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B&B: April 2024 Discussion Thread

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Liberty Biberty is the gift that keeps on giving. 

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P.S Did Deacon just grab a bottle from the pile of trash... full of some old ass sport drink and sip it in barely alive 9-toe Sheila's mouth. This show is nasty. 

P.S 2 - Ivy giving me crazy single white female, baby reindeer, stalker -vibes.

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Bradley Bell ran out of stories years ago.

He is just rehashing the same stories and using a crutch. 

Liam and how great and wonderful he is. Really again with this garbage? The boring triangle from hell coming soon!!

Sheila is alive. The story is so convoluted and makes no sense considering what happened on Y&R.

I really hope CBS moves B&B to the 2:30 time slot and gives The Gates the 1:30 time slot after Y&R.

I complain on how awful RC is as a writer but Bradley Bell's father is WJB. There is no excuse for the embarrassment that is B&B. WJB would be horrified at what his son has done to his legacy show.


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I can only assume that I like the acting, fashion, and the fact there are moments when people are actually working because they are currently in 'say the same thing every day' mode. 

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