she definitely does...she just wants to be Abe's friend...especially in this tough time...Maggie admits that he does need that, and Faye promises Maggie that nothing will happen between her and Abe!

-Jan continues to tell Josh about how soon they'll be in their rightful home, not some disgusting room underneath it!

-Eugenia thinks about how its so weird...she never thought she'd be here....she used to just be some nurse who hated Sami....then she got pregnant in one of the craziest ways ever and now she's marrying a man she's known for awhile but only recently fell in love with....and then she lost her son....she still misses him so much....but she knows now is time for some happiness....

-Carrie rushes up to Nicole and thanks her, even though they've never been the best of friends....Travis asks when they are leaving....Brandon says they could anytime, but Nicole says she thinks it may be better to wait a few days so they can just get their bearings after all this....Sami nods and says as long as she comes back, and Nicole says to not worry, she will....

-Jan is seen in the Secret Room as she vows to stop Lucas and Eugenia's wedding no matter what as she holds baby Josh...Lucas and Eugenia are seen thinking about how happy they are and soon they will be man and wife as they kiss...Sami, Brandon, Carrie, Nicole, and Travis are all seen as they discuss going back to Salem, and Sami's in pure joy as she thinks about how at long last everyone will know she's not an evil person, and Nicole stares oddly at Travis for a moment and thinking about how she's giving up this great place....there is a freeze frame on Jan, Lucas, Eugenia, Sami, and Nicole before the screen fades to black...


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