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General Hospital: August 2021 Discussion Thread

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Random social media posts today:

"This Spencer is generic. Previous Spencer had a distinctive personality. I miss him."

"I just know that's Nelle at the door"

"Why aren't they letting us see Austin with Elizabeth? She needs him"

"I'm tired of people wanting Sonny to go home.  Mike is a good and honorable man. He belongs with Nina."


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So AusFrankenTodd caught Chase taking his first step...



Finally made it through the full Friday episode last night. Wallow and Mikey actually put me to sleep twice.

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"Oh Michael, I'm so upset about Dead Baby Jonah."

"Well, in that case we should f**k"

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Wallow needs to be the next in the Michael Corinthos former love interest Hall of Burial...





Kiki- Dead




Sasha-- If not for Brando--left for dead.


Also, I recall Wallow and Harmony being on somewhat decent terms when IC left. I guess Harmony doesn't know that Wiley isn't the baby Wallow gave birth to.



Can this turd just not be involved in everything on this show?   And snip that g-d ponytail. It doesn't work...


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What a boring episode today! Wiley's depressing birthday party and Nixon Falls. Seriously? Sonny and Nina talking about Lenny's condition is like a sedative. At least we didn't have to hear about Mike's special sauce today. Why didn't Nina just go outside to video chat?

LOL at Jason just being like, "Aight Imma head out." He knew that birthday party was whack. Poor Wiley. Can't he just open his presents and have some cake?

Not one viewer was asking for Willow's mom to come back. Not one! I honestly forgot that the character even existed. So, naturally, she's back on our screens. Why? Nobody is asking for more Wallow airtime. I love how they were trying to make her entrance into the Quartermaine mansion oh so dramatic. Literally no one cares about Willow's mom. Nobody cares about the drama with her and Willow. I can't believe how much airtime was spent on this today. Episodes shouldn't be centered around Willow.

Michael and Willow not only are boring, but they're disgusting. I honestly find it disturbing that they get turned on by talking about a dead baby. Do whatever fans they have actually get excited about them f-cking after talking about a dead kid? I'd be so weirded out if a couple I liked did that.

I did find a behind-the-scenes photo of Michael and Willow's love scene:

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Also, Howarth looks ridiculous. I feel like they're just trolling us at this point.


The best part of the episode was seeing Trina and Spencer in tomorrow's preview.

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Willow gives me Canadian 80s teen soap vibes. I understand that Michael and Chase don't really need another person for their triangle, but still.

I find the Jordan actress very boring. She sleepwalks through her scenes. She seems to hate acting. 

I see no reason for Shascha's scenes. Who is she? Who cares. 

These three actresses make KeMo look better. 

BTW Sonny's scenes are unwatchable. He is no longer needed on the show. The Port Charles citizens have move on. TPTB seem more inspired by other characters and stories. The viewers are over MB.


GH is the only soap I enjoy watching on a daily basis. The last time this happened to me was with SSM and KA's Y&R and RC's early material on OLTL and GH


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I don't know. She is not doing bad acting-wise. It is just the character is a nothing-burger and she doesn't exude a lot of charisma.

I can tell this is going to be one of these moments I look back at for many many years to come as a lost opportunity. They really showed how well the show can do without Sonny but he will be back to anchor down the show soon enough.

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