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General Hospital: August 2021 Discussion Thread

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That was my thought when the whole Brando-leaving-the-mob-dilemna thing unfolded a couple of weeks ago.
It was a C-story but to me it only underscored what a horrible human being and father Jason is because the show was laying it down on the table: leaving that lifestyle for the sake of your kids was a perfectly viable option and the right thing to do.
And it didn't occur to them that it made Jason's choices look even worse in comparison? Especially since it is not like Sonny would be a threat to him if he chose to move on, unlike some other "organizations" who resent turncoats.

Whatever one can say about Carly, a good two-thirds of the characters hate her guts and call her out on her BS all the time. Even Sonny has characters (generally in law enforcement) who are unimpressed.
But Jason is treated as saintly in every corner of Port Charles and it drives me up the wall. He is a killer, a horrible boyfriend/husband and a terrible father.
I am even more annoyed because Jax being the only character who openly dislikes him  makes IR minorly useful to my enjoyment of the show and I have to resent that too.

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Queen Ava looking fierce at the pool yet again. "6 years for Sonny... was it worth it?" Really enjoyed the scenes with Shawn. I want more!

I don't understand Carly's dress. Oh look, Jax and Carly are talking about Josslyn's safety again. I mean I'm on Jax's side in all of this (he's pointless but he speaks the truth a lot) but we've seen this scene a million times now.

Why is Jason doing pushups in the boxing ring? LMAO at Obrecht jumping into the ring to confront him. He's illiterate and inconsiderate.

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Joey and his goons... are you kidding me with these guys? Also, Jason isn't that scary and I couldn't help but laugh when Joey just kind of snorted in his face.

My god, WHO CARES about Hayden's mom. I honestly forgot that this character even existed. She might be more pointless than Harmony. Oh goodie, she's staying in PC. I was never interested in Hayden and can't believe how much story is revolving around her right now. I don't care about any of it.

Nice scenes with Dante and Laura. Glad Lulu is finally being addressed.

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