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B&B: April 2024 Discussion Thread

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I knew we would see her alive or the ten toes.

This show is a joke!

Pure cheap shock value for ratings that isn't even working. 

Bradley can't let go of Kimberlin Brown because he's a sh!t writer.

Oh and Deacon needs his head examined.

Who's going to call me daddy?

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CBS really needs to cancel B&B

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After this fiasco, we can be sure - As long as Bold is alive... Sheila will never die, know that. Bradley is obsessed with her. And not in the good way. At this point she is a Cartoon Network villain. 

So, now what? Steffy will lose Finn to Hope, yawn, the actors have ZERO chemistry and it's a very wrong move, move we've seen him pull 103932 times... This is how he destroys couples and makes them not rootable ever again. In the end there will be NOT ONE rootable character in this soap and this is a death sentence for a show.

I want to say something about this apparent chaotic storywriting. Has Bradley heard of something called pace and build up and dramatic tone and rhythm and engagement.  No. We get 2-3 episodes of A storyline, then this storyline IS NOWHERE TO BE SEEN for... weeks... then we are supposed to get back to it weeks later and be engaged to only then not see anything from it for another week or so. It's making people tune out since they don't know what show they are following. And let's tall about the random CLICK-BAIT dramatic twists he has been cooking up just to get some ratings and hype - FAILED.

In the past weeks he's had an antagonist killed just like that, a rape... just like that... a breakup - just like that and a declaration of war - just like that.

All these things SHOULD HAVE had CHANCE to build up to - even if you are fake KILLING a villain - build it up, if you are making a storyline about rape or mints or whatever - do it in a way that it doesn't seem so random and the characters - assassinated or looking like idiots. Then if you are going to break up a couple - at least give them more struggle and drama before a random marriage proposal and BAM - I'm gone to Paris - breakup... and then declaration of war... after you haven't invested enough drama and substance for at least couple of weeks - IT ALL FEELS FLAT AND stupid and not important.

You can have a declaration of war one second and be best friends the next or the opposite. You can be dead, and then alive in 3 weeks.

This is practically the WORST type of BAD writing and quite frankly - LYING to viewers and treating the viewers like we don't have taste and won't mind you are putting this garbage on our plate.

I truly hope a miracle happens and the show gets back to AT LEAST 2010-2019 level of trash, but watchable.


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At this point I'm positive they're not going fo 'shock value' per se, they're going for 'cringe-video-Twitter-virality value'. They take pride in people retweeting them out of cringeness, they probably think that's a sign of cultural relevance. It's shortsighted and it will ultimately drive the show to the ground.

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The only thing worse than Bradley Bell thinking this is a shocking surprise is reading viewer comments on social media what scream "I KNEW SHEILA WAS ALIVE!!! I KNEW IT!!!"

I really want all of those people to delete their accounts.

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